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The hare


Remus turned to see the girl wide awake, alarmed. "Where am I" she asked to herself. "Hey it's okay" remus tried to coo, sitting up, but she jolted back, not noticing he was there.

She attempted to back up more but hurt her wounds in the process.

"Easy, easy, your hurt" he spoke softly, standing up. "Where am I? Where is my shirt?" She demanded, covering herself with the blanket.

"It's torn up. My friends and I found you hurt in the forbidden forest... Uh here have one of mine" Remus replied, grabbing one from the dresser. He gave her a sweatshirt that she pulled on immediately.

"If I may ask, why were you in the forbidden forest" remus asked sitting back onto his bed. "I could ask you the same thing. Where are we anyways?" The girl retorted, carefully placing herself over the covers.

"We're in the mauraders dorm room" remus replied proudly. The girl didn't look amused. "Gryffindor dormitories?" He said as the girl nodded.

"Okay. At least I'm back at school" she spoke while looking around. " I'm lupin. Remus lupin. What's your name and house darling" remus asked, holding out his hand to shake.

"Rosaline Waters. Hufflepuff"


The 3 mauraders were stuffing their faces with food. Lily looked at them with disgust as she tried to eat her toast.

"Your being awfully quiet today" lily said as she eyed them suspiciousally. All 3 boys immediately start denying that fact.

"It's because sirius kept complaining about unimportant things" Peter spoke quickly. James nodded quickly while sirius gasped. Dramatically. "I did not-"

"Yup. Kept complaining about no girls dating him. Speaking of that, evans want to go out with me?" James asks, giving a cocky smile. "No potter." Lily rolled her eyes then got up and walked away.

"She will say yes one day I assure you that" james declared as as the two across from him groaned. "Prongs you have just as much as a chance with her as I have a chance with marlene." Marlene looked at him and make a fake gagging sound.

"I like women. Not you" and with that she walked off. "Let's get moony and maybe the girl some food" peter murmered.

The guys nodded and grabbed some food onto a plate and put it under the invisible cloak and started running to their dormitories.

The reason that these chapters are kind've short are because school being a pain. Hopefully longer chapters will come :)

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