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The weasleys (Fred x reader)


Third year you have a interaction with a certain ginger twin Your a slytherin btw sorry :) This is on my Wattpad wanna read my different story’s My user secret_writer102

Romance / Fantasy
Trinity Weasley
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“I’m Fred Weasley...”

today was the day I get to go to Hogwarts after seeing my brother Winston (17) go into it for years. as mother grabbed my trunk and owl I hurried to the car knowing the train on platform 9 3/4 leaves within a half hour.
as we got there the platform was filled with first years and their parents, as I put my trunk and owl in the train I quickly said goodbye to my mom and got in.
as I'm looking into compartments to see if there was room for me to sit. when I finally find one I knock and a tall ginger boy answered "can I sit with you guys all the other compartments are full" I say shyly "of course I'm Fred Weasley this is my twin George." he said excitedly as I sat down I put my bag above us. "so is this your first time here too?" George asked I nodded "well what's your name you haven't talked since you got in here." they both said.
"oh yeah sorry, I'm y/n y/l/n," I say, they nodded. I looked out the window and realized we made it to Hogwarts as I grabbed my personal belongings I saw Fred waiting for me as his twins goes to meet up with their friends. he waved me down "so y/l/n what house do you think you'll get in?" he said quite excited " hopefully Gryffindor, but what if we both get into different houses would you still want to be friends?" I asked him "of course, just because we're in a different house doesn't determine your personality." he said with a smile I nodded.

*at sorting ceremony*
as the professor was calling students names and was being put into their houses there were cheers whenever they were put into a house. all of a sudden I heard " Fred Weasley!" Fred gave me a look like he was kind of scared. I gave him a small smile to input that it was gonna be okay "GRYFFINDOR" the hat said a look of relief on his face and walked to the house table him and his twin got put into Griffindor I was nervous...what if I get put into Hufflepuff or even worse Slytherin!?... I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my name being called. "y/n y/l/n!" as I slowly walk up I looked at Gryffindor and saw the twins give me a thumbs up "cunning...nice to others...you would be great in Gryffindor...has to be SLYTHERIN!" the hat said a look of shock was on my face I looked at the twins who had a look that they were sorry for me... luckily I only knew one person in Slytherin.. my brother Winston, as he patted me on my back the tables filled with food and everyone dug in...
I wasn't so hungry so I grabbed a few things and ate quickly. then I zoned out wondering how I would be able to hang out with the twins... I had more friends on Gryffindor than in my own house. As I got my classes I saw everyone get up and head to their dormitories I quickly followed as the head boy said the password everyone walked in, everything was dark green and black filled the whole room. as I got into my dorm which luckily I didn't have to share with anyone I put my stuff up and grabbed an oversized t-shirt and some shorts I got into bed and fell into a deep sleep.
*the next day*
as I woke up with the sun in my eyes I realized I'm late for potions I quickly got dressed and grabbed my robe and quickly headed to potions, we had this class with Gryffindor so hopefully, I can talk with them. as I walked into the doors professor snape turned and looked at me "nice of you to finally join me miss.y/n." he said sternly "sorry I'm late I forgot to set my alarms." I said in an apologetic tone "five points from Slytherin, go sit in the only spot that's not takin." I nodded and sat where he told me to... right next to Fred. he greeted me with a big smile I returned one to him "as I was saying before I got interrupted, there are your seats for the rest of the year if you don't like it then deal with it." snape said the bell rung saying class is over "class dismissed" snape said while walking out of the room. it was lunchtime sense only got 3 classes today. I and Fred walked to the great hall together talking about quidditch, since it was a normal feast and nothing too special we didn't have to sit at our tables I went to sit with the twins and they introduced me to there friends, Oliver woods, Angelina johnson, Lee Jordan, Eddie Cermichael. they welcomed me even tho I wasn't in their house. we were all joking around talking about randoms things we found interesting. and before I knew it lunch was over and it was time for DADA one thing you want to know about my family is that I'm adopted I never knew my real parents I was a muggle-born. luckily my brother kept it secret because as much as my house seemed to not like me he didn't want it to be worse for the next seven years of my life.
today professor Lupin brought a boggart for us to learn about as we walked into the big classroom there was a wardrobe raddling "there's a boggart in there, boggarts like the dark, enclosed spaces...wardrobes, the gap between beds, the cupboards under sinks- I once met one that had lodged itself into a grandfather clock. thus one moved in yesterday afternoon, and I asked the headmaster if the staff would leave it for my first years" lupin said loudly making sure the whole class heard him. as whispers going around the room to figure out what exactly is a boggart...
"The first question we must ask what is a boggart?" lupin said as Hermione shot her hand up in the air "its a shape-shifter, it will take shape of what we fear the most." she said proudly. "couldn't have phrased it better myself," Lupin said with a grin "so the boggart is sitting in the darkness of this wardrobe has not yet made a form, he does not know what scares the person on the other side of this door. nobody knows what it looks like alone, but when I will let him out he will immediately take shape each of us fears the most" said lupin informing us "now y/n would you like to go first?" I nodded scared of what it will turn into "how you will take over the boggart is whenever it takes shape of what you fear most, think of something to make it fun than with the flick of your wand say, ridikulous." lupin said to the whole class so they could do the same when it's there turn. "y/l/n are you ready?" he said sternly I nodded and with the flick of his wand the door flew open and it took a shape a dark cloud and talked it said "you don't want people to find out your secret?" I gripped my wand tightly " well you MUDBLOOD!" it shouted as I yelled " RIDIKLOUS!" and it turned into a fluffy unicorn. my face was terrified I was stuck my muscles tightened causing me to not be able to move, I could see my vision blur as tears swell up in my eyes. the professor saw how I reacted " class dismissed." Lupin said with a worried tone. Fred walked up to me and hugged me whispering in my ear. "It's gonna be okay I'm here for you." I hugged him tightly Lupin tapped on Fred's shoulder telling him to leave.. "y/n I'm sorry about the boggart, but it's okay being a muggle-born there's nothing wrong with it, the worse thing that could happen is that your house wouldn't like you." he said softly I replied with "it's fine, my house didn't like me anyway" he nodded " well I guess you should be off dinner is in half an hour see you tomorrow y/n" I waved while walking out

I headed to my dorm scared to see if anyone was in the common room there was only one person who seemed to be waiting for someone, it was my brother when he saw me he ran and gave me a big hug and apologized I hugged him back "don't apologize it is fine I don't know why I thought I could hide it for seven years" he nodded " ill see you at dinner sis." he walked out smiling at me.
I went to my room and put on some comfortable shorts and a t-shirt grabbed my robe and went to the great hall to see Fred walking up to me "hey, how are you?' he said "I'm better thanks for asking" I said softly smiling at him. we walked to the table Hermione felt bad for me "hey what do your parents do, I'm also a muggle-born" she said with a soft smile "I'm adopted I don't know who my parents are." I say looking away "oh I'm sorry y/n..." she says "it's fine" I say with a smile
for the rest of dinner, we talked about muggle stuff

I went back to my dorm and took a shower then went to bed. I couldn't wait for this day to end.
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