Change My Mind



I groaned and slammed on the snooze button and looked over at the clock displaying 4:30. Flopping back over not wanting to get up, and dreading the 6 am practice. I laid into bed trying to get my body up, and eventually got up after my alarm went off again. Turned on the shower to try to wake me up. I then proceeded to walk into the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine. After making myself a small cup of coffee and sipping on it while I walked into the bathroom. Testing the shower I yelped in pain, over estimating the time it would take to get the hot water heater started. Once the shower was at a normal temperature I let the hot water fall over my tired body.

After washing my hair, face, and body in the shower I stepped out and wrapped myself in a fluffy towel. Drying my face a bit, and putting my wet hair in a bun while I searched for clothing to wear to my early practice along with clothing after practice. After changing into some black leggings and a Ramones crop top, and throwing some extra clothes into my dance bag I slipped on my shoes looking at the time: 5:10. I blow dried my hair and pulled it back into it’s typical low bun, but I decided to spice it up by braiding my curtain bangs into the bun. After doing this and throwing some few key essentials into my dance bag the clock read 5:30. I knew I had to get going or I was gonna be late.

Sliding in my airpods and locking the door to my small apartment on the Juilliard campus I head towards the subways that would take me to the studio across town. Knowing that it was this early and the city was barely awake I took the scene around me a little more than I normally would’ve and sat in a seat in the subway.


Stepping out of the subway and into the other side of the studio felt so good knowing in a few short minutes I would be working hard in my private today. Walking into the lobby and into the elevator that would take me up to the 5th floor where the studio that Rachel, one of my dance instructors, had booked for us. When I walked in right at 6 I saw that the director of artistry, Alex, was in the studio. I kinda started to panic. You don’t normally see Alex unless it’s something super serious.

“Hello Brittany.” Alex said.

I gave him a small smile, ” Hello.” I then turned to Rachel to see if I could read anything into what was happening.

“Alex was approached by someone looking for dancers in a music video, and came to me to see if anyone that I work with would be a good fit. Taking in consideration that you have more training in ballroom than anyone else. And the fact that you have some free time from Julliard with spring break coming up and the rest of the corps preparing for the spring show. You were just the perfect fit for this.”

“What?” I was kind of confused as to what was going on.

“We’re gonna end up flying you out to London, where the director said that the video was gonna take place. This is gonna be after your last class tomorrow since you still need to keep up your studies. But the choreo was sent over to me after I told them I had someone in mind, don’t worry it’s super simple considering what you know. I’m just here to act as a partner since everyone else is being caught up in dress rehearsals for the upcoming show.”

“Wow, okay. Thank you so much for even considering me Rachel, and Alex it’s an honor to even be able to work with you let alone dance with you. Even if it’s for practice.” I had thousands of thoughts running through my head: Who was this video for, How hard were the steps actually. One thought stood out though: London!

Rachel clapped her hands together ” Alright guys let’s get this choreography down so Brit can go back and pack!”


Walking out of the studio felt so surreal. I can’t believe that I’m getting the change to go over to London. The choreo ended up being a lot easier than even Alex told me it was. I was told that they had excused me from my morning classes, because of the fact that we needed to rehearse due to the fact that the shoot is less than 60 hours away. I headed towards home so I could start my enormous amounts of homework, and to message my teachers about how I had gotten offered a job, as requested by Rachel and Alex.

Unlocking the door to my apartment, I sighed and it was really hard just coming home to such an empty apartment. I hadn’t even had time to decorate the place to make it my own seeing as all my free time I was either studying or at one of the many studios I called home. My phone buzzes and I look down seeing a text from my sister, Danielle, and I smile.


Hey lil sis, I know you’re probably in the studio, but I haven’t heard from you in a while. Mom and I were wondering if you’re gonna be able to make it back home for spring break. It feels as if we haven’t seen each other in ages!

My face fell at that message. How was I gonna break it to my mom that I wouldn’t be coming home as I had promised. Surely she would understand that this would be my first real dance job and that I had to take this so I wouldn’t look bad to the company and to whoever it was I had to dance for.


Hey! I know I miss yall so much, but I won’t be able to make it back home in time for spring break for it to make sense. I got offered a JOB Dani you know I had to take it! And it’s a once in a lifetime chance, I’m going to London for this musician and it’s over spring break. But I’ll do what I can when I’m not working I swear.

I knew this was a hard time for them, for all of us really we lost our dad 3 years ago around this time. I groaned knowing I wouldn’t be able to see them until quite possibly graduation and that was still 2.5 months away. I started packing for my 6 day long journey in London. I put on some music out loud and processed to throw clothing into my luggage now dreading going to London and leaving my family so far away during a hard time.


After packing everything up that I would need for London my house felt even emptier than before due to the fact that the majority of my possessions were in bags by my door. I sigh as I sit at the bar in my kitchen stabbing at the salad that sat in front of me. My mind began racing again with all the bad things that could happen while I was in London. I pushed my salad away before the racing thoughts could get any worse my phone rang seeing my moms contact pop up on my phone. I smiled and slid the answer button.

" Britt!! Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna go to London over spring break!” My mom said lightly probably knowing that I had just found out this morning.

" I know I’m sorry mom, I really do wish that I would’ve taken you with me. It’s just that this is all being paid for by the producers and the musician. Plus I wouldn’t be able to spend but one day with you guys at the end of the week and that’s not fair to you guys. I promise that I will Facetime, text, call, and whatever form of communication that you wanna use.” I frowned, hearing silence on the other end. “Mom?”

“Sorry honey, I’m in thought... You know how I get around this time of year. I just wish I could hold my babies. But I know you need to do this. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you’ve been given! Plus you might find a cute boy with an accent to bring hom”

I smiled, shaking my head, my mom knew just how to make everything have a positive. It’s one of the many things that made me love her even more.


After what seemed like forever talking to my mom I looked at the clock showing 9:30. Knowing that I had to be at an 8:00 class we hung up. I proceeded to wash my face and brush my teeth, throwing them back into the bag that they came from, and flopped back onto my bed. Getting under the covers and setting my alarms, I proceeded to float off into a blissful sleep about british men and London.


Going to base the POV’s on something that I’ve recently read:

It’s the Meet You There trilogy ( wattpad ) where the chapters basically switch POV’s every other chapter.

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