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Tarlos Book

Chapter 1

Hey my lovelies this is chapter one of the book I'm attempting to write and stick to so tell me if it's trash and your suggestions for future chapters! And now on with the story


I just got home from a shift and saw Carlos and Layla(A/N I had to since she suggested it:)), our three year old daughter, sitting on the couch watching Finding Nemo. Carlos turned his head towards the door as soon as he heard it shut.

"Hey Babe, how was work?" He asked.

"It was pretty boring actually," I replied, then Layla noticed who her dad was talking too.

"Daddy you're home!" She said excitedly as she ran towards me. I picked her up in my arms.

"Hi baby, I missed you," I said giving her a kiss on the forehead. She giggled.

"I missed you too," she said returning the favour. I chuckled, she's so sweet.

"I'm gonna start making dinner, you guys continue to watch Finding Nemo, ok?" Carlos said as he stood up.

"Roger that captain," I chuckled. He walked over to us and placed a light peck on my lips, then walked to the kitchen.

"Daddy let's keep watching Nemo," Layla said, starting to get impatient.

"Alright let's go to the couch and continue watching Nemo," I said chuckling as I walked over to the couch, Layla still in my arms.

233 words

I'm sorry this is so short but I wasn't sure how to continue from where it ended here so I just ended it. If you have an idea where this should go from here please tell me.

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