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When the mauraders find an unconscious, injured girl after a long night of keeping werewolf remus in line, they take her in. Who is she? Does she even go to hogwarts? Is she an animagus?

Adventure / Fantasy
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James, Peter, and Sirius were looking for Remus, who had just transformed back into human. It had been a long night for them, trying to distract remus in werewolf form from hurting another being at their school.

"Moony?!" The trio called again. "Let's split up to cover more ground" James suggested. "Good idea prongs" peter complimented. "Alright then, prongs go to the east, I'll go west, and wormtail keep going north." Sirius spoke up, exhaustively. The trio split up to find their friend.

Sirius kept walking when he saw a figure lying still. "The hell" sirius muttered looking down at the girl, who wore shorts and a big teared shirt covered in blood."I got moony!" James hollered. Sirius checked her pulse. Slow but she's still alive.. He thought. He carefully picked her up, not wanting to hurt her, and walked to where his best friends were.

"Alright let's get back before anyone.. What the hell" james said before seeing sirius carrying a girl. "Who's that your carrying" Remus spoke while being held up by james and peter.

"I don't know. I found her unconscious by a tree.. But she needs medical attention with the scars on her stomach." Sirius spoke, not an ounce of silliness in his voice.

"We can't go to madam pomfrey, she'll be curious as to how we randomly found an unconscious girl" peter said concerned about the girl.

"I have enough medical supplies for both of them. Let's take her to our dorm. Padfoot, put the invisible cloak on to hide her. Moony, wormtail and I will act normal" james said taking his cloak off of his shoulders to give to sirius. He kept it in case he would have to hide remus.

James carefully put it on the two and the mauraders sped walked to their dorm. Once they were in they all took a deep breathe.

"Wow that was easier than expected." Sirius said placing the girl on his bed. Remus also laid down in his own bed next to her, placing his arm over his eyes.

James took the girl's shirt off then started to bandage both teenagers wounds. Once he was done, breakfast was ready for the students.

"We'll grab you and the girl something to eat once we're done!" Sirius said giving remus a small smile. One by one the trio left. Remus stared at the ceiling for a little bit before he heard a loud gasp come from someone.

I'm excited for this story! It just kind've came to me out of nowhere and I thought it would be fun to write :) Let me know what you think of the story so far!
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