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𝔇𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤 ↝ kita s. x reader


where the quiet boy falls in love with the popular girl kita s.x reader story with other haiku characters in it romance story you're in your first year at inarizaki and become the manager of the volleyball team, you played volleyball for a long time but then got a serious injury. You that kind of person that gets along with everybody and has no problems with finding friends. Actually you're pretty smart but nobody expect that from you bc you always the funny one with a strong will.

Romance / Humor
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1.Welcome to Inarizaki

Kita’s POV

I need to do so much until the welcome-ceremony for the first year students.I hope many will join the volleyball club, we’re in good shape and if the miya twins really coming to this school we can probably go to nationals. Its my last chance I really hope we can get this far....we worked so hard and pushed ourself.

“Kita, is mine speaking part before or after Aran?” Ren asked

“You’re before Aran, bro you look like a hulk how can you get nervous of speaking infant of people?? They’re probably going to be scared of you” I said laughing and Aran joined laughing.

“He’s right hahaha you need to smile when we need to present the volleyball club otherwise nobody will join because their to scared”

“Not funny, I hate to talk infront of people but I hope Kita an get all the attention at the beginning”

Ren actually seems nervous, not even before a match he is that nervous, he really must hate it.

“Guys lets head home and get a little of sleep before the ceremony tomorrow” I said.

“Yeah sounds good , I’m leaving bye bye you idiots” Aran said with a tired face.

I check my watch... oh already 10.50 p.m. We really worked long on our presentation it must be good.

I packed my bag and put my headphone on. I started my Playlist and went to my bike, I hate riding bike home but it helps to build up stamina.

Finally I arrived I gasped when I opened the door.

“I’m home, I didn’t watched the time sorry” I said while getting my shoes off and heading to the kitchen.

“We have Onigiris on the table you can eat them, and in the fridge is some juice” Mum said while watching her show.

Ahhhh these Onigiris are my fav’s, they’re so good..well it must be my lucky day because also the juice its the one I liked the most.

I’m tired I should sleep now, opening your door you realized you forgot to clean up your room, well I clean it up tomorrow after school.( probably not but idk, I need to sleep now)


Next Morning still Kita POV’S

Wow I felt asleep really fast last night but how did I wake up, I didn’t hear my alarm clock I should check the time maybe its still night.


I skip breakfast and take the shortcut, yes this might works.

Ughhh I’m in time, ah that was close. If I hurry maybe I can go to the bathroom before the ceremony start I didn’t so my hair this morning I look like a mess.

“Kita, hurry up we need to go backstage. Where has you been and why so you look like a complete mess?” Aran asked who saw you crossed the schoolyard.

“I overslept and hadn’t breakfast, anyways did you guys reread your parts” saying this the most cheerful as possible because Ren was really sweating.

“Y-Yes but I-I-I-“Ren get interrupted bye bye bye a girl from the organization.

“Could you come with me to the backstage area, it’s starts in 5 minutes?” she asked polite with a smile.

“Sure, Ren & Kita lets go we got this we need to be chill and look cool” Aran said smirking.

“You jerk”

All of us walk laughing behind the girl and waited for the principal to say the sentence ...” And now we get the Clubs to tell you something. You all need to join BLABLABLA”

I walked up the stage and there were many new students. They all look so stupid well one year ago I looked the same. Checking the hall while the other clubs present could be the opportunity to see if these Miya twins really came to our school. How hard can it be to find twins, it’s seeing the same person twice. Why can’t I find twins?

“And now our volleyball club-” the principal said with a stressing look at you.

“Yeah, Hey my name is Kita Shinsuke and this are Ren ōmimi and Aran Ojiro. We represent the volleyball club and search for new members for this year. We’re in really good shape and hope to get to the nationals, we’re also known as a powerhouse.”

Then after my part Ren and Aran said their parts and done. It was actually really easy and boring.


“Well now we have to wait until the next practice on Friday” Aran sounded confident while saying that.

“I’m not that sure, I really hoped that the rumors about the Miya twins were real but I couldn’t see them in the hall”

I must have sound a little upset because Ren tried to comfort me with saying that others great players are joining for sure. He mentioned a middle blocker.. what was his name? Rintarō Suna I think, well lets check the new guys out on Friday.

--------------------------POV’S SWITCH-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I woke up pretty early this morning, not only because I wanted to so my hair probably, I also was nervous. I was always the girl who’s recognized because of her hair, today at my first year at the Inarizaki I want to be recognized not bye bye my hair. Well it’s really childish but I hate cutting my hair so I never see cutting my hair as an option. It’s not that I’m getting bullied or something like that in this way, I JUST HEAR EVERYBODY TALKING BEHIND MY BACK. Ok, well that’s sound like bullying but they only say things like: her hair is sooo special I bet she got every boy she wants. The best part about this is that none of them ever talked to me, people usually never talk to me they think that I’m arrogant or to pretty to realize them. Actually I was lonely this whole time but this year I try to change that and I want to be more proud of myself and my hair. At least I try my best but for now this will work.

Okay nope, my hair still make feel uncomfortable. What is even my hair colour?Blue?Purple? It must be something in this kind of way...but the pigtails look cute. Maybe I should so more often two Pigtails-mhm

“y/n hurry up you need to go now” mum sound worried.

“Yes, coming and also leaving. Have a good day love you”


Wow this hall is bigger then I thought, but the speech of the principal is so boring when does this ends??

Oh I See now they present the clubs... well I also need to join one but I’ll not be active. This helps nothing at my future job I need to join a club and get manager of the club and be the best manager. In this way I can say in the future that I get along and can work under pressure.

“These are all of the clubs, please tell us within the end of the next week which club you will join. And now an official WELCOME AT INARIZAKI"

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