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Harry Potter One Shots (Smut & Fluff)

Fred Weasley (Smut)

Pretty Edited

Please read the Important Intro chapter if you have not already❤

I sat in Defense Against the Dark Arts bored out of my mind. My head leaned against my hand while I stared forward at Professor Snape dragging on about some werewolf for the hundredth time this week

Suddenly I felt a large hand on my thigh, immediately sending pins and needles up my leg. I snapped my head over to the red head next to me who was looking towards Snape with a small smirk on his face

"Freddie" I warned quietly, pushing his hand off with a playful grin. He chuckled before putting his hand right back where it was since he knew I was just playing hard to get with him as usual

He slowly ran it up and down, letting his finger tips graze over the inside of my thigh. I shivered at the intense tingling feeling his fingers left behind. My reaction caused Fred's smirk to grow as his hand continued to slip under my skirt

His hand gradually got closer and closer to my cloth covered core, stopping just an inch or two from it before going back down my thigh. I squirmed in my seat while Fred just sat there with a smug grin

"Is everything okay, Ms. (Y/L/N)?" Snape asked

"Uh, yes" I answered quickly, clenching my jaw when Fred squeezed my thigh

"Then pay attention" Snape ordered with an eye roll before turning back to the blackboard

"Fred cut it out" I hissed quietly so only he could hear. He turned to me, giving me a quick wink before pressing the pads of his fingers again my clothed core. I clenched my jaw harshly and looked down at the table

"You really want me to stop, Darling?" He asked with a hushed tone. When the tiniest whimper possible slipped from my lips once his fingers pressed against my clit through my underwear his smirk grew "That's what I thought" he snickered to himself. George turned to give us a curious look when he heard Fred's whispers

"What are you up to, Freddie?" He asked

"When have I ever been up to something, Georgie?" Fred responded with a mischievous grin. I whimpered once again as quietly as I could as Fred slowly moved my underwear to the side and rubbed my now exposed clit. George laughed quietly before turning back around in his seat

Fred let his long finger slip slowly into me until his palm was pressed against my clit. I sucked in a small breath, biting my lip hard to silence the moans that threatened to come spilling out. Fred added another finger and began to slowly pump them in and out of me

He was quite enjoying watching me squirm in my seat, a wide grin plastered across his face. He was loving how helpless I was becoming with every thrust of his fingers. I clutched my quill in my hand so harshly that it bent the feather and slightly cracked it. Fred's fingers began to speed up, making me shift again

A sharp shiver ran down my spine when he curled his fingers up inside up me, his fingernails scraping against my walls. The slight pain sent a jolt of pleasure through me that made it nearly impossible to hold moans back. Fred was still sitting there with a small smirk as if he wasn't doing anything to me

"Fuck, Freddie" I breathed out as quietly as I possibly could when his fingers spread apart and continued thrusting. His fingers were pressing perfectly against every tiny little sensitive spot in me while his palm was rubbing against my clit

Soon, his experienced fingers had me right on the edge of an intense orgasm. But, to no surprise, he retracted his fingers from me. He fixed my underwear and skirt before turning back to Snape like nothing happened

I was left flustered and extremely sexually frustrated, my cheeks were probably bright red at this point. My hand reached down and squeezed his thigh lightly while I leaned in closer to his ear. He shivered as my breath ghosted over his neck

"I'm gonna get you back for that" I whispered right in his ear, letting my teeth graze over his earlobe. Fred leaned his head back and groaned slightly at the feeling, smirking at my words as he did so

"Can't wait" he muttered, looking right into my eyes before sending me a sly wink. Oh he has no idea what's coming to him

End of the day

After Fred's little act in DADA, I had been walking around Hogwarts frustrated and short tempered. It had been weeks since Fred and I last had sex, so it was very unwise of him to bring me right to the brink only to leave me there and he knows it

Finally I barged into the Gryffindor common room and went right over to Fred. He looked up at me with a loving grin

"Hey Darli-" I cut him off by leaning leaning and slamming my lips against his in a brief but intense kiss. As soon as I pulled back he was smirking as his pupils were already growing with lust. I completely ignored Ron's protests of us being affectionate in front of each other, grabbing Fred by his wrist and dragging him right up to my dorm

"Good luck, Freddie!" George called out with a teasing tone as his twin waved bye to the group. Soon I had him in my dorm and pushed back onto my bed

