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This is my smut book from wattpad as they are removing mature content. Also this is also on ao3. There is the occasional preference. WARNING it is extremely explicit.

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Harry Potter x Luna lovegood part.1

"Thanks for a great evening, Luna." Harry said sincerely.

He was escorting his date back to her common room after Slughorn's Christmas party. It had turned out to be an entertaining occasion, what with Luna's ramblings about vampires and nargles.

Luna turned to face him with a light smile and absent eyes. "Oh, that's okay. I had quite a nice time as well."

Harry had been admiring her dress all evening. It looked weird, obviously, covered with glittering stones and colourful feathers, but the more he had looked at it as the party had gone on, the more he had begun to appreciate how it clung to her fifteen year old body. It was short enough that it displayed her long, supple and muscular legs (the results of long walking holidays with her father, Harry assumed) and it clung quite nicely to her developing breasts. But Harry had quickly shaken these thoughts out of his head: Luna was just his friend, and quite a young friend at that.

Suddenly, she stopped next to a broom cupboard door. "This ought to do, don't you think?"

Before Harry could answer, she opened the door and slipped quietly inside. The wizard shrugged his shoulders and followed her; this was hardly the weirdest thing that Luna had ever done, after all.

It was dark and confined inside. Harry could barely stretch his arms out without bumping into something, and yet he could not see Luna through the thick darkness.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of dainty fingers handle the zipper of his trousers. Harry quickly cast a 'lunos' charm in alarm; the room now illuminated, he could see his fifteen year old date for the night kneeling in front of him. Her head was level with the waistline of his trousers, and her fingers still tried to pull down the zipper.

"Luna!" Harry hissed. "What on earth are you doing?"

She looked up at him innocently. "I thought this was what I was supposed to do at the end of the date? That's what the other girls told me."

The Chosen One furrowed his brow. "What?"

"They told me that you would expect me to finish the date by sucking on your penis."

Harry looked at her, shocked. Those words just did not seem right coming from Luna Lovegood's innocent, young mouth. But at the same time, he knew that he didn't want her to stop. Harry was a sixteen year old guy at the height of his puberty. Having a girl, and a pretty one at that, on her knees and literally asking to suck his cock had been something that had occupied a fair few of his dreams, recently.

"Well..." Harry contemplated. "Do you want to?"

He hoped she'd say yes.

"I am rather curious, actually." Luna replied. "I've heard that a man's penis tastes quite like a dirigible plum, though I am rather sceptical myself bec..."

Harry stopped her mid-sentence. He was usually pretty patient with Luna's ramblings, but not when they were delaying his first ever blowjob.
Harry was feeling rather slow as he realised that he was finally going to have his first sexual experience, and he didn't quite know what she was doing until he suddenly felt her hands slipping into the waistband of his trousers, to haul them down over his hips and down his legs - then off completely.

He felt her hands slide up his thighs and then she was touching him through his boxer shorts, feeling him out, checking the goods.

A wave of panic rippled over the Chosen One. This was the first time he had ever shown himself to a girl – what if he wasn't big enough? Good enough?

Shyly, Harry pulled his robes off so that he stood entirely naked, bar his boxers, over the girl who leaned between his legs. It had never even occurred to Harry that he would lose his virginity to Luna Lovegood. She was pretty, definitely, but her innocence and loyalty had always shrouded these assets in Harry's eyes. She was like a sister; like Hermione. She wasn't supposed to be on her knees, touching his cock from his thin boxers.

But he felt himself begin to balloon upwards nonetheless. A tent formed in his underwear, which Luna eyed and handled somewhat curiously.

He was just beginning to get used to her being down there when she took him by surprise yet again by pulling his underwear down as well - leaving him completely exposed and a little vulnerable. It sprang out from its confines and hit her in the eye.

Luna giggled. "It's rather large, isn't it?"

Her hands closed around the base of his shaft, and before he had a chance to look down again and see what she was doing, how she was responding to the appearance of his unconcealed erection - he felt his sensitive staff enveloped by her soft, wet, hot mouth.

