Dear Life


The jampacked area along wit the sweet and savory smells of foods wafting from various stands makes me smile, despite the worry that creeps up my spine from the number of people that were here. Young and old were walking around, kids squealing, couples smiling, adults chatting. The sun was still high up, the bright blue sky clear from any clouds as the cold winds cooled us down from the slight heat. I hold tight to two little hands that held mine as I walked into the amusement park.

“Now don’t let go of my hand and don’t walk off anywhere. I don’t want you getting lost.” I look at Jungkook and Taehyung as they nod their heads. “Promise me. I don’t want to lose you.”

“We promise!” Both boys grin and I sigh in relief.

They better keep their dang promise.

“Where should we go first?” Jackson calls out from behind me as he stands next to me, eyes lighting up like a little kid. I chuckled and look down to see Taehyung and Jungkook jumping up and down in excitement.

“Boys, what do you both want to do first?” I suddenly hear honking nearby and see a small train filled with people stop in front of us.

“Welcome to the park! Would the lovely family want a ride?” The driver of the small train smiles at us and Jungkook runs for the train.

“Mama! Train! Let’s go on the train!” Jungkook giggles, clutching his stuffed bunny.

“Wait for me!” Taehyung calls out and runs to the train, taking a seat next to Jungkook. I turn around and see Jackson pouting.

“I wanted to go on the rollercoaster.”

“Later. Let the kids enjoy themselves first. Let’s go sulky!” I grab Jackson’s hand and pull him into the train, taking a seat in behind the boys as it drove off.

“Look at the cars!” Taehyung calls out and we look over to see kids driving into each other with their bumper cars.

“Mama! I wanna go!”

“Welcome to the bumper cars!” The train stops and I usher the boys out.

“I wanna battle Tae Tae!”

“How about one of you guys drive with us. How does that sound?” The boys nod and Jungkook instantly joins my side, wanting to be in my team. Taehyung pouts and I softly brush his bangs away. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll join you in another ride.”

“Ok!” Taehyung runs and hops into one of the bumper cars while Jackson joins him as I help Jungkook into the seat and put my belt on.

“Ya’ll ready to race!?” The other kids around us scream out and the music starts playing.

Oh fuck!

I lurch forward in the car suddenly and I turn around to see Jackson smirking at me.

“Oh, you are so going to get it!” I step my foot to the peddle and turn the car around. Jackson was a few meters ahead of me. I turn left and speed towards them, bumping them against the wall. “Hi sweetie.” I wave to Taehyung as he laughs.

“Now its war!” Jungkook squeals as I reverse and Jackson comes after me.

“We’re coming after you!” Jackson calls out.

“That was fun!” Taehyung says, stumbling down the stairs. I hold his hand and Jungkooks, helping them as Jackson sighs out.

“Mama beat you!” Jungkook grins at Jackson, sticking his tongue at him and Jackson crosses his arms over his chest.

“There’s really no way of determining who won or lost..” Jackson mumbles.

“Oh stop being a baby and admit I floored you.” I grin and Jackson rolls his eyes at me. “Why don’t we get some fairy floss?” All the boys perk up and nod in agreement. We walk to the stall, Jungkook and Taehyung holding onto my hands.

“What do you guys want?” Jackson asks, taking his wallet out.


He promised to at least pay for food.

“That bucket!” Taehyung points to a medium-sized bucket filled with rainbow fairy floss. Jungkook nods in agreement.

Yikes, that’s a lot of sugar.

Jackson buys the bucket and hands it to Jungkook who rips open the lid and stuff his face with the sweet.

“Jungkook! Not too much!” I laugh and Jungkook blinks at me with his cheeks bulging. Taehyung grabs a piece, eating it while grabbing more. He tugs my hand and ushers me down. I bend to his level and he raises the piece of fairy floss to my mouth.

Awe! My heart is going to explode!

“Thank you Tae Tae!” I open my mouth and he feeds me, grinning.

“I want to give some to mama!” Jungkook pouts and I open my mouth, Jungkook stuffing a large piece.

“Jungkook!” Jackson bursts out laughing and so does Jungkook. “Let’s go on a water ride!”

I can feel my teeth rotting.

We head to a water ride and see it was a pirate one. We all got into a boat, me and Taehyung at the back of Jungkook who sat with Jackson at the front. The boat started traveling down the dark tunnel, splashing us in the face lightly. I chuckle as the boys all screeched in shock, huddling close together as a sinister cackling was heard.

“By any chance, do you maybe, somehow have a spare shirt?” Jackson grimaces as he gets off the boat, soaking from head to toe.

How the fuck did that happen!?

“Jackson!? How!? Even the kids aren’t soaked! Not even me!” Jackson shrugs his shoulder and I sigh, taking out a spare shirt from my backpack.

I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.

“Thank you so much!” Jackson grabs the shirt and runs off to change.

“Let’s grab some food while uncle Jackson comes.”

“Food!” Taehyung and Jungkook grab my hands and I take them to the food court area. “What do you guys want?” Taehyung asks for nachos and Jungkookk asks for a hot dog. I buy the meals with Jackson’s card and head to a free table. Taehyung and Jungkook start to eat while sitting on either side of me as Jackson comes back, the wet shirt in his hand. “I got us both burgers and chips.”

“Nice!” Jackson sits opposite of us and we start eating.

“Can we go try those games over there?” Taehyung asks and he points to the game booths.

“Toys!” Jungkooks eyes light up as he clutches his bunny.

“Hey, no running off. What did I say?” I raise a brow at Jungkook who was about to get off his seat but pouts, sitting back on properly. “We can go check them out you both finish eating.” Taehyung nods and Jungkook instantly starts to eat faster.

“Slow down before you choke!” Jackson exclaims.

“We still have time Jungkook. Don’t worry. The sun hasn’t set yet.”

“Ok mama!”

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