Dear Life

Munchkins Adventure (Part 3)

~ Hoseok’s POV ~

Wow! It’s huge!

Hoseok looks out the window in awe, the house before him looking like a large mansion before his eyes.

“Here we are!” Hoseok grins at his new mama as she smiled softly at him.

“Home! Home!” Hoseok jumps up in the car, scrambling to take his seatbelt off.

“Yes, home.” the woman chuckles softly as she exits the car and opens the passenger side door to Hoseok jumping in her arms in excitement.

“Let’s go mama!” Hoseok climbs down and lands on his feet, holding his new mother’s hand as he pulls her to the front door.

“Whoa there gonzales.” Hoseok continues to pull him and his mother to the front door, eagerly waiting for her to open the door.

Hurry hurry!

I want to see Tae Tae and Kookie!



“(y/n)!” all the boys in the house runs to greet the woman with the new addition to the family clutching her hand.

“Tae Tae! Kookie!” Hoseok instantly runs off and jumps on the two boys as they all giggle.

“Boys, this is Hoseok. Your new brother!”

Yay! Tae Tae and Kookie are my brothers!

I have more friends to play with!

“Come on Hobi!”

“Let’s show you around!” Taehyung and Kookie grab Hoseoks hands and take him around the house.

“And this is our bedroom!” Hoseok walks into the room to see two beds laying side by side.

“Mum hasn’t bought you a bed yet but you will soon!” Taehyung smiles and Hobi nods.

“Don’t worry Hobi! You can sleep with me!” Kookie grins and clings onto the older boy.

“Let’s go watch TV!” Taehyung exclaims and both boys nod their head ferociously. All three boys skip down the stairs and jump onto the couch, sitting next to each other.

“Who is that?” Hobi turns around to see Jackson walk past them with his mum. He had already forgotten about this person and didn’t like how close he was being with his mama.

“That’s uncle Jackson.” Kookie pouts angrily.

“We don’t like him.” Taehyung crosses his arms as Jackson as he cracks a joke and his mum laughs at it.

“We like to steal one of his shoes every time he comes over.” Kookie grins at his idea.

“Its our mission to keep Jackson away from our mum.” Taehyung hi-fives Kookie.

“Can I join you!?” Hoseok asks and Taehyung and Kookie nod, excited to have a new member in their spy team.

“Let’s go steal his shoe now!” Taehyung says and the boys nod, getting off the couch.

“Let me show you my secret room!” Jungkook leads the older boys to the shoe rack and steals one of Jackson’s shoes. “Come on!” Jungkook whisper yells and Taehyung and Hoseok follow the youngest brother to his secret room.

“YOU ANNOYING BRATS I SWEAR TO GOD!” all three boys giggle, hearing the angry male stomp out of the house after realising his shoe was taken again. Hoseok smiles happily, hugging his younger brothers.

I like this family.

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