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Possessive ||T. Shigaraki • Reader||

Chapter One

||Your POV||

Now I know waking up everyday in a small apartment full of druggies and alcoholics isn't necessarily the best thing, but at least you have a roof over your head and no bossy parents trying to continually make you use the god forsaken quirk you've been blessed with.

My Name is (Y/N) (L/N), I am 18 years old, and my quirk is fire; however my flames are purple. Also before you ask, no I'm not a secret child of the Todoroki family, in fact I wasn't even born in Japan. As for the apartment I'm living in, its being provided by someone named Tomura Shigaraki. Apparently he lets his dealers and group members stay here as long as they don't snitch him out to the cops or pros. I am one of his dealers apprentices I guess you could say.

One of his dealers saw me get jumped and use my quirk in an alleyway one day and decided to take me under his wing or whatever it was that he said. With the relation to his dealer there was no way they'd let me continue staying out on the streets so he talked to Shigaraki, AKA his boss, and now I'm the main resident of the small place. The dealer who's been helping me is named Dabi, he has a fire quirk like me, except his flames are blue; if ya ask me though I'd say he looks like a Todoroki kid. He isn't nice or anything either, he just thought it would be a waste of a powerful quirk if I weren't using it and out on the streets to be potentially killed.

Now for the man who actually pays for the apartment, I don't know anything about him except for his name. I've never met him just the people he works with and the druggies coming in and out for their fix of whatever drug they do. Along with living in apartment 505, surrounded by drug addicts, alcoholics, and drug dealers, I don't do any drugs or drinking. I don't trust anyone that comes around here except for Dabi. Dabi usually comes here alone, but on occasion he's with some other gang members.

Everyone knows me that comes in and out, that includes the regular dealers and the regular customers. However they call me Flame, it's a nickname Dabi and his group had given me a while back when I first came to the apartment. So instead of giving out my real name I simply introduce myself as Flame.

"Hey Flame! Come here I have someone I want you to meet, and then you and I are going somewhere" Dabi's familiar voice rings through the house catching my attention.

I quickly get up and walk over to where him and another man stand. "Flame, meet Tomura Shigaraki" Dabi introduces me to his boss with a smirk. The man is around 5'9 so him and dabi both tower over me a bit, he has pale blue hair, red eyes, deathly pale skin, as well as a slim body, one things for sure though, that man has nice hands and needs some lotion.

"(Y/N) (L/N) but everyone just calls me Flame" I introduce myself offering a hand towards the man, from how his skin looks and the gloves covering two fingers I'd guess his quirk is something that destroys or decays things. "Decaying quirk?" The smirk on my face growing when I see his shocked expression. "Right, Flame has some of the best observation skills and can guess almost anyone's quirk just by looking at them, and that is why I'm bringing her to tonight's deal." Dabi explains and then looks between me and Shigaraki.

"You said that you don't know what Overhauls quirk is right? well she can figure it out before we start or decline business with him." Shigaraki only nods and then grabs my wrist turning around to leave. "Hey wait! Don't steal my apprentice" Dabi yells doing a small jog to catch up with us.

"Nice car" I say looking at the black Mazda Rx-7 In front of me, main problem is that there are only two seats inside of Shigaraki's car.

"Dabi you'll be driving" Was all that Shigaraki said before throwing the keys at Dabi.

"Hey boss there's only two seats, where will Flame sit?" Dabi trails off at the end of his sentence realizing where I'll be sitting. "Hey wait... Flame is gonna sit on your lap..." there it is, took him long enough to realize where I'd be sitting. What I don't get is why I'm not sitting on Dabi's lap, I mean I just met shigaraki five minutes ago and I'm already sitting on the dude.

"Alright lets go" I feign confidence and open the door of the RX-7 and waiting for Shigaraki to get in. "Hah dude she opened the door for you like you're the girl" Dabi damn near doubled over in laughter which had annoyed Shigaraki and he simply grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into the car slamming the door shut.

"how long is the ride?" I ask curiously once everything was ready to go. "Around an hour so get comfortable flame thrower"

And that is how I ended up sitting in a drug dealing villains lap with dabi driving like the maniac he is. At one point Dabi had driven so fast through a bumpy road I grabbed the closest thing and held on as tight as possible, that thing happened to be a partially gloved hand that held mine back just as tightly.

But this god forsaken car ride was only halfway through...
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