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The Quite Slytherin


A little girl named Aniela was going to Hogwarts for the first time and she was scared till she met a boy named Draco Malfoy. She was bullied for being a nice Slytherin she was made fun of for 4 years till 5th year she changed. I posted this story on my Wattpad account so I did not steal it

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 | Aniela Mikaelson

Aniela POV:

I walked through the big castle with a whole bunch of other kids that looked my age, I saw two big doors in front of me.

I guess we have to wait before we go in.

I heard two boys talking so I walked over to them.

"It's true then what they're were saying on the train, Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts."

I heard a lot of whispers after he said that I was curious to know who Harry Potter was, my parents, told me some things about him.

"This is Crab and Goyle and I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." The boy with the platinum hair said waking up to the boy with glasses and looks like he has a scar on his head.

I heard a little laugh after Draco said his name it came from a boy with red hair, well that wasn't very nice you shouldn't laugh at someone's name.

"Think my name is funny do you, do I need to ask you yours?" "Red hair and a hand me down robe, you must be a Weasley." Draco hist at the
red-headed boy.

Ok, that was mean, the first day, and already seen people who fight.


This is gonna be a long year.

"You'll soon find out that some wizarding families are better the others Potter, you don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort, I can help you there," Draco said sticking out his hand to give Harry a handshake.

"I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself thanks," Harry said not taking his hand.

Well, I don't see the problem with it.

So I walked up a pulled out my hand in front of Draco.

"My name is Aniela Mikaelson."

He gave me a weird look looking at me up and down looking for something.

"I think everyone needs a chance," I said wait for him to take my hand.

"My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." He said taking my hand with a small smile.

"Nice to meet you Draco."

"Nice meet you to Aniela."

Everyone looked at me with a disgusted face and rolling their eyes at me.

God this is school is filled with mean kids or something?

****Time Skip To sorting ceremony****

My name was called after Draco I walked up to the hat and sat down and a hat was placed on my head and it started talking.

"Ooh, a Mikealson I remember when your parents came here your mom was a Gryffindor, and your dad war Slytherin the first Gryffindor and Slytherin to ever get together. Now, what house should you be in? Mhmm, I know SLYTHERIN!!"

I got out of the chair and sat next to Draco and smiled at him

I was the last one so that means we can eat now my dad told me about the feast he said it was his favorite part.

"LET THE FEAST BEGIN!!" Professor Dumbledore said and everyone starting eating.

"What's your guy's name?" I asked the 4 kids' names in front of me, and Draco.

"My name is Daphne Riddle." The girl with the blond hair said.

"My name is Blaise Zabini." The boy with the little black spiky hair said.

"My name is Pansy Parkinson." The girl with the brown hair said while getting a chick leg.

"And I'm Theo Nott." The boy with beautiful brown hair said.

"Nice to meet you all I'm Aniela Mikaelson and this is Draco Malfoy," I said pointing at Draco.

When I put Mikaelson I did mean like the originals show I just couldn't think of a better name but Haley and Klaus are our parents but they are not vampire or a werewolf.
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