Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


A loud angry beep brings me back to the present as I see Jackson stuffing his face with my buns. I scoff at him and he grins back at me, his mouth full of his mother’s fresh buns.

“You greedy little pig. This is my breakfast!” I shout out, snatching the bag away from his hands. Jackson whines as I take the bag away, tucking it in my handbag.

“(y/n)! I’m hungry! Let me eat!” Jackson whimpers out, trying to make me succumb to his horrible attempt at puppy dog eyes. I roll my eyes, laughing as I start to eat one.

“You should have had breakfast instead of living in that garage of yours like a hermit.” Jackson lightly punches my shoulder, grinning.

“Whatever. You owe me anyway. For the car ride.”

“I know.” I notice that we are stuck in a traffic jam and I let out a loud groan. “Damn it. You gotta be kidding me. I’m already late!” Jackson just chuckles at my demise until I glare at him, shutting him up. I groan again, dragging my hands down my face. The car goes silent once again as the sounds of a live angry traffic jam surrounds the car.

“Hey (y/n)?”

“Yeah?” I turn to Jackson, confused at his soft voice. His eyes are trained on the road with a newfound concentration. I sit up straight, worried now.

“Can I have another bun?” The words don’t register until a shocked expression envelope on my face. Taking a bun out, I stuff it in Jackson’s mouth, nearly knocking some teeth out. Hiding the rest of the buns in my handbag, I lean back in the chair, arms crossed against my chest. “What were you thinking about just know?” Jackson speaks out, his words muffled by pieces of bread spewing from his mouth. I look at him in utter disgust.

“One, that’s disgusting. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to talk after you finish eating, or to eat with your mouth closed?” Jackson grins with his mouth closed and I shake my head. “Two, I was thinking about when we first met.” Jackson swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing before smiling softly at the memory.

“Ah, that was a special day. I still don’t know how you changed from a shy girl to a stubborn ass.” I shake my head grinning.

“World’s greatest mystery.”

I groan out loud as another car honks angrily at us, my temper actually rising higher than I can keep under control.

“Dude! Calm your shit! You’re not the only one who is in this bloody traffic jam!” I shout out the window to the car behind me, earning the middle finger. “Well screw you too!” I sit back in my seat, grumbling as I cross my arms in front of my chest. Swearing out other profanities, Jackson continues to laugh at me. Look around the area, I notice that I was close to my work building. Groaning again as I come to a conclusion, I grab my handbag and brown paper bag and turn to Jackson.

“What are you doing?” He asks me, brows widened.

“I’m making a run for it.” I say, seriousness across my face. Jackson then laughs at me as I just roll my eyes at him. He knows that I’m not a very fit person, but I don’t want to be late for work. Again. Opening the door, dodging another car, I take my seatbelt off and sprint off, leaving Jackson stuck in the traffic jam. I laugh as I hear him yell after me, swearing to not drop me to work anymore. I run past multiple by-passers, trying hard to not knock into one of them and start a wave of cursing screamers. My heart pounds when I finally reach the front of the building, bending over and panting.

Goddamn, am I not fit. I need to work out more.

I groan out and try to calm my breathing before walking into the building.

Don’t want the other workers to see their hardworking and overachieving chief assistant to look like I woke up late and ran like my life depended on it. Which is what I actually look like.

Straightening out my skirt, I take a deep breath and put my professional mask on as I walk into the building. I greet the other workers as they greet me a good morning. I always wondered how I was able to easily get promoted all the way to the top-paying spot, besides being the chief manager of the business.

“Morning (y/n).” I jump when I hear a voice behind me. I turn around to see the chief, aka, my boss.

“Morning Kris.”

“Woke up late?” Kris chuckles and my eyes widen. I chuckle with him since Kris and I are very close.

“I did. Sorry.” He waves his hand at me dismissively before walking to the elevator.

“You know that you don’t have to apologize. I’m guessing you went to bed late last night again working.” I nod and Kris shakes his head me chuckling. “How many times have I told you to not overdo it.”

“So many times. I’ve lost count after 50 times.” I smile as I press the button, waiting for the elevator to arrive at the lobby.

“Do you have my schedule for today?” Kris asks as the doors of the elevator opens up.

“I do. You have a meeting with a fashion industry in 5 minutes, your contract for the oil stock marketers have been printed out and ready for the meeting at 9 today. You have a dress rehearsal for the ball after lunch at 1, a meeting at Times Square with this new upcoming famous musician at 4, Nintendo wants to talk with you at 6 for advertising, the soundcheck for a concert at 9 and a photoshoot later tonight at about 10.” I sweatdrop at the long day I was about to have for myself.

“Jesus Christ.” Kris mumbles out as the door opens to reveal the floor of your boss’s office. A worker comes up to us both, handing Kris and my coffee as we walk to the meeting room. “Do you think I could postpone the soundcheck and the photoshoot for tomorrow?”

“Sorry Kris, you’re booked out for tomorrow as well.” I open the door to the meeting room and Kris walks past me to enter the door.

“Fuck.” I chuckle lowly, closing the door behind me to begin the meeting.

“You need to go home (y/n).”

Holy shit!

I jumped and turn around to see Kris yawning while staring at his watch. I take out my phone and my eyes widen to see that it was 11 at night. I shrug.

It’s not that late.

“I’m good Kris. I’ll just help the others with putting away the photoshoot equipment.” I pick up a few tripod stands and walk to the nearby closet, receiving thanks from those who I was helping. I smile at them and walk back to Kris to put away some boxes. Before I could pick one up, I feel an arm on my shoulder and I look up at Kris to see him shaking his head. I sigh and put down the box. I know when to listen to his order.

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