Feeling her tongue swirling around his pulsing cock, he couldn't keep a low groan from escaping his mouth, sealing his lips too late for the sound to slip out. He paused - and Luna paused - but there didn't seem to be any obvious signs that there was anybody outside the broom cupboard to hear them.

Luna tied her loose, messy hair back behind her head (while continuing to move her mouth up and down his length) so that he caught the incredibly sexy but somehow surreal sight of the beautiful blonde kneeling under him, his hardness dimly clasped in her mouth. She looked up at him, smiling, totally unembarrassed by their position.

With her lips stretching around his full girth, gliding down to sink as far as she could down his shaft, she
licked him, caressing his shaft with her velvet cheeks, running her lips down his length. Somehow, Harry got the impression she'd done this plenty of times before. Either that or she was just a natural. Certainly, he didn't like the idea that Luna Lovegood had lost her virginity before him.

She was so good, though. If she had been with guys before, then he had something to be thankful for in how she now knew exactly how to please him. The way her lips lingered around the tip of his cock, the way her hands gripped his shaft tight, but not too tight. The way she moaned as she sucked on him, the vibrations of her voice adding to the sensations she was giving him, but more importantly making him feel she was enjoying the experience as well as he was. The way she pulled him out and just seemed to revel in contact with his rigid manhood, rubbing it against her pretty face, indulging in the obscene contact she was permitted. Harry groaned so loudly as she smeared his cock over her pale skin, leaving a thin sheen of her own saliva behind.

She put it back in her mouth, only deeper this time. Harry spluttered as she moved further and further down his length, until her pink lips were splayed around his hilt and her nose was buried deep into his curly pubic hair. His sensitive tip bumped against the back of her throat but she didn't gag, and managed to keep it there for an inhumanly long time. She clenched his buttocks as she tried to take it in even deeper, until she started to choke on his massive length. Her mouth started to vibrate with every choke, which only served to stimulate Harry further.

"Oh... Merlin. Luna..."

She seemed to know what was about to happen because she let him pull his long, saliva-covered cock out from deep within her throat, and presented her face to him. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her mouth was opened wide, with her pink tongue stuck out.

Harry only had to give himself a couple of tugs before he met his end. A thick rope of white cum shot from the end of his long cock and settled over one of the blonde's eyes. Luna squealed in delight as several more loads followed, embedding themselves in her hair and over her nose. With a groan, Harry released one last rope onto her waiting tongue. Panting, he observed his masterpiece. Luna's pretty face was absolutely covered in his thick, pearly genetic material.

Happily, she swallowed the small load that he had deposited on her tongue and nodded approvingly.

"It tastes salty." She giggled. "I rather like it."

The layer of cum coating her face was starting to roll downwards now, so that it hung from her chin. Some dripped down to stain her glittery dress, but Luna didn't seem to care. Unselfconsciously she began to scrape it from her face and out of her eyes, before licking her fingers clean. Harry thought that she looked quite proud as she opened her mouth to show him the sperm she had collected on her tongue, before gulping it down.

"Merlin, Luna." Harry panted. "That was absolutely fantastic. Have you done that before?"

She gave him a look of remarkable innocence for someone whose face was still lightly permeated with sperm.

"No. But I'm glad you enjoyed it."

She stood up and casually cast a cleaning charm over her face, siphoning any remnants of Harry's release from her flushed skin, before making for the exit.

"Wait, Luna..." Harry called before she reached the door. "Don't you want me to, you know, help you? In return?"

"Oh, okay." Luna looked genuinely surprised.

She turned back towards Harry and started casually stripping off her glittering dress. One again, the wizard marvelled at how matter-of-factly she was taking all of this. But such thoughts were quickly forgotten as Luna slipped her dress over her shoulders and let it pool around her feet. All things considered, Harry was not particularly surprised to see that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Luna had a much better body than Harry had ever given her credit for, he realised as he saw it whole for the first time. Her breasts were much larger than he had anticipated, and were capped with tiny pink nipples; Harry thought that they were absolutely mesmerising.

