Kylo Ren found out that you, the Queen of planet Ithor helped the Resistance secretly as much as you could. He came to your planet to capture you and occupy your planet, he knew you had valuable information about General Organa and the Resistance. The Supreme Leader kept you as his prisoner, but he didn't expect to find somebody who made his pain disappear and tried to understand him.

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Give in

You knew what that ship meant, as everybody else next to you, the population of your planet, Ithor, the generals, the commanders, everybody. The First Order did not come to you to negotiate, Kylo Ren wasn’t a man who traveled around the galaxy to peacefully negotiate. He came to destroy or take over the planet and you knew it, and the worst part of it was that you felt that everyone else did too.

The force of the ship blew the strands of your hair back that weren’t in your tight bun on the top of your head, your light blue cape did the same, you put your hands behind your back and squeezed your left hand with the right to stop them from shaking. Luckily your mask covered your face as always when you weren’t in your quarters, not because you were shy or anything, you just liked it that way, it had been like that since you were born. Your parents didn’t want everybody to know what the princess looked like and this way you had a normal childhood, so when you lost your family, you took the throne and had a new mask made to your likings.

You were trying to look confident as always, as your father taught you, but you were fucking terrified, but not of Kylo Ren, or his knights who were marching towards you, they didn’t scare you, the only thing you were afraid of is what was going to happen to your planet and most importantly, your people.

Your guards stepped closer to you as the masked knights stopped before you. They were silent for a brief moment, it was just enough for you to examine them a little bit. All of them had weapons, but not regular ones, those looked brutal, made to kill, not to fight, and you had already heard of the Knight of Ren, who weren’t fighters, they were murderers, predators, hunters.

Suddenly you forgot to greet their master, Kylo Ren, but part of you knew that he did not give a single shit about you not saying anything, actually he probably wanted you to stay silent while he murdered everybody nearby.

‘Supreme Leader’ - you gave him a slight nod, you couldn’t read his face because of his mask, but he couldn’t read yours either so it was fair, you still had a hard time trying to not sound shaky.

He remained silent, only nodded as you did. He was a lot taller than you, you felt like a little girl next to him, but tried to keep your confidence as you looked up at him.

‘I suggest we take this to the council chamber’ - you said taking a brief look at your guards, before you looked back at the Supreme Leader who gave you another nod, so you started walking towards the mentioned room.

Your guards followed you closely, but you heard the boots of the Knights of Ren too, didn’t look back though, you still wanted everybody to feel like you were the queen. You felt the hundreds of eyes on you as you led Kylo Ren to the council chamber.

As you sat down, you dropped your hands in your lap, while only two guards stayed standing behind you, the other two were outside the door, you didn’t feel safe, but you wanted the Supreme Leader to think that you did.

The only problem was that you had no idea what to say, not because you hadn’t negotiated before, because you knew this wasn’t negotiating. You already knew your options and although you wanted to keep secretly helping the Resistance with what you possibly could, financially, with weapons, pilots, ships and sometimes you even gave them a place to hide, deep down you had always known that this day is coming. That Kylo Ren is coming and you will have to leave General Organa alone in this war to keep Ithor safe, or else the First Order would destroy it and either way, you just couldn’t keep helping the Resistance. You had already made sure one of your best pilots gets the information to Leia, before the Supreme Leader even came close to your planet, and you already knew what her response would be: may the Force be with you, you could almost hear her say it.

‘You know what I have come for’ - Kylo Ren turned to you, breaking the silence and not letting you continue worrying about what is about to come.

But you didn’t respond, just lifted your head to look at him and he continued speaking.

‘You either become an ally of the First Order or die.’

You knew it all along, but hearing it made you feel worse, you felt sick, your hands started sweating and shaking on your lap, while you felt lightheaded.

‘What do you exactly mean by ally?’ - that was your only idea, to save time to think, not that you believed that would actually help, but at least you tried.

You knew how big the First Order’s army was, it was impossible to try anything, even if you would have been silly enough to try to fight him, you had two guards, while he had his knights.

He didn’t have to respond, you heard other ships landing, but before you could say anything, hid knights got up, two of them grabbed your wrists, the others killed your guards almost immediately, like they weren’t even there.

‘Leave me alone!’ - you screamed, trying to get free, but the two men holding you didn’t even move, as if they were statues or droids - ‘What do you want?’ - you turned to the Supreme Leader still screaming as loud as you could, but to your surprise, no guards came in.

‘They are dead. All of them.’ - he said so calm, every inch of your body wanted to punch him in the face, all of the lessons from your parents about how to stay collected even in the worst circumstances flew out the window - ‘It’s quite flattering that I can make the princess forget what her father taught her just in a second’ - he was making fun of you, you could hear on his voice that he had an evil grin on his face.

‘I’m the queen’ - you could called him so many things, but you stopped yourself, because you were the fucking queen.

You had to remember everything that you had learned, everything you thought you would never have to use, because once life seemed so calm, safe and perfect. You loved being a princess and still having friends, playing in the forest, but attending to balls, dancing in beautiful dresses and having fun with the guards when you were bored, because once that was all that being a princess meant to you. You managed to keep your planet peaceful after you had to take the throne, but now, you could see through the window how you started losing everything with stormtroopers leading your people, killing the ones who were brave enough to fight back.

‘Your were the queen. From now on, you are my prisoner, who will tell me everything about the Resistance.’ - Kylo said, stepping closer to you, while you felt his eyes examining every inch of you.

‘I’m not telling you anything!’ - you spat, while kicking, trying to get closer to him, you were ready to fight, like he wasn’t the Jedi killer, Force user Supreme Leader surrounded by his six knights.

