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~ Young and Beautiful ~ (Completed)


~ Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful? ~ {Kim Taehyung} ----------------------- Song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey ~ Short story series ~ {Book 1/7} 08/03/2020 - 13/03/2020

Fantasy / Romance
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’I’ve seen the world, done it all. Had my cake now.”


The soft pounding bass of the music reverberated through the room and through the hearts of the many girls that rushed to get ready.

Outfits of the softest satin.

Outfits of shiniest encrusted jewels.

This was the norm, girls dressing up to impress, to cash in their hard-earned wages.

One specific girl sat at the vanity, a bottle of Moscato in her hands as the other lifted a ruby red lipstick to her lips.

She quickly gulped down the remaining of the sweet drug before applying the devil stained colour on her full lips.

She sighed out, placing the lipstick down on the table along with the empty bottle.

She was tired, but she had to work.

She stood up in her red jewelled stilettos as her name was called out.

Her music pierced the silent air, chatter coming to an abrupt stop as she walked on stage.

She flashed her most heart-warming smile, capturing the hearts of the many men that were seated around the stage.

All her normal customers, all faces she were used to.

Her eyes scanned over the crowd but landed on someone new, someone who didn’t belong.

A small gasp escaped her ruby lips, eyes wide at the man before her.

A man beyond any beauty could comprehend.

His hair was slightly curled with sweat that glistened under the spotlight from the immense heat of the club.

Various rings sat on his long fingers, fingers that rapped against the wooden table as he waited.

His lean but muscular figure adorned a suit of red and black, his black shirt having a few buttons undone revealing his chest.

His sleeves rolled up, veins lining his large hand that curled around a glass of golden liquor.

But what caught her attention was his eyes.

Eyes that held dark inky pools that shimmered under the light.

Eyes that glinted to the hint of a dangerous mystery.

Eyes that shone cold as his full lips pulled up in an almost hidden smirk.

She knew at that moment, he had taken her heart from at first glance.

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