The hare


Rosaline never really had long conversations with the mauraders anymore. They would have small, quick ones.

She spoke with lily a lot, mostly on homework and the boys. There was also marlene that rosaline wanted to talk to, but was nervous to do so.

The communication they had was when they looked at each other. It didn't seem like much, but to rosaline, it was everything. She hoped it meant alot to her as well.

That didn't matter tonight though. Another full moon. Tonight. Rosaline had to go out again, her wounds were healed, thanks to the boys. She had to go out, there was something out there, she was curious to who attacked her last month.

She hasn't told anyone this but she was an animagus because of her brother. Her younger brother was a werewolf. She always tried to help him in any way she could. It hurt her that people always made it seem like werewolves were the bad guys.

But that was the mystery to her. Who was a werewolf here? Her brother was just 8 years old, he wasn't old enough to go to hogwarts. So that's what was she was set to find out.

She snuck out, carefully running outside before anyone could catch her. Once she just outside of the forbidden forest. She transformed into her animagus. A hare.

She started running in her small form and ran to hide under a small hole she dug earlier. It hid her perfectly. It was a while before she saw the werewolf that caught her in it's claws. A stag, dog, and rat run around and distracts it away from the school.

Interesting rosaline thought. Once they were gone and sunlight came she emerged from her hole. She knew that she had to find whoever the werewolf was.

"Holy shit." she froze. She slowly turned to see 3 mauraders. "I can explain" she said quickly.

"Your an animagus just like us!" Sirius spilled, before he covered his mouth while james and peter looked at him in disbelief. She tried to turn and walk before she felt someone grab ahold of her wrist.

"Come with me" james stated, pulling her back to the boy's bedroom. They sat down in complete silence.

"So" james started "You're a bunny." "Hare" she corrected quietly. "My brother is a werewolf, I became one to help him." James nodded in understanding.

The door opened and sirius and peter walked in with remus. "Can you tell us how you got injured now please" remus asked before being laid down.

She nodded.

I feel like I'm rushing this story but oh well 🤷 next chapter coming soon ;)

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