Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


We all soon finished eating and Jackson took us to the booths so he could win Jungkook and Taehyung a stuffed cartoon character that they wanted. They looked kinda weird but cute at the same time. Jungkook wanted a pink muscly bunny and Taehyung wanted this blue and red character. The head was a read heart and the body was blue with long arms.

I kinda want that robot looking one that’s grey and white.

“(y/n)! Come on, have a go!” Jackson passed me the ball and I shoved it back in his arms.

“You know I’m terrible at these games! I can’t win to save my life!”

“One go, for the kids. Please!” Jackson grins at me and I glare at him.

I know what he’s up to.

He wants to humiliate me.

“Please.” Taehyung tugs on my hand and He smiles up at me.

Oh this sweet child.

“Ok. One go.” Jackson hands me the ball and I steady myself to shoot it in the hoop in front of me. I lift my hand throw the ball.

Please make it, please make it!

I watch as the ball bounces against the headboard and lands on the ring, slowly tilting before falling.

“You did it mama!” Jungkook jumped up in my arms and I held him as Jackson got both the stuffies. “You did it!” Jungkook smooshed my cheeks with his hands and I laughed, his bunny smiling shining as he held his new toy.

“Thank you!” Taehyung hugged his toy tightly and I bend down to his height.

“Woah!” I almost fall back as Taehyung jumps in my arms, hugging me.

“Anything for you guys.” I smile and hug my kids back tightly.

“And this is for you.” I look up to see Jackson handing over the stuffy that I wanted.

“How’d you know I wanted this?” Jackson grins at me and rubs my head, messing up my hair.

“I could just tell.” I snicker as Jackson poses, trying to be macho.

“Calm down hero, but thank you.”

“Anything for you (y/n). You know that.”

“I know Jackson.”

“Hey the sun is setting, we should line up for the Ferris wheel!” I quickly turn around and see the sky getting dark.

“Quick!” We rush over to the line and luckily got into a cart. Jungkook and Taehyung sat next to the windows as I sat next to Jungkook and Jackson sat next to Taehyung in front of us. It was quiet, with the soft chirping of crickets and the cool breeze flowing through the window. The Ferris wheel paused and we were lucky enough to be at the top.

“Wow...” Everyone was in shock and in awe, the soft hues of pinks, oranges, and blues mixing together in the sky as the sun slowly set over a forest with a lake flowing in the middle. The river sparkled and reflected the sunset, the sky slowly becoming darker and lighting up with a sprinkle of stars. The sun soon sat in the horizon, right in the middle of the river, showing us in a sea of gold and orange as the moon soon popped out.

It’s a full moon.

The moon was big and bright, the stars shining alongside and the inky river speckled with glitter like stars as it reflected the sky. I look over at both Taehyung and Jungkook, their faces lit up with bright smiles and my heart swells in happiness.

I chuckle as Taehyung and Jungkook both run out of the cart as soon as it landed back on the ground.

“I’m surprised they still have energy. I thought they might have clocked out by now.” Jackson yawns out and I chuckle.

“You sure you’re not talking about yourself?” Jackson rolls his eyes out and follows me out of the cart.

“Boys, let’s go on one more ride before we go home.”

“Yes!” Jungkook exclaims and I hold his hand before he could run off again.

“Let’s go on the Merry-Go-Round!” Taehyung says, pointing at the ride.

“Yes! We can join you on the ride too!” Jackson says as Taehyung goes to hold my hand and we walk to the ride. We arrive and I help Taehyung and Jungkook on their own horses as Jackson climbs on one in front of them. I was about to get on one myself when I saw a little boy looking at the ride sadly since there was one seat left. His mother was talking on the phone, ignoring his cries and I instantly felt bad for him. The boy walks up closer to the ride while his mother was still busy on the call.

“Would you like to get on?” The little boy looks up at me and I swear I saw the sun when he smiled at me.

Oh my god!

His smile is in the shape of a heart!

He’s adorable!

“Can I miss?” I nod, grinning at the kind boy.

“Of course you can! Here, let me help.” I carefully lift the boy onto the horse and he jumps up and down in excitement.

“Hi there!” The boy waves at my boys, Taehyung and Jungkook both waving back in excitement.

“Hi! I’m Taehyung!”

“I’m Jungkook!” I stand on the platform of the ride, holding onto the poles as it starts to go around.

In case any of the boys fall off.

I laugh as the boys all start to mess around, thinking they were cowboys and just having fun while the horses slowly moved up and down with the music. I rolled my eyes at Jackson as he started doing the same, ignoring the weird stares of the parents that were there. The ride slowly came to a stop and everyone jumped off as I helped the three boys down from the horses. All three yawned out, rubbing their eyes cutely. The sunny boy walked off to where his mother was standing previously to find her gone.

“Mum?” He looks around, trying to find her and instantly coming to tears as he couldn’t see her.

“Wheres your mum sweetie?” I bend down to the boy’s height as he cried out in fear. “Hey, shhh. It’s ok. We’ll find her.” I hold the boy in my arms, hugging him as Jackson came over to me with Taehyung and Jungkook.

“I want my mum!” The boy cried louder and I looked around, trying to find her.

Where the hell could she be!?

How irresponsible can she be to leave her kid unsupervised!?

I look around the heavily packed crowd that was filtering out of the amusement park and instantly see her by the exit of the park.

“Jackson, look after all three of them!” I quickly stand up, furious by this bitch.

“What why-” I speed off towards the mother that just walked out of the park.

What the fuck is she doing!?

Does she not realize she left a whole ass human behind!?

I make it past the exit after shoving past people and see the mother look around suspiciously. She turns around and sees me, her eyes going wide as she quickly gets in the car.

“Stop!” I screamed out and ran to the car but it drove off, leaving me in the dust.

She didn’t.

She fucking didn’t.

“She left him behind on purpose. She abandoned her own child.”

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