Dear Life


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“For the love of god! Shut your face!” I groan out and turn around, slamming my alarm clock down on the bedside table. I sigh out from the relief and lay in bed, an arm over my eyes.

I need to work. Come on body, move!

“Mama. I’m hungwy.” I shoot up in bed and see Jungkook pouting at the doorway.

“Uh, ok. Did you brush your teeth sweetie??” Jungkook shakes his head, pouting as his stomach grumbles.

This poor kid.

“Okie. Let’s have some breaky!” Jungkook grins and runs off to the bathroom with his stuffed bunny and I follow him. I help Jungkook onto his stool as he grabs his brush and toothpaste. I was about to grab my own when I see paste squirted on the mirror.

“Uh oh.” Jungkook looks up at me and I burst out in laughter.

This kid got it sprayed on his face too!

“Wait here Kookie.” Jungkook nods and I grab a dry washcloth from the rack behind me. I wet the cloth and turn Jungkooks face to face me and I wash the paste off.

“Mama!” Jungkook wriggles around, trying to move his face away from the cloth.

“Don’t move. Your face will be all sticky.” Jungkook pouts and I chuckle, wiping off the last of the paste. I grab Kookies brush and carefully put paste on it, handing it back to him before proceeding to clean the mirror. “Be careful next time.” I look down at Jungkook to see him grinning.

Too cute.

After we both finally brushed our teeth, Jungkook follows me to the kitchen and walks over to the living room, turning the tv on. Before I could grab the milk from the fridge, my phone goes off.


“Hey (y/n)! What’s the schedule for today?” I quickly check my phone and panic.

“There’s a meeting this morning. Does that mean I have to come?”

“Shit. Yeah. Bring Jungkook with you. I think I can get another employee to look after him.”

“Are you sure? I can get Jackson to baby-”

“- you really think that’s a good idea?”

Right. Kookie doesn’t like Jackson. I still need to find his missing shoes.

“Right. He told you didn’t he. About his lost shoes.”

“Yeah! I never knew someone so passive aggressive as your kid!”

“Yeah yeah.”

“I’ll come to pick you up in a bit. By the way. You really should get a car.” Kris ends the call and I sigh out.

He knows I hate driving. Maybe I should buy one, I have a kid now.

“Uh, Kookie.” I walk up to Jungkook in the living room and he looks up at me. “I have to go to work today but I’ll be taking you with me.” Jungkook cocks his head to the side. “I can’t let you stay here by yourself.”

“Okie. Does mama need me to dress up?”

He is so sweet!

I smile at him and nod.

“That would help me a lot. Let’s get you dressed.” Jungkoook raises his arms up and I pick him up.

“Will I see mama?”

“Not a lot. Sorry, sweetie. I have a friend who will look after you. Is that ok?” I look down and see Jungkook pouting sadly. “I’m sorry sweetie. How about this. We’ll go out to the park today after work.”

“Park park!” Jungkook squeals and jumps in my arms.

“Now that’s settled, go pick out an outfit and I’ll pack your bag. Ok?” Jungkook nods enthusiastically and runs off to his room as I put him down. I chuckle and grab a bag, packing extra clothes and snacks for Jungkook. I see small colouring books and I pack those as well with some crayons.

“Mama!” I look down to see Jungkook all dressed up.

This kid has better fashion sense than I do.

“You look amazing Kookie!” Jungkook jumps in happiness and follows me back downstairs to the kitchen. I place his bag on the couch and make his cereal. Quickly placing the bowl in front of Jungkook, I run upstairs to take a quick shower and dress in my uniform.

“Mama, your phone is ringing!” Just as I walk out of the shower refreshed and brushing my hair, I rush downstairs to see a message from Kris.

~ I’ll be there in 5 min
~ Btw, did you find Jackson’s shoes?

Seen 6:55


I run back upstairs to pack all my belongings and head downstairs to see if Jungkook is finished. I see an empty seat along with empty bowls and dump the bowl in the sink. I suddenly hear honking outside and I rush to get my heels on. “Jungkook!” Jungkook runs up to me with his bag and his shoes on.

“Ready!” I check that I have everything with me and rush out with Jungkook following me. I quickly lock the door and rush to Kris’ car.

“Get in quick! The meeting is in less than 10 minutes!” I open the passenger door and see a baby seat.

Thank god Kris bought one.

I take Jungkooks bag and place it on the seat next to the baby seat and pick him up. I place him in his seat and buckle him up before closing the door and getting in the front passenger seat.

“Drive!” Kris steps down on the pedal and the car rush forward as I put my seatbelt on. I turn around to see Jungkook smiling at me. I let out a breath, chuckling. “That was hectic.”

“Up up!” Jungkook raises his arms and I pick him up as the elevator took us to our floor. Jungkook squishes his cheek against mine when the door opens. As soon as I walk out, all eyes were on me.

“Mama is so pwetty.” Jungkook says kissing my cheek and I look at him surprised. A few female co-workers swoon and I smirk at the little actor in my arms.

Little sneak is playing the good child.

“(Y/n)! I never knew you had a kid! He’s so adorable!” Rose walks up to me in shock as Jungkook suddenly hides his face in my neck, getting shy.

Not so confident now are you.

“Thank you Rose-”

“-we gotta go (y/n)!” Kris looks at me and down at his watch, a panicked look on his face.

Shit, the meeting!

“Rose. I’m sorry but do you mind looking after Jungkook today. I couldn’t get someone to look after him in such short notice.” Rose beams in happiness as Jungkook pouts at me. He holds me tighter as I bend down to put him on his feet.

“No!” Jungkooks lips quiver as he looks up at me.

“No, no. Shhh. It’s ok. I’ll be close by. If you need me, just tell Rose.” Jungkook looks at Rose as she waves shyly, trying to not scare at the boy who was almost in tears. “I need to work baby. Remember our deal?” Jungkook nods sadly and he lets me go. I kiss his forehead and he smiles. “I’ll be back ok.” Jungkook nods once more and I hold his hand, giving it to Rose who I pass his bag to. “There’s extra clothes, snacks and colouring stuff to keep him occupied. Keep an eye on him in the Escape room. I’ll do a weeks worth of work for you.” Rose nods enthusiastically.

“Let’s go Jungkook.” Jungkook follows Rose sadly and looks back at me.

“It’s ok Kookie. Just call for me ok.” Jungkook nods and I let out a sigh. “So about that meeting.” I look at Kris and we both bolt to the meeting room.

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