"That was a very unwise decision, dear" I said as I pulled off my robes and his

"What ever do you mean, Angel?" He asked with a sly grin

"Oh do not play dumb with me right now, Freddie. You're already in for it" I warned him as I pulled off my sweater. Fred did the same without hesitation, tossing it over in the corner. I made him sit up as I undid his pants and yanked them off him along with his boxers "So what should I do to you?" I asked with a teasing tone as I unbuttoned my shirt as slow as I could

"Love" Fred warned

"You know what, I think I know exactly what I'm gonna do" I winked at him before pulling my shirt off my arms. Fred chuckled deeply, his eyes running over my bra clad torso while his tongue slipped over his bottom lip. He grabbed me by the hem of my skirt, yanking me to right between his legs before he pulled my skirt and panties down. His lips met mine in a feverish kiss while I worked on getting his shirt unbuttoned

Once his shirt was gone I pulled back from the kiss with a wicked grin. His eyes never left as I sank to my knees in front of him. My hands ran up his thighs as I looked up into his lust clouded eyes. His breath hitched in his throat when I wrapped my hand around his slowly hardening cock

"(Y/N).." he breathed out, running his fingers through my hair as I pumped him slowly

"You want something, baby?" I asked with a cloyingly innocent tone

"You know what I want, Angel"

"That's not an answer" I raised my eyebrow at him and smirked "You gotta ask for what you want"

"You little minx.." he muttered with a proud grin "I'm rubbing off on you, aye?" I shrugged, making him chuckle lovingly as he cupped my jaw and leaned down so our faces were close. His thunb ran along my bottom lip, a slightly dazed look to his pupils "Can you please put those pretty lips around my cock, love?" He asked sweetly

"Of course" I winked slyly before finally wrapping my lips around him

"Mm, thank you, Angel" he groaned out, lacing his fingers back through my hair to get it out of my face. I sucked lightly on his tip before taking in as much of him as I could, pumping what I couldn't fit in my mouth with my hand

He let a throaty groan leave his lips when I began bobbing my head at a slow and steady pace. I ran my tongue up his length, sucking on his tip again before going back down. He tugged softly at my hair, making me moan against him which only caused his pleasure to increase. I moved my head just a bit faster, hollowing my cheeks out and squeezing him a little tighter. My freehand came up to fumble with his balls

"Fuck, just like that, Darling" he breathed out, his eyes locked on me as I moved my head a little faster

His moans were almost enough to make me change my plan, but then I remember how frustrated I had been all day and chose to stick with it. My hand pumped him as quick as I could while my mouth was moving just a bit slower to stimulate him more. I could tell by his change in breathing he was getting close. His moans were increasing volume with every tiny move I made

"Love.. I'm gonna cum" he panted out, closing his eyes and letting his mouth hang open. I felt him twitch slightly in my mouth, which was my queue to stop immediately. As soon as I pulled my mouth off him and removed my hands his eyes flew open and a frustrated groan left his lips. He glared down at me with an unamused face and flushed cheeks

"What? I did tell you I'd get you back" I winked at him as I stood up and placed my hands on his shoulders

"You're a brat sometimes" he chuckled, hands gripping my hips

"You like when I'm a brat" I winked slyly once again before climbing in his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned forward to capture his lips with my own. As our lips moved passionately together I felt his grip on my hips tighten to try and bring my down on him "What do you think you're doing?" I asked against his lips. Fred chuckled, puking back from my lips to look at me with a playful smirk

"Can't imagine what you're talking about, Darling" his thumbs began massaging into my hipbones as his eyes roamed my face lovingly "You are so damn beautiful.. how'd I ever get so lucky?" He asked, cupping my jaw to let his thumb run along my cheekbone

"I don't know, how did you get so lucky?" I joked, making him chuckle lovingly and shake his head

"I suppose it's my turn to get you back, huh?" He asked with a sly grin, both hands running up and down my sides

"Is it?"

"Yeah-" he suddenly gripped my hips and yanked me down onto his cock. A loud gasp left my lips the second his tip was pressing roughly against my g-spot "I think it is" he gave me a quick wink before beginning to bring me up and down as hard as he could on him

"Fred! Fuck" I yelped, digging my nails into his shoulders. He continued to roughly pull me up and then yank me back down on him over and over until I was a moaning mess on him "Faster please" I breathed out with a desperate tone

"Aw you want me to fuck you faster? Do you really deserve it?" He taunted, pressing his fingers deeper into my skin. I laughed breathlessly, letting one of my hands slide across his shoulders until it was resting at the base of his neck. When he raised his eyebrow curiously as me I wrapped my hand around his neck and gave it a tight squeeze. The deep groan that left his lips at the feeling brought a smirk to my lips

