The hare


"Well how should I start" rosaline began. "I heard a scream about a month ago so I thought I should check it out.. I transformed into my animagus as you now know is a hare. I got scratched by a werewolf.. which I assume is you remus." She said slowly as he nodded, shamefully.

"It's not your fault. My brother is a werewolf." Rosaline blurted out. She looked down because she admitted her brother's secret to 4 guys she barely knows.

All the guys give a small look of empathy to her. Sirius rubbed her back which made her look up and gave him a small smile.

"How about since we know about each other's.. hairy situation. we let you in the group" james suggested as the guys nodded.

"Yeah I agree" Peter agreed. "Are you sure, I mean wouldn't it be weird to add a random hufflepuff you barely talk to?" Rosaline questioned but remus shook his head.

"That just means we have to get to know you better!" Sirius exclaimed. She smiled as the they all started to learn about each other.
They all walked downstairs to the common room where everyone had already gone to breakfast... Except for one.

"Alright well now that you're one of us"

I don't have any will to do this book... I am willing to give it to someone who wants it but yeah.. I am incredibly sorry :/

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