Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


“Do you want me to call a taxi?” Kris says, taking out his phone but I shake my head.

“It’s ok. I’ll call for one.” Kris purses his lips and I raise a brow at him. He chuckles before putting away his phone.

“Ok (y/n). You win this round. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I pick up my handbag with my phone in my hand.

“Night boss!” I walk away and wave to Kris as he chuckles and waves back. The moment I exit the building, I untuck my blouse from my skirt.

The relief.

Before I could even turn my phone on, a taxi arrives before me and parks on road. I turn around to see Kris smirking and waving his phone in the air. “You ass.” I chuckle as I get into the taxi and informing the driver of my address. I watch the scenery before me change rapidly out the window, passing by the car. I stare out at the night sky, frowning as there weren’t many stars out.


Oh my god. I’m so jumpy today.

“Hello?” I answer my phone and smile as I hear a familiar voice answer back.

“Did you just get off from work?” Jackson asks.

“Yeah, I did. You ok with coming over this late?”

“Yep. I have nothing else to do so I can help you. Like I always do.” Jackson and I chuckle.

“I know. You got everything? Or do I need to buy some stuff?”

“Nope. Mum got everything. She goes off every time we go shopping. Saying how nice of you to do this and how she wishes she had a daughter like you. She loves you ya know.”

“Who wouldn’t. I’m amazing.”

“You sure are.” Jackson chuckles and I can’t help but blush, my smile widening.

He can be really sweet when he wants to be.

“And just for that, I’ll save a sweet for you.”

“Yes!” I chuckle when I hear faint shouting and something being broken. “Oh shit. I gotta go. Call me when you get home and I’ll come over with the ingredients.” The car suddenly stopped and I look out the window see that I already arrived home.

“I’m home.”


“Yep.” I get out of the car and pay the driver. “Thank you.” I smile and the driver smiles back before driving off. I hear a door open and I see Jackson running out of his house and down the steps.

“HEY!” I chuckle as he almost slips.

Clumsy child.

“Let me get that for you.” I get to my door and quickly unlock it. Jackson walks in and I close the door behind me, locking it before throwing my bag on the couch and placing my phone on the dining table. Jackson brings out two aprons and I grab one, tying my hair up.

“Ready to do this?” I turn to Jackson and smile.


“That’s a lot of cakes.” Jackson mumbles out, laying on the floor.

Drama queen.

I count all the brownies, cakes, cookies and cupcakes, making sure they are all according to dietary needs.

“Ok, that’s all of them. What’s the time Jackson?” Jackson groans before taking out his phone.

“2 in the morning. I need sleep man.” I chuckle as Jackson struggles to get up.

“Go home. I’ll deliver these myself.”

“No, it’s ok. I’ll come with you.” Jackson says and I shake my head.

“Jackson, you need sleep. Shoo.” I push Jackson out of the kitchen and he stumbles out trying to grab his shoes by the door.

“(y/n) wait-”

“Jackson.” I raise a brow and he shakes his head, chuckling.

“You can’t scare me (y/n).” I put my hands up in surrender.

“Ok. Go get the plates.” Jackson grins and runs back in the house as I follow him. I grab some of the plates and walk out, balancing the keys in one hand the sweets in the other. Jackson runs off to get his car and I lock the door. I walk down the steps and to the pathway as Jackson drives the car towards me. I walk around to the back seat to place the plates with the others and get in the front passenger seat.

“Seat belt.” Jackson says and I put it on, laying back on the car seat. I didn’t realise how tired I was until I fall asleep.

“(y/n). (y/n), wake up.” I slowly open my eyes as Jackson shakes me.

“I’m up man. I’m up. I ain’t no rag doll.” I mumble out and get out of the car and getting the plates from the back seat.

“Jesus christ. You are one grumpy midget.” I turn my head to Jackson and glare at him.

“You know not to joke about my height. You still live with your parent’s little boy.” Jackson stutters and ducks away from my glare.

“Scary.” Jackson whispers and locks his car before standing next to me, holding the rest of the plates. We both turn to the towering mansion before us and walk towards it. As soon as we do, we are both greeted by a familiar woman.

“(y/n) dear? Is that you?”

“Hey Jennie.” I smile towards the young woman before me, her smile lighting up mine. I still can’t get over how she looks so young in her late 30′s. Her light brown hair was cascading down her back instead of being in their normal updo. Her dark eyes shined with happiness as soon as she saw the sweets.

“You didn’t have to!” She gasps as she sees Jackson holding more plates. Jennie quickly grabs a few plates off our hands and leads us inside, immediately hearing the laughter of small people. I smile, seeing the familiar happy faces of the children as they look up and see who had entered the house. They quickly get up and hug me and Jackson, some of them wanting to be picked up. There were only a few children left, much less than there were a few weeks ago. I smile, knowing that those children found some good families. I cradle one child, his head softly laying on my shoulder. His bunny pyjama’s kept him warm as his tiny arms wrapped around my neck. I kiss him on the head and the other children, my heart warming at their big smiles. I just know that they all will have a good family and live a happy life. Jennie quickly put the plates of sweets away before the kids saw and turn around to see me holding the youngest.

“Jungkook loves you very much.” Jennie softly says, brushing his bangs away.

“And I love him. I love all these children.” I turn to see the kids all heading upstairs, following Jackson as he was going to put them to bed.

“They all waited to see you. Even though it’s so late.” I tsked in annoyance, despite the smile on my face.

“They need to sleep much earlier.” Jungkook shifts in my arms and slowly opens his eyes. He stares at me sleepily.

“Mama.” Jungkook mumbles before falling asleep. My heart warms at this.

“That was his first word.” Jennie exclaims, barely hiding her excitement.

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