Dear Life


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“Jungkook?” I walked out of my bedroom, showered and refreshed to hear the tv being turned on. As I walked into the living room, I saw Jungkook sitting on the couch with the remote in his hands.

How did he?

“Are you hungry Kookie?” Jungkook looks at me and shakes his head. “Are you sure? You don’t want milk and cookies?” Jungkook instantly jumps up on the couch.

“Cookie!” I chuckle, picking him up and spinning him around.

I hope this gets him to sleep.

Carrying Jungkook with me to the kitchen, I place him down on the table and pass him his cookies and warm milk. Jungkook just warfs down everything before passing me the empty dishes. As I put the dishes away, I hear Jungkook yawning. I turn around to see him rubbing his eyes cutely. “Up.” Jungkook mumbles, having his arms out so I could pick him up.

“Tired?” Jungkook nods and rests his head on my neck. I rub his back as I carry him upstairs. As soon as I open the bedroom door, I hear kookie’s little snores. I chuckle softly, placing Jungkook on my bed.

I need to call Jackson over to build the bed.

Placing pillows next to Jungkook, I lay on his other side. “Night kookie.” I whisper softly as I face Jungkook, brushing his bangs away from his eyes. Pulling the blankets over us, I curl around Jungkook, holding onto him.




“Holy shit! Shut up!” I groan as I sit up, grabbing my phone and turning the alarm off. I look down at it to see that it’s 6:30.

Ugh. Work.

Before I could lift the blanket up, I feel movement in my lap and I look down at the small bundle laying there asleep.

Right. I have a kid now.

Jungkook yawns in his sleep, his arms wrapped around my waist, his head on my chest. I run my hand down his back and kiss his forehead, trying to not wake him up.

How am I supposed to get him off me? He’s clinging on to me!

I carefully pry Jungkooks fingers off me and lay him down on his back on the bed. I get up from the bed quietly and place pillows around him. I smile down at the sleeping angel, pulling the blanket up to his chin.

He’s holding his little bunny! Awe! Wait. Is that cookie crumbs around his face. He didn’t, did he!?

Grabbing my phone, I freshen up in the bathroom and go to the kitchen. I check the trash and sure enough, Kookie had some cookies.

That little sneak. Nothing I can do now.

Sighing, i make some (f/m/d).


I look down to see an email received on my laptop.

Must be Kris.

I call him to inform him of his schedule.

“It seems like there are no meetings today that you need to attend. So you can stay home and look after the little Kookie.” Kris replies back and I nod.

“Thanks again for understanding.”

“Hey, it’s no problem. I owe you. A lot anyway.” I chuckle and I know Kris is smiling on the other side of the call.

“You do. I’ll get the work done by nightfall.”

“That’s fine. I know you’ll get it done before then.”

“We’ll see. You should get going. You have an interview in 10 minutes.”

“Talk to you later (y/n)!”

“Call you later Kris.” I end the call and sigh, finishing my drink.

Is there something I’m forgetting? Right! The bed! I need to call Jackson.


“Yo Jackson. Build a bed for me.”

“What!? You demanding shit. Holdup. I’m coming over.” Suddenly there was knocking on the front door and I stare at it, confused.

Jackson doesn’t get here that quick.

I walk to the door and open it to see a large package and the mailman.

“Are you Mrs (l/n)?”


“Here’s your parcel. Just sign here.”

Must be the bed.

I bid the mailman goodbye and see Jackson walking up to me. He stares down at the parcel and looks up at me.

“Have you found my shoe?”

“What the fuck?”

“My shoe. Did you find it?” I shake my head, absolutely confused.

“Just get in here. But be quite. Jungkook is asleep.” Jackson grumbles under his breath and enters my house with his toolbox. He helps me carry the parcel into one of the spare bedrooms. I suddenly hear tiny footsteps and I turn around to see Jungkook holding his bunny and rubbing his eyes by the doorway.

“Mama?” He mumbles.

“You woke up. You don’t want to sleep anymore?” I pick up Jungkook and he lays his head on my shoulder, wrapping his hands around my neck. “You’re still tired huh.”

Makes sense since you were awake before doing god knows what and finishing my favourite packet of choc chip cookies!

I turn back to Jackson who was opening the parcel. “Do you need anything?”


“Too bad. I’m cooking breaky for you.” Jackson chuckles as I leave the room to let him do his thing.

“Make something cold for me!” I head down to the kitchen to make some pancakes and iced coffee for Jackson. As I was carefully taking out the ingredients, I felt poking on my cheek. I look down to see Jungkook staring up at me and then pointing down at the ingredients.

“I’m making pancakes.”



“Cake!” I chuckle and set Jungkook down in the living room with the Tv on. This better keep him busy. Some time pass and there was a plate of pancakes on the dining table with Jackson’s iced coffee.

“Kookie?” I enter the living room to see Jungkook dancing, shaking his little butt. There was a girl group singing on the Tv. I chuckle and quickly get my phone.

I need to get a video!

“What are you doing?” I turn around and shush Jackson.

“Kookie is dancing!” I whisper yell and Jackson chuckles.

“He has better moves than you.” I turn my phone off and turn to Jackson, glaring at him.

“Excuse me!?”

“Mama?” Jungkook turns around and stares at us.

“Cakes are ready Kookie. Just gotta brush your teeth.” Kookie raises his arms and I pick him up. He smooshes his cheek against mine smiling.

This innocent cutie I swear!

“GET BACK HERE YOU RASCAL!” There was a loud crash upstairs and I quickly get up from the couch, setting my laptop down.

“WHAT’S GOING ON!?” I yell out and I hear more shouting. I run upstairs to see Jackson running out of the spare bedroom. “Jackson!” Jackson turns around, a murderous glare on his face.

Jesus Christ!

“Your kid stole one of my shoes again!”


I look down and see him with one shoe and the other foot bare with only its sock.


Where is the kid?

I feel something bump into me and I look down to see Jungkook clinging onto my feet. Jackson’s eyes widen and he stares at Jungkook and then at the other direction down the hallway.

“HOW!? You were running this way! How did you end up there!?” Jungkook just looks up at me, no expression of the suspected crime he had just committed.

“Kookie, did you take uncle Jackson’s shoe?” Jungkook just stares at Jackson.









“Kookie.” I raise a brow at the little munchkin but he just stares back at Jackson.


“Where’s my shoe!?”


“I give up on this kid.” Jackson walks back into his room and starts to pack up. He had finished the bed and started waking out the door.


“Find my shoe please. Scratch that. Shoes. Both of them!” Jackson walks back to his house and I close the front door. Confused as ever, I go to the living room to finish up my work to see Jungkook dancing again.

He’s going to be trouble when he grows up.

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