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Harry Potter One Shots (Smut & Fluff)

Fred Weasley (Smut)

Mildly Edited

"Fred, this is not a good idea" I whispered to the ginger who had my hand in his tight grip. He was leading us down the pitch black halls with the Marauders Map in his free hand and his wand in his mouth. The tip was glowing brightly so he could read the map

"Sure it is" Fred responded with a chuckle. "You've gotta trust me darling" he gave me the best smile he could with his wand between his teeth

"I never said I didn't trust you, I just don't think we should be doing this"

"I've had this prank planned for weeks now, I want you to see it" Fred said, stopping when we heard footsteps. Fred quickly checked the map to see that it was just George "Georgie" he greeted when his twin turned the corner

"'Ello Freddie, (Y/N). Ready?" George asked with a mischievous grin. George took Fred's wand from his mouth and held it over the map for him

"Always" Fred responded. We began to walk towards the Slytherin Dungeons, taking a few hidden short cuts along the way. Finally, we were right in front of the large menacing seeming door

"Malfoy should be coming out to do his Prefect rounds any minute now" George started

"And when he does we've got a surprise for him" Fred finished

"What kind of surprise?" I asked

"Now, Darling, wouldn't want to ruin it now would we?" Fred gave me a smirk. I jokingly rolled my eyes in response

After waiting around for a few more minutes, the latches on the door clicked before the door slowly swung open. A very tired looking Draco Malfoy came stumbling out of the Commom Room, rubbing his eyes and holding his wand in front of him

"Lumos" Draco grumbled. His wand began to glow as he took slow steps forward

"Aranea" George whispered. Suddenly there was a wall of plastic spiders towering in front of Draco. He was still rubbing his eyes, causing him to walk straight into it. When he opened his pale eyes and saw what he walked into, he froze in fear

"Glutinum" Fred muttered with a chuckle. At his words, there was a large bucket of glue hanging over Draco's head. It tipped over, slowly covering Draco from head to toe in white glue

"What the hell!?" Draco shouted, attempting to wipe off the glue but to no avail

"Ready, Georgie?" Fred asked

"Of course, Freddie" George replied, both of them wearing matching smirks on their lips

"Operimentum Pennis" the Twins said in unison. Suddenly Draco was covered head to toe in white and grey feathers. The three of us began to laugh hysterically thanks to how ridiculous he looked

"My father will hear about this!" Draco shouted, looking around for the source of the laughter. He seemingly was unable to see us thanks to the feathers covering his eyes, marching into the Slytherin common room with a loud huff. However before he even managed to get through the door he smacked right into the doorway "God damn it!" He exasperated before feeling his way around so he didn't smack into the doorframe again

"That was golden" I commented, high fiving Fred and George once the door shut behind Draco

"I believe I've earned a 'congratulations on an excellent prank' kiss" Fred gave me a small smirk

"I believe you have as well" I got on my tip toes, placing a kiss onto Fred's soft lips. He wrapped his arms around my torso to hold me in place as his lips moved slowly against mine. I couldn't help but smile smile the kiss, getting on my tiptoes so I could wrap my arms around his shoulders to pull him in deeper

"Get a room" George joked, shoving Fred's shoulder lightly

"What a brilliant idea, Georgie" Fred teased once I pulled away from the kiss. I rolled my eyes, taking Fred's hand and leading him and George back to the Gryffindor common room

After a few minutes of waiting on the moving stairs, we got to the portrait of the fat lady. She was snoring quite loudly, I almost felt bad waking her up. I tapped as lightly as I could on the picture frame a few times until she jolted away with a loud off key scream. We all jumped back and covered our ears at the sound, silently hoping none of the professors heard that

"What are you doing awake so early?!" She asked with a gasp

"Detention" We all replied in unison. She eyed us curiously


"Totalous" George whispered. She sighed, opening the portrait for us

"Thank you!" I thanked her cheerily as I dragged the boys inside

"See you in the morning" Fred said to George once we were in the Common Room "I'm going to stay with (Y/N) for a bit"

"Goodnight, George" I said quietly as I plopped myself down on the couch in front of the crackling fire

"Goodnight, (Y/N), Fred. Maybe remember a silencing charm this time"

"Oh shut it" I tossed a pillow at George, which of course he dodged as he ran over to the stairwell. He gave us a smirk before jogging up the stairs. Fred came over to me, sitting down next to me with a release of breath and patting his lap. I eagerly straddled him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. His hands rested comfortably on my hips as his eyes ran up my torso

"Hello, Pretty lady" he winked slyly at me once our eyes met. His wink made butterflies suddenly erupt in my stomach, which prompted a small smirk to stretch across my lips "Oh I know that smirk" he poked my lips as he spoke

I laughed softly as I leaned forward, pressing a deep kiss to Fred's lips. One of his hands snaked its way up my back and to my hair, where it tangled itself up in it and held my head in place. His other hands gripped my hip, his holding on me tightening the longer the kiss went on. Our lips moved slowly and passionately together while small grins were plastered on to our faces

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Fred asked quietly, letting his lips trail down to my neck. He nipped and sucked on the soft skin until a small moan left my lips

"Quickie in the common room?" I let out a shakey breath as Fred's teeth took the skin of my soft spot between them. He nibbled softly at the skin until he was satisfied with the bruise he left behind. He kissed his way up to my ear, letting his teeth sink softly into my earlobe. The groan that left my mouth at the tingles that shot through me made Fred smirk

