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~ Young and Beautiful ~ (Completed)


Diamonds, brilliant, in Bel-Air now. Hot summer nights, mid-July.”


A week had gone by and the mystery man hadn’t failed to arrive at every single one of her shows.

This show, however, was different.

(y/n) had been booked for a personal one-on-one show.

A rarety in its self as no one had requested for her specifically.

This was her first and she was nervous, to say the least.

Her client had specifically requested for her to be adorned in jewels, her body dripping in diamonds.

Surprise and shock couldn’t dare to compare to her swarming ball of emotions when someone had sent her a gift before her personal show.

A dress of diamonds.

Shoes of diamonds.

Diamond jewellery.

She was prepared to impress her client and to thank him for giving her such a glorious gift as she stood in front of the door to a booked private room.

She reeled in her nervousness and opened the door before walking in.

She looked up and her breath caught in her throat.

It was the mysterious man that visited her shows.

He was the one that gifted her the outfit.

He sat on the couch, arms resting against the back of the sofa, the soft velvet material of his shirt draping over his body like a curtain.

His legs were spread out, the fabric of his tight leather pants straining against his thighs.

But that smirk and those eyes froze her in the spot she was standing in.

Her heart beat against her chest rapidly as the man before her stood up and walked towards her slowly.

She prayed that this man wouldn’t hear her beating heart as he circled her like prey, observing her.

She breathed heavily as his fingertips brushed against her hot skin softly, tracing down her sides and gripping her waist as he stood behind her.

His fingers danced against the skin of her collarbone, tracing up against her neck as he grasped her hair tie that held up her hair in a ponytail.

He breathed her neck deeply as her hair flowed freely over her back, the man soon standing before her.

He placed a finger under her chin, lifting her head up, his eyes glancing over her face before taking steps back and sitting back on the couch.

Oh how much she wished that he could touch more of her body beneath her dress as she performed her show, the man watching her the entire time.

Before he left, he whispered one word, placing a soft kiss under the base of her ears.


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