The hare


Rosaline was thankful that most of her house was out and about today since it was a picnic day.

She tried to sneak to her dorm to change but someone stopped her.

"Where have you been" Amos diggory harshly asked making her jump slightly. His eyes softened and apologized quickly.

"It's fine. I just fell asleep and I found myself in gryffindor dormitories. Apparently" she answered with the lie the mauraders and her came up with.

"Gryffindor?" Amos asked astonished as she nodded. "Wow I thought you didn't know any besides lily"

"Well I didn't" she responded honestly. " Remus found me. Now can I please go and get changed please?" amos nodded and smiled at the girl as she walked away to her dormitories.

"Where did she get that sweatshirt" Amos muttered to himself, then shrugged it off.

"Hey rosaline!" Sirius called as he saw rosaline walking down the hall the day after. She was walking to class, but slowed down when sirius threw his arm around her.

"Hey sirius right?" she said, looking at him confused, but smiling none the less. "Remus told me alot about you"

"All good things I hope" he spoke but she shrugged. "He did mention that you were dramatic alot." Sirius gasped in horror.

"Oh yeah here" she said reaching for her bag. She pulled out remus' sweatshirt and handed it to him. "Oh thanks!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Not a problem.. Well this is my class" rosaline waved goodbye to sirius and went to herbology whilst he ran to astronomy.

He walked in, threw the sweatshirt at remus, then dramatically sat down and flipped his hair.

"I am not dramatic" sirius whispered as class started. Remus just gave sirius a 'really' look whilst sirius pretended to pay attention.

Sorry quick chapter! But I am offbook and almost done with this play so I can focus on my writing some more! :)

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