Dear Life

Munchkins Adventure (Part 4)

~ Jimin’s POV~

I don’t want to be here.

I want to go home.

I want mama.

I want Jihyun.

I want to go home!

Jimin whimpers quietly, rolled up in a ball under the coat that covered him in darkness, safe away from the outside world.

He sighs, warming up from the coat and sniffing the sweet strawberry scent that wafted from th fabric.

Smells nice.

Jimin yawned and laid down on the porch, ready to sleep. He jumps in fright from a loud sneeze outside his safe cocoon, shaking. Jimin peeks his head out from under the cloth and sees the same woman who saved him from the men that started to beat him. He pouts, seeing her sneeze again and curl up against the railing, fast asleep.


Jimin frowns seeing her shiver and remembers how nice she was to him. His stomach suddenly grumbled loudly and he whined out from hunger.


I’m hungry.

Jimin looks up at the house and sees the lights still on.


Jimin slowly crawls to the woman, dragging the coat with him and crawls into her lap, snuggling into her and smelling the same sweet fragrance from the coat.


Jimin rubs his head into the woman’s stomach, gripping her shirt tightly.


She’s warm.

Jimin soon falls asleep, not realising (y/n) soon waking up and feeling the small bundle laying in her lap. Jimin sleeps soundly in (y/n)’s arms as she lifted him up and carried him inside the house.

He finally felt safe in someone’s arms for the first time in forever.

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