The hare


"Oi your awake!" James spoke enthusiastically, scaring the duo in the bedroom. She looked at remus who just gave a smile. Sirius took off the invisible cloak on his arm to reveal some breakfast food they stole.

"We didn't know if you'd be awake or not or what foods you like so we grabbed random foods." Peter explained. Rosaline nodded and smiled "thank you"

"So who are you? what house are you in?" sirius asked, making remus sit next to her so they could eat. "Rosaline. Hufflepuff" she said as she grabbed a red apple and took a big bite.

It was silent as they ate until peter spoke up."So not to be intrusive or anything but how did you get so wounded?" He said getting quiet at the end.

The mauraders eyes widened in concern but they also needed to know. None of them remembered seeing the girl getting attacked by their wolf friend.. So what did attack her?

"Uh.. I don't remember exactly" she spoke softly, her eyes looking down. Remus patted her on the back and she gave a half smile.

Sirius eyes lingered on remus for a little bit. "Sooo.. What year are you in" james asked. "Fourth" she replied.

"Same year as us. How come we never noticed you" Remus questioned while she shrugged.

"You guys are way too popular I guess" she smiled. "Well now you do have some hot, popular friends now" sirius said, flipping his hair while rosaline gave a grateful.

"Well I guess we should get you back to your dormitories" remus said as they all nodded in agreement.

"We'll walk you" james said. They all started walking downstairs and kept walking until..


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