"You read my mind, Darling" he whispered right in my ear. A shiver when down my spine as his breath ghosted over my neck. I grabbed my wand from my boot and held it up. I quickly waved it to make our clothes disappear, Fred's smirk growing as his eyes ran over my now bare torso "Gorgeous, absolutely mesmerisingly beautiful" Fred muttered as his eyes gained a stargazed look. A deep blush spread across my cheeks when our eyes met

"Stop" I playfully slapped his shoulder. His eyes slipped down to my lips before meeting my eyes again

"What? I can't appreciate how lucky I am to have such a brilliantly gorgeous woman in my lap?" I playfully rolled my eyes, earing a quick wink from him before he gripped my waist a bit tighter and lifted me carefully "Ready, love?" He asked as he held me over his hardened cock. Our eyes were locked onto eachother, my bottom lip caught between my teeth as I got lost in his hazel eyes

"Mhm" I hummed. Fred slowly pulled me down onto him, keeping a close watch on my face the entire time. A long and soft moan left my lips as I sank down on him. Once he was fully in me a shakey breath left my lips, my eyes briefly shutting as I struggled to contain more moans "Oh, fuck" I breathed out, beginning to bounce my hips a bit. Fred's jaw hung open a little as he watched me move on him. He was looking at me like he was witnessing a supernova while soft groans left his lips. His grip on my waist soon tightened so he could help me move

"You always feel blissful, Love" Fred threw his head back and let quiet moans flow from his mouth "Fuck, Angel" he breathed out, lifting his head up so he could look into my eyes again

"Freddie, oh my God" I held his shoulders tight as I struggled to flip my hair out of my face. Fred reached up to slip my hair behind my ears and over my shoulders before cupping my jaw to make me look slightly down at him. He clenched his jaw and let a shapr breath out through his nose when our eyes met before moving his hand back down so he was holding my waist with both hands again

"Shit.. can I fuck you faster, Darling?" He asked, voice a bit strained as he struggled to hold his moans in

"Mhm" I hummed, eyes gaining a glazed over look as I felt a knot already begin to form in my stomach "Please moan, Freddie" I breathlessly breathed out as he gripped my waist tighter to hold me up in place

As soon as he began thrusting harshly up into me both of us were no longer able to hold out moans in. This new angle caused him to perfectly nails my g-spot with every thrust. My nails dug into his shoulders as my grip on them tightened significantly. The pain from my nails in his skin making a guttural moan leave his mouth. His sudden desperate sounding moan only made the knot in my stomach tighten to the point of being right on the brink of breaking

"Fred.." I moaned out, shutting my eyes and leaning our foreheads together

"I know Love, I'm so good that even I'm close" he winked at me, causing me to laugh at him, but that laugh soon turned into desperate moans when he thrusted just a bit harder

Right as the knot in my stomach was about to break there were soft footsteps from the girls dormitory stairwell. I gasped quietly and went to pull myself off of Fred, but he held me in place and continued to thrust. This mother fucker and his exhibitionist kink.

"F-fred.. there's some-someone coming" I shut my eyes and let my mouth hang open, the pleasure was quickly becoming overwhelming. I didn't even care anymore that someone was coming, I just wanted to cum

"I don't care" he hissed out, his fingertips digging so deep into my waist that it left brusies behind

Suddenly the knot in my stomach snapped thanks to the jolt of pain and the tone of his voice. I sucked in a sharp breath, accidentally letting a rather loud moan leave my mouth as pleasure flooded my entire body. My head was spinning while my legs shook above him. If he wasn't for his tight grip on my waist I would've collapsed. Small gasps came from me with every rough thrust, all my nerve endings were on fire while his intoxicating moans floated through my ears

"Holy shit, (Y/N)" Fred grunted, thrusting up into me and holding there as he finally came. How roughly he was pressing against my g-spot as guttural moans fell from his lips only made my orgasm 10x better

Soon we both calmed down from our intense orgasms, Fred giving me a few more slow thrusts before carefully pulling me off of him. I gasped at the loss of pressure, rubbing my own thighs to get my legs to stop shaking. He placed me next to him before taking out his wand and waving it. Suddenly all our clothes were back on and we were cleaned up. I felt the sharp cold from the Plan B spell run through me while Fred put his wand away

"You can come out now, who ever you are. We're clothed" Fred called out, panting lightly to catch his breath. A girl who I recognized to be Fred's ex girlfriend came from the stairwell with an angry expression on her face. Fred chuckled at the look she gave us "Of course" he mumbled

"Disgusting" The girl spit out, glaring at me

"Oh please, you're just mad cause you could never get him to cum like that" I shot back

"I did to!" She exclaimed a bit snippily

"No, no you did not" Fred breathed out. She immediately pouted like a child at his words. I rolled my eyes at her childish behavior, climbing back onto Fred's lap and placing a possessive kiss on his lips. The girl huffed in annoyance before spinning on her heels and stomping back upstairs

"You're mine now" I whispered against Fred's lips, running my hands through his soft hair

"I'm all your's, Princess" Fred muttered, pressing his lips back to mine with a proud smirk. Before I knew what was happening our clothes were folded back on the table and we were entering round 2

It was going to be one long, tiring, and pleasure filled evening

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