"I said, fuck me faster. Now" I ordered, tightening my grip on his throat until a whimper left his lips. Fred didn't hesitate to hold my hips as tight as he could to keep me in place. He took a moment to collect himself before thrusting up into me at a blinding rate "Gah, fuck! Good boy" moans immediately began falling from my lips. I released his throat and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, burying my head in the crook of his neck as he managed to thrust harder. Fred's tip was perfectly nailing my g-spot over and over, making a tight ball of pressure form in my stomach

"Fuck you feel so good, Gorgeous" Fred's husky sex fueled voice right in my ear sent chills through me, which only increased the pleasure I was feeling

"Freddie.. fuck" I breathed out, clinging to him like my life depended on it. Fred wrapped his arms around my waist, hands pressed flat against my back so he could pull me closer to him. His throaty groans were making my clit tingle as the sound of our skin slapping together bounced off the walls. His lips soon attached themselves to the parts of my neck he could reach, nibbling and suckinf around until a tiny gasp left my lips

He didn't hesitate to let his teeth graze over my skin until a deep mark formed on my skin that he could look at later on. I was staring to see stars from Fred's rough thrusts while the knot in my stomach was getting roughly tugged at over and over. I laced my fingers hair as I lifted my head from his shoulder, making his teeth release my neck. A deep groan left his lips when I pulled at his soft hair, making him manage to thrust faster up into me

As soon as our eyes met he eagerly pushed his lips to mine, biting on my bottom lip and slipping his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battled for dominance as the knot in my stomach was about to come undone. I pulled away from the kiss once he won, shutting my eyes and pressing our forehead together. Gasps and desperate moans were leaving my mouth at an uncontrollable rate. I knew Fred could tell I was about to cum, his hands gripping my hips tighter so he could thrust as hard as he could. At this point I'm sure there's gonna be deep brusies on my thighs in the morning

"You gonna cum for me, Darling?" He asked, his voice shakey from holding back moans

"Y-yes" I stuttered out "I'm s-so close"

"I know, Love, look at me" his soft caring voice made my clit tingle further as I opened my eyes to look right into his sparkling ones "You're so beautiful" he panted out, cupping my face with both his hands to hold my head in place

"F-Fred" I struggled to maintain eyecontact with him as I felt my orgasm about to hit

"Cum for me, Darling" he ordered with a soft voice. Once the tone of his voice hit my ears my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks

"Fuck!" I practically screamed as pleasure flooded through me. Every nerve ending in my body had shock waves running through them while my brain clouded. My body shook over him desperate shouts of his name repeatedly left my lips like it was the only word I knew. My walls clenching and unclenching around him sent Fred flying over the edge

"(Y/N), fuck" Fred groaned out as he threw his head back and yanked me down so he was fully inside of me

"Fuck!"I yelped at the extra jolt of pleasure his tip ramming directly against my g-spot caused. He thrusted up into me lightly as he came inside of me, deep throaty moans leaving his mouth. His fingertips were digging so deep into my skin that I knew there would be brusies there in the morning

Soon we both came down from our highs, both of us panting for breath as we leaned our foreheads back together. He carefully pulled me off of him and wrapped his arms tightly around me. He stood up slowly on his slightly shakey legs, bringing me with him until I wrapped my legs around his waist. Fred carried me to the side of the bed, lifting the sheets and climbing in with me still clinging to him. He laid down so I was resting on his chest with my legs between his and my head on the front of his shoulder. I propped my chin up on his chest so I could look into his calm eyes

"Hello there, Beautiful" he breathed out, making both of us smile like a couple of giddy idiots "I was gonna edge you, but you felt so good I didn't wanna stop" he breathed out with a soft chuckle

"I literally would've thrown you out a window" I informed him with a tired laugh. Fred had a warm smile resting on his lips that made my heart swell with love for him

"I love you, Darling" he brushed my hair back

"I love you too, baby" I leaned up so I could press my lips to his. Our lips moved slowly together as we both were still trying to catch our breath. When we hesistantly pulled apart we both had dopey smiles our lips and a loving glimmer to our pupils "You sure did take a lot out of me" I said as I laid my head back on his shoulder and cuddled into him

"Well I had to make up for the past few weeks" he joked, kissing the top of my head "Get some rest, Love" he ran his hand through my hair slowly while his other arm wrapped tightly around my waist

"If you insist" Fred chuckled, kissing the top of my head again "Goodnight, baby" I mumbled, shutting my eyes and quickly drifting into a deep sleep thanks to his fingers massaging my scalp

"Goodnight, love" Fred said before shutting his eyes himself and falling asleep with a grin on his face

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