Dear Life


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“Please! I want to see my parents!” I look ahead and to hear the voice on the far end of the building near the largest debris pile. A large blast of flames shoot from the side and I fall to the floor. I get up and walk towards the debris, my lungs begging for air.

“Keep calling out!” I shout out and I start to cough. The ceiling gives way and I jump away, trying to not crushed. The person doesn’t call out anymore and I start to panic.

No. Please be alive!

I reach the debris and see an arm sticking out. “No no no no! Be ok, please be ok!” I struggle to pull the debris off the body to reveal a young boy. I pick him up and cover his body with my blazer. An explosion tumbled through the building, shaking it as everything starts to fall down.

I am not going to die here.

I run through the flames, ignoring the burning on my skin, holding tight to the small child in my arms. There was a beam blocking the door and I push forward, jumping through the door before the beam could crush me. I land on my back, making sure the child was ok. I take my blazer off and see him awake, tears streaming down his cheeks. The boy hugs me tightly, bawling his eyes out. “Shh. It’s ok. You’re safe.” I sit up carefully, hugging him.

“Ma’am are you ok?” I look up to see the firemen rushing out to try and put out the flames as the paramedic helped the wounded.

“Help the boy first.” My voice was hoarse and I was going to hand the boy over but he clung onto me. I lifted the blazer and he shook his head. “You have to get treated.” I violently cough out and started wheezing.

“Ma’am! We need to-”

“-him first.” I glare up at the man and he nods, squatting down to treat the frightened boy in my arms.

Kookie. I need to get Kookie!

“Look after him. I’ll be back.” I quickly hand the boy over to the paramedic.

“Wait-” I took off towards my car, heaving and ignoring the pain in my body. “Kookie!” I run towards the at to see Jungkook poke his head up, tears running down his face. I unlock the car and he jumps on me, hugging me like his life depended on it.

“Mama!” Jungkook wailed in my arms, the phone still in his hands. I kneel down on the floor, exhaustion crashing into me. My eyes glaze over but I try not to cry.

Not in front of him. I can’t cry in front of him.

I held Jungkook tightly, my body shaking from the fear of leaving him behind.

“I’m here. I’m still here.” I whisper in his hair, hearing him sniffle. His little hands grip onto my shirt, his head buried in my shoulder. He leans back and stares at me, lips quivering. I use my thumbs to wipe away his tears, leaving a soft kiss on his forehead.

“Mama...” Jungkook whispers, his little thumb brushing my cheek. “Are you ok mama?” Jungkook looks at me and I finally realise how horrific I must look to Jungkook. My clothes were scorched, random holes getting bigger as my skin burned red and blotchy. The ends of my hair were singed but only a little. Jungkook tears up again at the sight of me, touching a sore spot on my cheek. “Mama...”

“Hey. Hey. I’m ok. I’m not in pain. I’m invincible!” I tickle Jungkooks stomach and he laughs out loud, giggling.

“Mama is a hero!” Jungkook hugs me again and I smile, standing up with what little energy I had.

The boy!

I turn around to see him wailing as the paramedic tried to treat him. I jog over to him and the boy sees me, getting up and hugging my legs. I notice the multiple bandages around his body, his clothes torn and scorched at some points too.

“Ma’am. We need to treat you and him at the hospital.” I look over at the paramedic and nod. The boy looks up at me and sniffles, not noticing Kookie in my arms.

“Let’s go sweetie. We still need to get you treated.” He nods and holds my hand, Kookie staring down at the boy. We sit in the ambulance, Kookie in my lap and the boy sitting next to me. Jungkook and boy both soon fall asleep on the way to the hospital.

“Ma’am. We suggest you take it easy the next few days. It’s a miracle that you didn’t get second-degree burns.”

“And the boy?”

“Well and healthy. Even if going into the building was practically suicide on your part, if you haven’t gone in to save him, he would have been another one to be unlucky.”

“Another one?”

“Some people weren’t able to make it.”

“How many?”

“Sadly that’s confident-”

“-how many.”

“Two. A wife and a husband.”

“There’s something else isn’t there.”


“I suggest you tell me right now.”

“It’s the boy’s parents.”


“They didn’t make it.”


“He doesn’t have any relatives so we have to send him to an orphanage.”

“Did you tell him?”

“A child his age wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of news.”

“He has the right to know-”

“-Ma’am. Listen. Unless there is a secret relative of his, there is nothing we can do except send him to an orpha-.”

“-I’ll adopt him.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”


“Give me the papers now.”


“-you send him away and he’ll know his parents are dead. If he lives with me, at least I can give him some hope that maybe, just maybe, his parents are alive and he can be happy. I don’t want him to live in an orphanage. I want to give him another chance.”



“I think it would be best. He feels the most comfortable with you now since you saved him.”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Here is the information about the boy.”

“What’s his name?”

“His name is Kim Taehyung.”

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