The hare


They all turned to see lily, who's eyes were wide. "Hey lils" rosaline awkwardly waved.

"I've been looking all over for you.. What are you doing here? Your a hufflepuff!" She thought out loud.

"She.. was.."James started. "Studying with.." Peter added on. "Moony!" Sirius concluded, obviously proud of himself.

"But I fell asleep so he took me to his dorm.. Instead of mine.." Rosaline muttered at the end.

"Why is that" lily asked, obviously annoyed at the guys for not taking her to her own dorm. " It was James idea!" Remus said then walked away with rosaline and the two mauraders.

Sirius turned and gave prongs a thumbs up while lily was starting to scold him. They kept walking until they reached their dorm.

"Well this is where I go. Thanks again for not leaving me out for dead" she laughed at the end. "Of course" peter gave her a small smile.

Once she gave the password and was in the hufflepuff common room they all walked back.

"Oi!" Marlene said grabbing the trio. "We can't get a second of alone time can we" sirius muttered to Remus and Peter.

"How do you know waters?" Marlene curiously asked. "Huh what do you mean?" Remus asked. Her eyes squinted "What do you think I mean? How do you know Rosaline?"

"Rosaline and I were studying and she fell asleep so we took her to our dorm since we didn't know the password" remus lied as she nodded slowly. "How do you know her" sirius smugly asked.

"I- WE had classes together" she said refering to herself and rosaline. The boys nodded knowing rosaline was obviously a quiet person.

"Ok now why do you want to get to know her" remus asked. "What are you, her brother?" She sarcastically asked.

"No, we've never heard you talk about her until you saw her with us, why is that?" Remus explained his question. Her eyes widened until.

"Marlene! Come on I want to go to the black lake!" Mary shouted. Marlene nodded and ran to her. "This conversation isn't over" sirius shouted but marlene just flipped him off.

"Well.. That was strange.." Peter spoke while they watched her run off with mary macdonald.

"Yeah it was.. You guys want to go get James and bother snivellous?!" Sirius asked, bouncing. Remus rolled his eyes and shrugged while Peter nodded his head.

Okay new thing: I am acting again, virtually! So I might not be able to write as much as I can but I will try to write a little everyday :)

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