Luna asked: "Why are you staring at my boobs, Harry? Is there something wrong with them?"

She sounded genuinely worried.

Harry moved forwards to touch them, gently. They were firm in his hand.

"They're perfect, Luna." Harry said honestly. "Now stop worrying and lie down."

She did as he asked, wincing as her bare buttocks pressed against the cool stone floor. Harry knelt down over her, and he was soon gliding down her velvet stomach, planting little kisses around her navel, down her abdomen, the scent of her sex growing all the time as he approached the cleft between her thighs.

The real spicy scent of female sexual arousal.

Harry settled between her thighs, a little dazed by the prospect of what he was going to do. Luna was lying under him, now, pushing herself up so that her bare breasts touched Harry's chest, and her rubbery nipples rubbed teasingly against his skin.

She eased her thighs apart as much as she was able, and he was presented with the enticing aroma of her sex. Briefly, he kissed his way along the outline of her sex, instinctively. Luna lifted her head to peer down on him, checking on him, reassuring him that he was doing okay. While she watched, he buried his face in her pussy, pushing his mouth and nose into her heat, his tongue sneaking out between his lips to taste her salty juices as he inhaled her scent with a breath loud enough for her to hear how much he loved it.

It was really happening - he was being blessed with the most intimate contact possible, with a goddess of unparalleled beauty.

And he loved it.

He loved the way she tasted, he loved the earthy scent accented by her perfume, he loved the softness of her shaved pussy, the furious heat of her body.

He adored the way she responded to him.

How could any red-blooded male refuse to go down on a girl if it was this pleasurable?

Harry started slow - licking and kissing her tender lips gently, nudging his nose against her clit, but not devoting too much attention to it as he indulged himself in coursing his tongue through her searing groove, lapping up her copious tangy juices.

Then he was covering her slit with his hot mouth, penetrating her with his tongue, sucking on her as he wedged himself into her, his nose crushing up against her sensitive button. His fingers brushed her thighs, traced the irresistible feminine shape between her legs, and when she was ready, found their way inside her pussy.

She was doing a good job at keeping herself quiet, but the way she moved her hips as he ate her, he was certain she was enjoying it. Down there between her thighs, he almost forgot himself that they were doing this in a broom cupboard, where anybody could walk in and find them.

Luna had to pat his head in warning whenever he lost himself in it too much, and began to quietly moan as he responded to the joy of fucking her sweet pussy with his mouth.

After a while, he came to recognize her movements, so he could translate her body language, he could tell exactly what got her going most, when things were getting a little intense and needed to ease back, and when she was itching for more, stronger, harder.

When things got a little too much for her, he softened his approach, dwelled on languorous licks of the tongue over her soft folds. He teased her with her panties, pulling them tight so the sodden cotton sank into her slit, and gently sawing against her pussy lips as he licked her, adding a different texture to his treatment of her.

Harry had no idea how long he was given between Luna's shapely thighs, though a few times he glimpsed her peeking to check in on him - and each time he did his best to show that he was loving every minute of this, to persuade her to continue, not to call a halt on his account.

He got into a rhythm where he could spare a hand to spread over her smooth belly, and then reach up to cup her breasts and pinch her stiff nipples, but then as he came to focus a little more on her clit, licking her around it, pressing his hot mouth down, sucking as much as she could stand - she started to take charge.

Her hands moved over his head, her fingers initially stroking him, coursing through his hair to encourage him, to guide him to follow the pace she needed, match her own innate rhythm.

And then she was holding him, pulling him in, crushing his face against her smoldering, soaking sex as her hips writhed underneath him, and it got so that she was furiously fucking his face, and he was almost a bystander.

It wasn't much longer before she was furiously humping his face, and then shuddering and bolting and bucking all around him, her wetness suddenly everywhere - hot and sticky and salty and tangy, and so very sexy, so very her.

