Angels or Demons..?


Is it normal being possessed by a demon and being friends with him...?

Action / Horror
Age Rating:


I feel like something dark is taking over me....its like darkness from hell...I hear this Scottish voice in my head” Hello darling”...I look in the mirror and my eyes.....were red like blood. The same voice” don’t freak out please”.” why would I freak out...?” I say.” normally people try to um uh scream and do other stuff” the Scottish accent says. I was a little confused but then I realize I was possessed.“soooo... you’re a demon?” I say.” pretty much” Scottish accent says.“so um what’s your name..?“I ask.” Crowley” Scottish accent says. The name sounded familiar...“like the Crowley that almost Killed the Winchesters and doesn't have loyal demons?“I say.“yeah that one..and how do you know that..?“Crowley says. I stay quiet. I jumped on my bed and fell asleep. I wake up with blood on my T-shirt" I am hoping that's not human, Crowley"I say." no its, not its goat"Crowley says."Wow" I say.I wipe the blood off my T-shirt

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