Dear Life

Munchkins Adventure (Part 1)

~ Jungkooks POV ~

I’m hungwy. Food. I want food.

Jungkook sits up on the bed, wriggling out of your arms. He turns around and stares at you.

“Mama. Hungwy.” Jungkook crawls on your lap and pats your stomach but you don’t wake up. Jungkook then suddenly repeatedly smacks your cheeks but you still don’t wake up. “Mama!” Jungkook puffs out his cheeks in annoyance and crawls off your lap. Clutching the bedsheets, he crawls down but toppled over and lands on his bottom. Surprisingly, his search for food was more important than waking you up with his tears. He jumps up and walks to the bedroom door. He couldn’t reach the doorknob. He looked around and saw a small plastic footstool and drags it over to the door. He climbs on top and was able to open the door. Pushing the stool away, Jungkook exits the bedroom and walks down the stairs, holding on to the railing bars. Jungkook waddles into the kitchen opening up the bottom cupboards. “Cookie!” He finds a packet of cookies and grabs them, closing the cupboard and runs to the living room. Jungkook throws the packet on to the couch and climbs up himself. Turning on the tv with the remote that sat next to him, he watches girl groups dancing and singing while munching on his cookies.

“Cookie?” Jungkook looks down to see that the packet was finished and frowns. He turns the tv off and climbs down the couch, grabbing the empty packet before chucking it in the bin. Jungkook then climbs up the stairs to your bedroom and closes the door behind him. He climbs on the bed and lays on your stomach. He stares up at you smiling. “Pwetty! Mama is pwetty and nice!” Jungkook hugs you before falling asleep on your stomach.

Uncle Jwakson is here.

Jungkook shoots up on the bed, glaring at the bedroom door as he hears footsteps walk past. Climbing down the bed, Jungkook opens the door that was left ajar and walks out with his bunny. He glares at Jackson as he walked into the spare bedroom with you following behind him. Jungkook ruffles his hair and walks towards the open doorway, yawning cutely as you turn around to see him holding his bunny.

“Mama?” Jungkook mumbles sweetly, getting your attention.

“You woke up. You don’t want to sleep anymore?” Jungkook grins when you pick him up and he lays his head on your neck, sending a glare at Jackson who was too busy to notice. “You’re still tired huh.” Jungkook frowns when you turn your attention back to Jackson. “Do you need anything?”


“Too bad. I’m cooking breaky for you.” Jackson chuckles as you take Jungkook downstairs with you. Jungkook sends one more glare up the stairs.

My mama.

Jungkook stands by the doorway as Jackson continues to build his bed, forming a plan in his head. His gaze looks down at the pair of shoes resting by the doorway. Jungkooks grins a toothy smile before stealing one and running away to hide it in his secret room. Jungkook looks up to see Jackson looking at him with his shoe and stood up furious. Jungkook stuck his tongue out at the red-faced man and dashed off.

“You can’t cwatch me ogre!” Jungkook calls out.

“GET BACK HERE YOU RASCAL!” Jungkook giggles as he watches Jackson trying to look for him and he jumps hearing your voice.

Mama sounds angry.


Did I annoy mama?

Jungkook frowns seeing you trying to look for him.

“Your kid stole one of my shoes again!”

Time to act cute.

Jungkook slowly walks up to you and hugs your leg.

“What!?” You look down at Jungkook as he pouts. Jungkook stares at Jackson as he stares wide-eyed at Jungkook. Jackson stares at the other direction down the hallway and back to Jungkook.

“HOW!? You were running this way! How did you end up there!?”

Hehe. He won’t find my secwet.

Jungkook looks up at you, feigning innocence.

“Kookie, did you take uncle Jackson’s shoe?” Jungkook just stares at Jackson.









“Kookie.” Jungkook stares directly into Jackson’s eyes.


“Where’s my shoe!?” Jackson angrily exclaims and Jungkook secretly grins.


“I give up on this kid.” Jungkook watches in victory seeing Jackson walks back into his room to pack up.

Mama is mine. He can not have my mama.

“Jackson?” Jackson walks to the front door with you trailing behind him. Jungkook watches from the top of the stairs, his head between the banisters grinning like he won a bucket full of chocolate.

“Find my shoe please. Scratch that. Shoes. Both of them!” Jackson walks out of the house and Jungkook blows a raspberry at hi retrieving form. Jungkook removes his head from the banister and crawls down the stairs to the living room. He grabs the remote and turns the tv on with his favourite group, dancing his little tushy off.

I win! I win!

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