Dear Life


(y/n) - your name





What is that sound?

I slowly open my eyes to face the back of the couch. Sluggishly, I turn around and lean up on my arm.

What in the world?

I see Jungkook facing me with a phone in his hand, just clicking away.

Is he taking pictures of me? Wait, why is he posing? Holy shit! He’s taking selfies!

I smile tiredly and see a bowl in front of me. I follow the arm to see Kris smirking down at me.

He took pictures of me, didn’t he? That ass.

“Nice of you to wake up.” I grumble and take the bowl from him, eating the noodles. I see an empty bowl on the table, knowing Jungkook must’ve eaten.

“I needed to escape. Too much work.” Kris chuckles and Jungkook looks up, beaming at me.

“Mama! We can go home now!”

What? I have a few more hours though.

“You slept through your hours.” Kris chuckles and I gape up at him.

“I what!?”

“Don’t worry though, you finished your work.”

“What about the other employees!?”

“Those lazy assess were supposed to do ’em themselves.” I look up at him and blink before a giant grin shone on my face.

“Great! Bye Kris!” I put the empty bowl down and pick up Jungkook who still had a hold of my phone. I go back to my office to pack up Jungkook and my belongings. Jungkook carried his pack on his bag and he followed me out to the elevator, holding my hand.

“One more thing (y/n).” I turn around as the door open to see Kris holding car keys.

Those aren’t his though.

He drops the key in my bag and pushes me in the elevator.

“Find Jackson’s shoes!” I look at Kris as he yells at me about Jackson’s shoes, confused about what the keys were for when the door closes. I look down at Jungkook to see him shrug as well.

“Do you know what that was about?” Jungkook shakes his head.

“No mama.” I shrug as well and wait till the elevator brought us down to the first floor. I hold Jungkook’s hand as he followed me, swinging my arm excitedly. I wave goodbye to multiple co-workers before exiting the building and onto the street. What I didn’t expect was a big present with my name on a banner on the side doors.

“KRIS! I SWEAR TO GOD YOU BETTER HAVE THE RECEIPT FOR THIS THING!” I look up at the building window to see Kris peering down at me, with a smug grin on his face.

This ass bought me a car. A big 8 seater one. The fuck do I need a big car for!?

I sigh, gripping my forehead.

I can’t return it can I?

“Mama. Let’s go to the park!” I look down at Jungkook who grins up at me. I smile down at him and nod.

“To the park we go!” I pick up Jungkook and unlock the car. I open the door to see 3 seats at the back, 3 in the middle then two at the front for the driver and the passenger. There was a baby seat in the middle of the middle 3 seats.

Did he buy another?

I buckle Jungkook up and place his bag next to him on the seat before closing the door. I jump in the driver’s seat to buckle my seatbelt and start the car before driving off.

It was quite early in the evening when we were driving back home. I look in the rearview mirror and see Jungkook sleeping soundly, tired from the fun at the park. His hair moves around softly as the wind flows through the open window. As soon as I round a corner, I stop short, causing the car behind me to honk loudly at me. There was a large crowd of people hanging around the trees, all adorning scared and fearful eyes. The cars behind me continue to honk but I don’t listen. I let the crowd of people cross the street before slowly driving. There were even more people down the street. I park the car and look up, horror filling my body. There was a tall apartment building up in flames. The whole building was on fire and people were screaming for different reasons.

“Mama?” Jungkook wakes up and I get out of the car. I open the side door and unbuckle Jungkook. He peers past my shoulder and his eyes widen. “Fire!”

“I know sweetie. I need you to hide ok. Here’s my phone and call Kris if something is wrong. I’ll be back ok.” Jungkook nods and clutches my phone in his hand. Jungkook crouches down at the bottom of the car and I lock the car. I run towards the burning building, the screams and shrieks becoming louder.

“Has someone called the fire department!?”

“My stuff is gone!”

“What will we do!?”

“Where are we going to go!?”

There was so many people shouting, the voices giving you a headache. The heat was flowing through you, making you sweat even though you were not that close to the building.


Your eyes widen, hearing a soft voice amidst the loud screaming.

“Mum! Dad!”

“There’s someone still in the building!” You scream out and people turn to you with fear.

“We need to get them out!”

“We can’t! It’s too hot!”

“Wait for the fire department to get here!”

“It might be too late then!”

Too late?

“Mum! Dad! Please help!”

My heart pounds hearing the scared voice and I don’t realise my legs moving.

I can’t leave them in there!

“You! Stop! It’s too dangerous!”

I can’t leave them in there. I can’t let them be in pain. I can’t let them be alone.

The heat bombards my whole body as the flames scorch my skin. Tears spring my eyes and my lungs start to burn from the billowing smoke.

“Please! Help!” I hear the small voice and I follow it.

“Keep calling out! I’ll follow your voice.”


“Where are you!?” I look around the burning lobby of the building, debris everywhere and blocking my way.

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