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Harry Potter One Shots (Smut & Fluff)


This is a collection of Harry Potter smuts & fluffs that was formerly on Wattpad before my account got deleted! It will include: Theodore Nott Harry Potter Fred Weasley Oliver Wood George Weasley Neville Longbottom Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Cassius Warrington Lucian Boyle & many more! ***My other books coming soon*** Chosen Children (My Shifting Experience) [A Fred Weasley & Oliver Wood DR story] Our Scars (My Shifting Experience) [A Harry Potter DR story] I obviously don't own any of the Harry Potter characters, I just own the ideas for my One Shots. Please do NOT repost them anywhere. The only places I'll be posting these stories are here, Tumblr, and hopefully AO3 This book contains some chapters with intense sexual content. Do not read if you are not comfortable with that. There are warnings before each chapter

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Important Intro

Hey guys!

So, as a lot of you know, my Wattpad got deleted so I'm here to repost my HP One Shots & stories! (My book literally hit 800k reads the hour before Wattpad started deleting accounts I was so mad lmao)

If you missed the post on my wall this is how reposting in this book will go:

I'll be posting all the one shots of 1 character then moving on to the next character. So it'll go oldest one shots to newest ones

Then once I'm done reposting them I'll be updating with random characters but it won't be organized by character

So once all the old one shots are posted, scroll down to see the new ones

Please bare with me during this time, I'm trying to figure Inkitt, AO3, and Tumblr out so it might take a bit to get all the old ones reposted. I'm gonna be going through an editing them as well just because I can now

This is the reposting schedule:

Then once the old ones are posted I'll have new Lucian, Harry, George, and Oliver ones to post over the next couple weeks

I'll be posting all the Fred ones first then the next day or 2 days later all the Harry ones then so on and so forth!

Because of the stress of all this I obviously won't be taking requests for the time being. I will let you all know when I'll be taking requests again!

Thank you guys for sticking with me through this! I hope more people who used to enjoy my stories will be able to find them on Inkitt, AO3, and Tumblr!

I'll be posting Chosen Children again on AO3 & here on Inkitt sometime this week and my Harry DR Story (Our Scars) will be up on those platforms as well

I'll let you guys know when I've posted Our Scars & Chosen Children. Based on the wall post I made you guys want to see Chosen Children first, so I'll be posting that first once I've made a few edits to it then Our Scars will be up! I'm really excited for Our Scars. It's a bit of a slow burn and you guys will love it

I am going to be heavily editing MOST of my old chapters in this book (mainly the old old chapters), so some of the old old chapters will look different but they will be keeping the same storyline and what not. I just don't like some of the old old smut scenes I wrote, so I want to rewrite them to match my recent style. I'm sure you guys will enjoy the edited versions much more because they have more detail

I'll be labeling which stories were edited and which ones I kept the same
•Not edited= only edited Grammer and spelling
•Mildly edited= changed up some of the wording and added a few more details
•Pretty edited= added more details and added a scene or two
•Heavily edited= added ALOT more details and changed the story a bit but kept the same storyline

And here's info you need to know about my one shots:

•I write all my stories as if all the characters are in the same year unless I specify otherwise

•All the characters that I write Smut about are written as 5th year and up. Typically I'll specify what year it is but I never write them younger than 5th year if it's Smut

•If a chapter is about a character I will not write it so that character dies, so if the one shot is about Fred he will not die. Ever. I literally can't stand one shots where either the reader or the love interest character dies so I refuse to write them lmao. I don't like making myself sad, I'm already sad enough😂

•Take the warnings seriously. When I say Kinky shit ahead I seriously mean ~Kinky shit~ is ahead, so don't be too surprised lmao

•I WILL NOT write any r*pe or s*xual ass*ult scenarios, do not ask for them please. I'm a s*xual ass*ult survivor so it's honestly really offense to me that people asked for those type of one shots in my old books on Wattpad

•Do not be afraid to comment! I love your guys' comments so much they seriously make my day. I miss looking through the comments on my Wattpad books! So please don't be scared to comment!

Also same as Wattpad: please do NOT repost my stories anywhere. Trust me, I will find it. Do not repost my stories and do not try to take my storyline as your own. Especially my DR stories. My DR stories are my personal experiences, please DO NOT steal my personal experiences. I've already found people who tried to repost my one shots on Wattpad after my account got deleted. This is my hardwork, please do not steal it

The only places my stories will be are on Inkitt, AO3, & Tumblr under the account name 'TimeJumpBucky'. If you see another account that's not under my name posting my stuff please let me know!❤

If you're new to my books I hope you enjoy all my one shots, if you've been with me for awhile I'm really glad you were able to find me again!

I love you all and seriously missed all of you! I'm super excited to be back!❤

Pretty please follow me on TikTok, Instagram, AO3, & Tumblr! All the same account name! (TimeJumpBucky)
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