Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


My groggy self suddenly gets startled from the annoying ringing that’s coming from my phone. I groan in anger and snatch my phone, turning it on and turning my alarm off. I sigh as I look at the time.

6:30 am sharp.

As usual, I put the phone back and sleep for another half an hour. I pull the blanket over me and snuggle into my pillow, letting out a loud yawn as I drift back to sleep.


I wake up startled and check the time on my phone.

7:20 am! I’m going to be late for work!

I jump out of bed and quickly tie my hair as I walk to the bathroom. After washing my hands, I brush my teeth as I try and make breakfast.

Best to just have toast today.

Going back to the bathroom, I rinse my mouth and wash my face, running back out to dress in my white blouse and black pencil skirt while spraying deodorant around me. I shove the toast in my mouth as I pack all my folders for work. Turning everything off, I grab my keys and throw them in my handbag along with my wallet and phone while putting my heels on. Opening the door and locking it behind me, I start to walk down the steps breathing in the cool crisp air. Cars zoom by and people walk down the pathway to their destination. I turn to my left and greet the kind elderly couple as they wave at me, smiling.

“Morning Arthur, Greta.”

“Morning sweetie.” Greta replies back, smiling warmly at me.

“How’s it going (y/n)?” I let out a nervous laugh as Arthur chuckles at my frantic state.

“I’m late for work again. You don’t mind if Jackson drops me to work today?” I ask as I walk over to them.

“I’m sure he’ll be happy to help. He’s in the garage, fixing his car.” Arthur says, handing me a paper brown bag.

“What’s this?” I open it up to see fresh hot buns. I smile at the couple, knowing their generosity and the fact that they treat me as their own child. “You didn’t have-”

“-it’s my pleasure. Plus, I have a feeling you didn’t have a proper breakfast. Now did you?” I chuckle with Greta and shake my head.

“Thank you guys so much!” I say as I start heading to the garage.

“Have a great day (y/n)!” The couple call after me as I enter the garage, getting hit with the smell of oil and gas.

“Jackson?” I call out.

“Heya (y/n)!” I scream out in surprise as Jackson pops out from under his car. I jump back surprised, a hand over my heart.

“Don’t do that to me!” I shout to him as he gets up. He chuckles as he wipes the oil from his hands on his worn out jeans.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s funny though, the face you make.” Jackson chuckles, smirking at me. I pout at him, slapping his arm.

“Shut up.” I whisper. He then suddenly pinches my cheek.

“Awe, poor wittle (y/n).” He coos. I growl and hit his head. “Ow!” I put my hands on my hips tapping my foot in annoyance.

“Can you drop me to work today?” Jackson smirks, putting a tan finger on his chiselled chin.

“Depends.” he smirks at me. I roll my eyes and huff out.

“Depends on what? The fact that you have a life or not?” I smirk as he feigns hurt, putting his hand over his heart.

“That’s harsh (y/n). You-You’re the devil!” I laugh out loud like a maniac and grin while flipping my hair.

“I know.” Jackson laughs with me.

“Ok, I’ll drop you. Get in.” he cocks his head toward his car and I walk to the passenger seat. Opening the door, I sit down on the seat, placing my folder and my handbag on my lap. Jackson gets in after me, turning the car on as I put the seatbelt around me. Jackson does the same and turns around, carefully driving us out into the open. I wave goodbye to Greta and Arthur as we drive down the road. Turning the radio on, we sit in comfortable silence. I look over to Jackson, observing him. His brown hair has certainly grown a bit longer so has his stubble. The muscles in his arms flex as he turns left, the shirt rippling. His cheery dark eyes twinkle as he faces the road before turning to me. He smiles brightly and I return it, remembering the first time I met him. I was 18 and it was the day I was moving into my new home next door to Jackson.


“Why do these boxes weigh so much!?” I grunt as I lift up yet another box. I slowly move towards my steps, careful to not trip on any loose rocks or stray twigs. Sadly, life doesn’t look kindly upon me. “AH!” I yell out as I fall over, the box flying in the air before it crash lands on the ground, my books scattered everywhere. “No! My precious babies!” I stand up and wince as pain erupts from my right ankle. Ignoring the pain, I walk over to my books and carefully place them back in the box. I look around as I find my favourite novel further away from me, near the neighbours garden. Slowly standing up, I head over, limping. My hand reaches over but before I could grab my book, another hand grabs it. I stare at the tan, muscled hand for a while, scared to face the person. I gulp before standing up straight, looking down at the floor.

“Are you ok miss?” the husky voice asks with a worried tone. I was never someone who was very good at talking to new people, especially guys. Just the mention of them scares me. I slowly look up and take a step back when I come face to face to a rather handsome man. Soft chocolate brown hair swept to the side, twinkling dark eyes and a somewhat tall gym body. I try not to blush as he smiles at me.

Oh, holy mother of Jesus. Damn is he fine! Plus, he works out!

I try not to gawk over the muscles that ripple under that thin white shirt.

(y/n)! Get a hold of yourself!

“Ummmmmmmmm.” I nod quickly as nothing else comes out of my mouth. He chuckles lightly, his mouth twitching up slightly into a grin. He looks past my shoulder and I turn around with him to face the moving truck. He looks back at me with wide and curious eyes.

“Oh, so you’re the new neighbour.” I nod once again, looking down at the floor and rubbing my arms.

Damn me and my shyness.

I hear him chuckle again. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” He hands me my novel and I quickly take it, shocking him a little.

“I have to go.” I whisper to him quietly before walking off again, too scared to talk to him. I walk over to the box on the floor and put my book in safely before lifting it up again. I walk up the stairs, limping and shaking as I feel his eyes burning the back of my head.

What’s his problem?

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