‘We’ll see’ - he nodded confidently, then turned to the two monsters holding you - ‘Take her to my ship.’

As you walked towards the hangar, you didn’t see anybody, it was like it wasn’t even your palace anymore, and you couldn’t take it anymore, tears started running down your face, but luckily your mask covered them. You tried to fight the knights, but deep down, you knew it was useless, not only because they were a lot stronger than you, but if you would have broken free, one of the hundreds of stormtroopers could catch you easily, and if not them, than the Supreme Leader, but even if they couldn’t catch you, what would you do? Run? Where and why? Or fight the Supreme Leader, and his knights, and all of the ’troopers? Sure, your father taught you how to use a blaster, and General Organa taught you how to use a lightsaber, or started to teach you, you weren’t safe with it, but there was no chance that you could do anything against the First Order.

The two knights took you on Ren’s ship after you got handcuffed, of course and you sat down, accepting that you will never ever see Ithor again in peace.

To your surprise, the only one on the ship was Kylo Ren and the pilot, no stormtroopers or knights. You thought about finding a way to kill him and the pilot and escaping, but again, there was no chance.

‘Are you comfortable Princess?’ - Kylo turned to you trying to make you angry again, to make you lose your self control and scream at him.

But you didn’t respond, eyes locked on your boots while you sobbed silently, biting your lower lip to make sure you didn’t make a single noise.

‘Ah, don’t worry, they aren’t disappointed in you,’ - you looked up at him, confused why he was trying to make you feel better - ‘they are dead.’

You dropped your head again, closed your eyes, but you had to say something.

‘You’re a monster’ - it was almost just a whisper, he knew you were crying, but it didn’t matter.

‘You’re right Princess.’ - he nodded.

You didn’t even look up until two stormtroopers put you in your cell, there was only a weird metal thing in the middle of the room, which they put you in, your wrists and ankles were bound, but your back was pinned against a metal thing. It was very uncomfortable, especially because your cape was crumpled up, but at least your mask was still on.

You were there for a while, your whole body started to ache and then it went numb, even with your trying to move your hands and feet a little. It was cold, really cold, but it didn’t surprise you, you knew that people like the Supreme Leader probably liked it this way, so they could wear their all-black seven layer of clothing every single day, and maybe the freezing cold kept them this evil, they loved being cold and uncomfortable so they can be sour all the time.

The door suddenly slid open, so you lifted your head to see Kylo Ren enter, and the door closing behind him. You weren’t sure if his company was better than the boredom, but the answer was probably no, it’s better without a monster.

‘Did you miss me?’ - he stepped closer holding his hands behind his back.

You remained silent, you were so over his game.

‘No small talk then,’ - he came even closer - ‘you know what I want. Tell me everything you know about the Resistance, I know you have helped them.’

‘I’m not telling you anything!’ - you said calmly, or trying to stay calm.

‘You know I can take whatever I want!’ - he lifted his right hand in front of your face, and immediately you felt a sharp pain.

It was like he pushed his lightsaber through your head, tears started streaming down your face, but you pushed your lips together and shook your head.

‘Come on Princess, give in, tell me what you know! Where is the General?’ - you knew what he was doing, you had heard of it.

He was in your mind, trying to get the information that he needed, but you used every power that you had in your body to not give him what he wanted. You clenched your teeth together, your hands clenched into fists, but he pushed harder and harder, lifting your head closer to his hand as much as he could, but you didn’t give in.

Suddenly he dropped his hand, your head fell back and made a loud noise bumping into the metal, but the only sound in the cell was your panting.

‘You are quite a strong princess.’ - he said stepping back, but his breathing was fast too.

‘Thank you.’ - you replied, which made him furious right away.

He reached out against stepping closer, the headache came back, and you couldn’t fight, you weren’t ready, but you didn’t give him information about the General. You only gave him how many pilots, weapons and ships you gave the Resistance, nothing about their base or their reserves.

The Supreme Leader put his hand down, so you could relax again, although a big wave of guilt rushed through you.

‘Good girl, thank you too Princess’ - he said so cocky, you felt like punching him in the face would be the best feeling in the galaxy.

He headed to the door, but you stopped him.

‘Wait! What will happen to me?’ - you had to ask, you couldn’t just be there for who knows how much time, just because.

‘You are my prisoner, Princess.’ - the supreme leader turned back to you - ‘You stay here, until I get all the information I need from you.’

‘I’ll tell you one more thing dear Supreme Leader: fuck you!’ - you lost control, rage filled you up, and when he stepped in front of you and slapped you across the face, you barely felt it at first, you were so angry.

The tingling only came when he left the cell, but you felt like it was so worth it, you would like to tell him that again and again and again. You didn’t care about who he was, to you, he was just a monster, a creature, an evil fucking creature who you would like to murder in the most painful ways possible. You had never had thoughts like this, but now you felt like your blood was boiling, you saw red. He took everything from you, your home, your friends. You weren’t the queen he kidnapped, no, you were his biggest enemy and you wanted him to know it.

Although you were emotionally very tired, your anger didn’t let you sleep, you started crying because of it which has never happened to you, because you were taught better, but at that moment you would have given up half of the galaxy just to punch that man in the face. Every inch of your body wanted him to return, so you could find a way to actually do it, but deep down you knew that you were lucky he didn’t come back, although it sounded so good, punching the Supreme Leader wasn’t the best idea.

But as your anger started to fade away, the pain came back and you just couldn’t stop crying until you somehow fell asleep.

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