Dear Life


(y/n) - your name


Jungkook never spoke ever since he arrived at the orphanage. Jennie knew that he was able to understand her when she spoke to him, but Jungkook never replied back to her. That is until today. I walk upstairs to the children’s bedrooms and entering Jungkooks. I see 3 other beds and seeing his foster brothers and sisters sleeping together in pairs. I walk up to Jungkooks bed and slowly laid him down. He whined, reaching his arms up for me. I grab one hand in mine, letting Jungkook wrap his hand around my pinky. I softly sway his arm until Jungkook falls asleep and lets my pinky go. Smiling at his adorableness, I cover him up with the blanket and kiss his head. I walk back to the doorway and turn back to the sleeping angels before closing the door. Just as I do, Jackson closes the door opposite me.

“Ready to go home?”

“Yeah.” without my permission, I let out a loud yawn, tears pricking the corner of my eyes. Jackson chuckles softly, draping an arm around my shoulder. I lay my head on him as we walk downstairs.

“Thank you so much!” Jennie re-appears hugging me and Jackson.

“Its no problem.” I yawn out once more. “I would come for the children anyway.” You smile and Jennie grins at you warmly.

“I wouldn’t know what to do if you didn’t come. The children beg to see you every day. You always make their day with your treats. You should come by more often.”

“I try to Jennie. Maybe I can when the holiday starts. Jackson here can come every day since he doesn’t have a life.” Jackson glares at you playfully.

“The children are hard to control sometimes without you. They are very scary!” Jennie and I laugh as she leads us outside. Jennie hugs us before we wave goodbye and walk off to our car. Before we drove off, we yelled out a goodnight to Jennie as she grins and waves goodbye.

Work had been hectic today.

Like damn! I could barely have 5 minutes to myself without being called for something.

Copy this, scan that, print these out, staple them together. There’s a meeting now, there’s another in 20 minutes.

How does Kris do it!? Wait, I do most of the work.

I yawn out, stretching my stiff arms, celebrating that I get off early today.

Ahhh. Friday’s.

The one day of the week everyone actually loves. And what makes it better is that I get to go home early before everyone else!

Sucked in haha!

With a huge grin on my face, I pick up my bag and my blazer and walk out like a boss. As soon as I walk out the building door, my phone rings.



“Jennie? What’s wrong?” My feet instantly changes destination from my house to the orphanage instead, hearing Jennie’s worried voice.

“(Y/n) can you come over, please! It’s an emergency!” Hearing the slight sob in her voice, I instantly start running like my life depended on it.

I never knew I was so fast! I should’ve taken track!

I turn the corner and my body freezes at the sight. There were movers taking furniture from the house and into numerous trucks while Jennie was trying to stop them. She had Jungkook cradled in her arms, wailing.

“Jennie!” Jennie and Jungkook both see me and Jennie bursts out in tears as Jungkook stops crying and has his arms out for me. I take him in my arms and he starts crying again, hugging my neck tightly. “What’s going on!? What are they doing!?”

“I’m sorry (y/n)! I didn’t want to tell you. You already do so much for me.” Jennie whimpers out, wiping her tears away. I turn to face a man in an orange suit, fuming with anger.

“What are you doing.” I growl at him and he stutters.

“Miss here hasn’t been able to pay her mortgage for the past 3 months, or the bills. So the government is taking everything.” I turn to Jennie slowly, my face softening at the news. The man walks away and I hug Jennie.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jennie leans back, sniffling. Jungkook sniffles as I pat Jennie’s back.

“You are doing so much for me, I couldn’t ask you for more. Especially paying my bills for me!” I sigh out, patting Jungkooks back.

“Wait, where are the other children?”

“They all got adopted. Jungkook here is the last child.”

“Is there someone willing to take him in?” Jennie shakes her head.

“There is no one. And now, no one can adopt him. The orphanage is gone. And I can’t look after him. I don’t have a home. I have to move back with my mum until I can get back on my feet.” Jennie mumbles softly, brushing Jungkooks bangs away from his face.

“I’ll adopt him.” I smile as Jungkook stares up at me with his big brown doe eyes. Jennie looks up me shocked and with a huge grin on her face.

“You really would do that?” I nod, kissing Jungkooks head as he just blinks at me. I chuckle at him and he just places his hands on my cheeks squeezing them.

“Mama.” Jungkook gurgles and I smile down at him lovingly. Jennie smiles at us and nods.

“You are perfect for Jungkook. I feel so relieved to find someone like you to love him. Thank you so much (y/n).” I nod and follow Jennie back into the house to fill out the forms before she legalised them, making Jungkook my adopted son.

Now the problem was work.

“YOU HAVE A KID!?” I wince and quickly remove the phone away from my ear as Kris yells at me.

“Calm down!”

“YOU HAVE A KID AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!? WHOS THE FATHER!? HOW OLD IS HE!? WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE!? I WANT TO MEET HIM!” I chuckle at Kris’s excited state, knowing he would support me no matter what.

“You can meet him. He’s sleeping at the moment.”

“Good. Cause I’m outside.”

“WHAT!?” I quickly open the door and see Kris outside with a huge grin on his face, turning his phone off.

“Move out of the way woman! I want to see the little bundle of joy!”

“Shut up! You’re going to wake him!” Kris whispers an ‘oops’ and I lead him to my bedroom. I open the door carefully to reveal Jungkook curled up under a blanket on my bed. I had placed pillows around him like a fort to prevent him from falling off the bed. Kris walks forward and carefully holds Jungkooks hand which curled around his thumb.

“Oh my god! He is adorable! I just can’t!” Kris whispers and almost faints. I quickly hold him up and chuckle.

“I know. He is so cute!”

“What’s his name?”


“How old is he?”

“He’s about 5.”

“Who’s the father?”

“He’s actually adopted.” Kris turns to me with a confused look and I sigh out.

“My friend owns an orphanage but she hasn’t been able to pay the bills. She was forced to move. Jungkook was the last child left so I adopted him.” Kris smiles and turns back to Jungkook.

“You have a good heart. A perfect mother.”

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