Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


Today is just dragging on.

There are meetings one after the other and so many documents to file and sign.

My face hurts from all the smiling and speaking.

As soon as I finish my speech, I let the two companies talk about merging as I turn away to rub my sore jaw.

This is painful. And my feet are killing me!

“Now that we have an agreement, I’ll get someone to bring the contract.” Kris grabs your attention and you see the two companies shaking hands.

Another successful merger.

“John, do you mind bringing in the contract.”

“Sure. On my way.”

“Thank you.” I sigh as I end the call, relief flooding through your bones as it was the last meeting of the day.

I still have other work to do though. Ugh.

“The contract is on its way. Would you gentlemen like refreshments?” There were some yes’ and no’s so I called someone to bring in coffee. As soon as I ended the call, there was very soft knocking on the door. “Come in.” I look down at the documents but the door doesn’t open.

Aren’t they going to come in?

The door opens and I look down in shock. Jungkook walks in with papers in his arms.


Awe. Why is he so adorable!?

I look at Rose and chuckle, knowing that everyone in the meeting room was in shock at seeing a child.

“He wanted to help you. So he brought the contract papers.”

“Mama! I brought papers!” I bend down to his height as Jungkook runs up to me, beaming.

“My cute little helper. Thank you sweetie.” I ruffle his hair and take the papers, seeing the gentlemen swoon at Jungkooks cuteness.

“Mama.” I look down to see Jungkook tugging on my skirt. “Can I stay?” I pick him up and hold him in one arm, holding the papers in the other.

“Yes you can.”


“So gentlemen. Here are the contracts.” Kris hands out the contracts and I let out another sigh. There was another knock on the door and I go over to open it to see someone bringing in a tray of refreshments. I put Jungkook down for the meantime and help Rose hand out cups of tea and coffee to the gentlemen. As I Kris handles the rest of the meeting, I sit down with Jungkook in my lap. I was sipping on some tea and kookie turns to look at me, pouting.

“What is it kookie?” kookie points to the biscuits that were sitting on the table and I chuckle softly, shaking my head.

“Yes, you can have some.” I hand Jungkook some cookies and smile as he munches down on them. Some time pass and I look over at Kris and he nods that I can leave. “Excuse me.” I bow and Jungkook does the same in my arms and I lead him back to the Escape room. “How’s my little helper doing?”

“Bored.” Jungkook pouts and I chuckle.

“I know buddy. I know. Why-”

“-(y/n), there are some files that you need to look at.” Another employee walks up to me and I sigh.

“Sorry Jungkook. I need to work again.”

“No!” Jungkook eyes start to water and I quiet him down softly.

“Hey, Hey. You can spend time with me in my office if you want.” Jungkook nods sadly and I take the papers, bringing them and Jungkook to my office. As soon as I open the door, I take in a deep breath of the crisp air that flowed through the open windows.

Was it just sprinkling?

I put Jungkook down in the couch and notice his stuff everywhere.

He must have felt lonely in the Escape room.

Jungkook starts to colour and I sit next to him on the couch working. From the corner of my eye, I see Jungkook peering up at me then down at the documents in my hand. He looks down at his papers and then sits up straight, attempting to cross his legs like me.

Is he trying to pretend to work?

I look over and see Jungkook writing down random words all over the blank pictures instead of colouring them in. I chuckle and stand up, grabbing spare blank paper and handing them to Jungkook. He looks up at me then at the paper.

“Paper?” Jungkooks says and I nod.

“How about you write some very important letters for me.” Jungkook perks up in happiness and nods. “Could I get one for Rose and for Kris?” Jungkook nods and grabs a paper and starts writing.

That should keep him occupied for a bit.

“Mama!” I look up after god knows how long, death showing on my face.

Too. Much. Work.

Jungkook bounces on the seat next to me, showing me the letters he finished. I perk up, seeing the small doodles on the letters.

He used a lot of colours. I chuckle and take the letters, smiling at him.

“These look amazing Jungkook! Rose and Kris will love them!”

“Yay! Can I-” the door suddenly slams open and many employees barge in with more paperwork.

Fuck this shit. I’m done.

I casually pick up Jungkook in my arms and turn to face the hoard that seems to get bigger.

“Jungkook needs to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.” The employees nod and gives way for me to pass through. Jungkook looks at me confused. As I’m out of sight, I make a run for it. I slam open the door to the Escape room and lock it. I put Jungkook down and lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. Jungkook peers over my face, worried.

“Mama?” I smile tiredly up at him.

“I just need some rest sweetie.” I sit up and Jungkook sits on my lap, yawning. “Are you tired too?” He nods and I stand up, laying down on the couch. I lay Jungkook next to me, his back against the couch back and me on the edge.

I don’t want him falling over.

Jungkook yawns once more, hugging me with his small arms.

“Night night mama.”

“Goodnight sweetie.”

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