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Daddy Issues

Chapter 1

I'm sitting in the Hogwarts Exspres not knowing what's going to happen and just being happy. It rains and I'm watching the rainddrops falling down and sitting alone in the train compartment. I will be new in Hogwarts and I don't know what I should expect . Its just the fear that I not goning to finde any frindes because of my father or nobody will like me . I changes a lot of schools in my life and I didn't finde the right one, it is always something wrong the feeling isn't right.

"Ethan where the fuck are you" ,someones voice woke me up from my thougts . I look up and saw a young man with platinum blond hair and grey eyes ,"Oh sorry wrong compartment "

I wanted to say something but he left .

I go throw the big dores after an old women told me to go inside the great hall, four long tables stood there with the four houses .I have to get sorted into my house and then I remember how my father liked to tell me about his time in hogwarts.How he found his love of his live and had the best time.

"I see very ambition and a daydreamer SLYTHERIN",the sorting hat said and woke me up from my thoughts.I'm Slytherin like my father and mother , should I be happy , I don't know but I walk to the table on my left where I see the the boy from the train agine . He looks and smirk at me.

"Hey come sit withe us ", the boy said and sk I did . "Hey I'm Ethan Parkinson", said an athor boy with dark mesy hair and a beatiful face,"this is Katherina Slughorn",he looked at a gorgeous girl with brown hairs ,"just Kat" she said and smiled "I'm Malfoy Draco Malfoy ", the platin blond boy said and smirked at me . "oh I'm y/n Grindelwald nice to met you all ", I really did't know what to say . Wihle we were eating and Kat told me we will share a dorm , I am happy about that , she seems to be nice .

I am sitting alone in my dorm , I don't know where Kat is but it seems to easy for me . Why does the "popular" Slytherin friend group want to be friend with me . I am a overthinker but I just cannot understand it , it confusse me . So I stood up and went on a walk.

I walk out side Hogwarts , the buling was big and wonderfull but I want to run , not away , just run and try to forgett everyhing , my past and present . Just be happy and enjoj the moment alone .

"What are you doing here", a maskulin vocie ask , I tuernd and saw a boy with brown masy hair.

"Runing", I said comfortable, "Just Runing ?" he asked, "Yeah I love it and it relaxed me ",

"Really , never saw a humen just runing around but intersting . Hey by the way I'm Cedric Diggory " , " y/n Grindelwald " he looks shooked when I said my name , I don't knwo why people are always so shooked I mean it's just my a name , maybe a powerfull name but just a name .

"You are freezing , wait I will give you my jacket ", and agine someone woke me up from my thougts but he went to me and put his jacket around me ." Thank you "

"You are really beatifull" I am a little it shocked , this was fast I know that lot of mens finde me attraktiv but I literally know Cedric for five minutes . "Thank you " I reply fast. He look a me and smile.

"Why are u smiling what happend ?", " Oh nothing I am just thinking about something " and he light a cigarette.

"What are you thinking about , say it " , I talk with him like we would know us for years and I feel safe but it doesn't feel right , it is like some one would say me he isn't value the time go and find the right one.

"I should kiss you " , he said lovly and kiss me . The kiss is like with passion but in the same time we are just strangers that met 15 minutes ago . This isn't right I know but I like things like that , I like being a hoe .

His hands slowly moves my body down and garb my ass.

"Lets go to my dorm , there we have more privacy" Do I want to fuck him or not , I dont't know and thats my problem.

He took my hand and lead me to his dorm . Is this right or not ? I hate myself , I can never chose a decision and when I chose I choese the wrong one.

"Sorry I can't " I said and run agine.

The bad thing ,being new in a school is you don't know where to go or finde your dorm. So do I , just runing around the school trying to find the Slytherin common room .I couldn't ask someone because it was late at night and no one was in the cordidors or I thought no one was .

Suddenly I hear someone swearing , I walk near the person and recogenized the platinum blond boy Draco.

"What are you doing here whore ?", what did he called me , " What did you say ?"

"Whore , didn't you hear it ", what the fuck is he thinking ,"Why would you call me a fucking whore?"

"I mean you are eight hours in this school and you allready fucked Diggory . This are we calling a whore here."

"I did not fuck Cedric ! " , I said angry cause tf how does he know we kissed and why is he thinking I fucked him?

"But you made out with him you little whore", I do not know why but I liked it how he called me whore . Oh no I cannot think like that. I will not have the nickname slut agine no I have to cange I must change .

"Yeah that is a fucking difference . Oh and can you plese tell me where I can find the slytherin common room",he looked at me a little bit confused that I have self confidence.

"Go down to the Dungeon, below ground level beyond a stone wall is our common room you whore"

"Thanks" I said sarcastic and walked away .

This is not my best chapter I promis it will get bettter . I know it was a little bit chaotic but it will get better .

What do you think about Cedric and how did Draco know.

Don't forgett to vote and thank you for reading my story :)
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