Eventually, as he moved up beside her, having cleaned her up with his tongue as best as he was able, she was still out of breath, though eager to kiss him, to find a silent way to express her wonder and gratitude and joy at the experience he'd just given her.

"That was enjoyable. Thank you, Harry."

He lay behind her, spooned against her back now as she curled up slightly, letting his cock settle between her buttocks. His head tucked over her shoulder so he could kiss her cheek. He could still smell the scent of her sex along with her sweet perfume, and it thrilled him.

Luna felt his hardness throb back to life, and now pushed her behind back against him, wanting more, wiggling her hips a little so she could feel it against her, check out his shape.

Harry was a little startled as she wriggled free from his grasp to sit over him, all flushed with the shine of perspiration across her forehead, her body now covering his, her knees sliding along by his hips as she straddled him.

Was she really going to do what he thought she was?

Her face was all lit up by her pretty smile, her eyes dancing with the flames of overwhelming lust. She brought a finger up to her lips to remind him to keep quiet, and then she was letting her body slide down onto his - his rock-hard cock was suddenly engulfed by the most exquisite heat and vice-like tightness.

He was inside Luna.

She was showing great skill in keeping herself quiet as she rode him, though her face was so very expressive in revealing to him exactly how intense the sensations were for her as she gyrated her hips to rise and fall on his shaft.

She was also doing well at keeping flat against his body in an attempt to minimize how obvious it would look to any witnesses that she was on top of Harry, fucking him raw.

He wasn't sure how long he was going to be able to cope with this, the energy flowing through his body was just intense, her tight pussy squeezing him so tight he could feel the end beginning to build.

But she stopped, and now moved to encourage him to spoon her once again, and Luna engineered their positions so that Harry could slide back inside her from behind.

It was slower this way, but no less intense. She could no longer gag him herself any more, so he had to take care to control his urges to moan, but he found himself concentrating to delay his climax, which put paid to his noise.

As he held her, driving into her from behind, it seemed such an intimate position, allowing him to be so close to her - really, just wiggling his hips a little to move within her tight pussy, rather than having to pound her. His hand slipped around to touch her breasts, and now she grabbed it, redirecting it down between her legs, where he could seek out her little clit even while he continued to penetrate her.

Then subtly, so well-controlled, she leaned back against his shoulder, her cheek nudging up against his, and she was whispering: "It's happening again, Harry."

It wasn't quite as strong as her previous ones, but just as beautiful, and the way her thighs clamped together, squeezing his manhood within her tight pussy, there was no way he could hold back this time.

As she shivered and shook, doing incredibly well to remain silent as the forceful climax washed over her, Harry let himself go, his hot seed bubbling up and erupting deep within her.

For once, Luna had nothing to say. There was no rambling about nargles or wrackspurts; she just curled up with Harry's softening dick still inside her and purred like a satisfied cat. Her hair was even messier than usual, falling in great blonde sweeps over her face and tickling Harry's skin in a thousand different places. The wizard sighed contentedly and stroked his hand down around the curve of Luna's thigh.

Harry, as a hormonal teenager, had been guilty of harbouring inappropriate thoughts about pretty much every single girl in the year. Except Luna. She was just such a sweet and innocent girl, he'd thought. But now, as she was curled up naked in his loose grasp, Harry realised that they worked well for each other.

Luna eventually pulled Harry out of her and stood up, her round bum jiggling deliciously as she did so. She hummed lightly as she set about finding her dress, and Harry could not hide his disappointment as she slid it back over her young body, covering up and goods that he had seen (and tasted) first hand.

"That was amazing, Luna." He said seriously. "I think we're a good fit."

"Yes, it was quite enjoyable." Luna agreed. "You have quite a large penis, Harry."

And on that note, she straightened her dress and sauntered out of the broom cupboard as though nothing had happened, leaving Harry alone and naked (but very satisfied) in the darkness.
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