Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


Jackson and I waited by the security office of the amusement park, waiting patiently for an officer as Taehyung yawned in my arms. He hands me his toy to hold, laying his head on my shoulder as he wrapped his arms around my neck.

“Go to sleep sweetie.” I whisper to Taehyung as he continued to shift in my arms.

“Ok.” He nods and I hear his breathing even out as he fell asleep. I look over to see Jungkook was knocked out cold in Jackson’s arms, snoring away. I was sitting down on a bench with the sunny boy sitting next to me, holding my hand tightly that was around his small frame. He had his head laid on my shoulder, his crying turning into soft sniffles. I rub the back of his knuckles, trying to comfort him while my leg bounced up and down in anxiousness.

“Where are they?”

“Calm down (y/n). Someone will come.” Jackson sits next to me on my other side, Jungkook sleeping on his chest.

“I know. I know. But she just left him.” I whisper the last sentence, looking down at the said boy who seemed to be asleep now. Jackson frowns and shakes his head.

“How can someone do that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you remember anything about her?”

“I remember what she looks like.”

“What about the car? Her license plate?”


Her plate!


“Jackson. She didn’t have a plate!” Jackson looks at me with wide eyes.

“Did she, did she plan this?” I purse my lips, frowning.

“How could she.”

“Hello! What seems to be the problem?” I jump in my seat and look up to see an officer with his partner who smiled gently at the sleeping boys in our arms.

“This child was abandoned by his mother.” Jackson stood up slowly with Jungkook in his arms, speaking to the officers quietly without letting the said boy hear what was happening. The partner, who was a woman sneered at what Jackson said.

“I can’t believe she-” the other officer, which was a male calmed the female officer down.

“Thank you for telling us. Which one of you saw the mother?”

“I did.” I speak up and the male nods in understanding.

“Can you tell us what happened.” I look down at the child who slept by my side and sigh out, recalling the night to the officers. It takes a while but the officers soon let us go home as the female officer held the sunny boy in her arms. Jackson and I walked back to my car that was parked in the empty lot.

“What now?” Jackson asks and I shrug my shoulders as I put my boys into their seats in the car.

“I think child services might take over.” I look over to see the sunny boy being seated in the back of the police car before the officers got into their seats. I see the boy open his eyes and he blinks, looking around. He looks up and sees me, eyes bursting with tears as he screams out for me.

“No!” I could hear his cries as he banged against the window of the car when it drove off and I could feel my heart break.

“And before you ask, no. I didn’t get a call from child services.” Jackson walked into my house, barefoot as he handed me my mail.

“I didn’t even say anything.” Jackson rolls his eyes at me.

“You’ve been asking me every day for the last 3 months.” I grimace, hearing how long it was since that day at the amusement park.

“I don’t know how he’s been doing. We are left in the dark of his situation when we are the only ones that seem to care about him.” I sigh and lean back against the kitchen countertop, my arms crossed against my chest. Jackson walks up to me and hugs me, dropping his head on top of mine. I sigh out, struggling to free my arms when I hear the sausages sizzle. Jackson lets me go so I can continue making lunch for the boys.

“Have you found my shoes by the way?” Jackson asks as he sits down at the table. I shake my head, plating the food of mashed potatoes and peas with the cooked sausages.

“I haven’t. Sorry-” As I place the four plates down on the table, I hear my phone go off somewhere in the house.

“Mum! Your phone is ringing!” Taehyung calls out and my heart sings, hearing him call me mum. Taehyung recently was comfortable enough to call me that a month ago and it was honestly one of the many happiest moments of my life. I smile as Taehyung and Jungkook runs up to the table, probably from smelling food.

“Thank you sweetie.” Taehyung smiles and starts to dig in.

Its an unknown number.

I accept the call and put it on loudspeaker.


“Hello. Is this (y/f/n)?”

“Uh yes.”

“This is Judy from child services speaking. We wanted to talk to you about the boy that was abandoned at the amusement park 3 months ago.”

Holy shit.

My leg continued to bounce up and down from my rising anxiety as I waited outside in the hallway for the manager of child services to come speak to me. I looked around and saw various artworks from various kids of all ages. I wince slightly from the loud screams and shouts of the children who ran around like crazy in the large classroom like room just opposite of me.

They finally called after 3 months.

The door beside me finally opened and I jumped up to see a woman step out.

She must be Judy.

She turned her head and saw me, a kind smile gracing her lips.

“You must be (y/f/n). Please, do come in.” I nod and eagerly enter her office as she closes the door behind me. I take a seat and so does she behind her desk.

“How is he? How has he been doing? Did the mother come back? Did you find out where she was?” Judy smiles sadly at me and shakes her head.

“That’s why I wanted to talk to you.”

“She didn’t come back to take him, did she?” Judy shakes her head again, confirming my thoughts.

“Child services allow guardians a specific period of time to come back to collect their children and keep their rights to the child.”

“What now? What happens to him?” Judy sighs sadly.

“His guardian has now lost rights to him and he is now an orphan. So we have to send him to a foster care center.” I purse my lips from the news, anger bubbling in me. “That is, if you decide to adopt him.”

“Wait, really!? I can!?” Jude nods, a bright smile on her face.

“You have met all the requirements to adopt the boy and he has been asking for you this whole time.”

“He has!?” Jude nods again and looks at her door.

“Hoseok. You can come in now darling.” The door opens and I turn around to see the sunny boy with a large grin on his face. His eyes slowly well up with tears when he sees me and he jumps into my open arms.

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