Change My Mind


Hearing the annoying beeping sound of my alarm, I rolled over and pressed the alarm off. I had been up for hours before hand scrolling through social media trying to shut off my brain not being successful. I drag my body out of bed heading towards my closet to get dressed for my morning walk with Clifford in our secluded neighborhood.

After getting dressed in some trackies, running shoes, and a plan white shirt. After getting dressed and Clifford on his leash I grab a cig along with my phone and some headphones and head towards the front door to go on our long morning walk.


After 30 min of me wandering around our neighborhood to let Clifford do his business, I unlock my front door and head towards my bathroom to wash the sweat off my body. I received a text from Matt, one of my managers. Saying not to forget that we were having a meeting about the walls music video today. Chuckling to myself thinking: Why would I want to miss this shoot.

Washing the stress off my body and relaxing my muscles, I finally get out of the shower after spending 20 minutes doing nothing. I get out and I put my clothes back on my body just throwing a green hoodie on over everything. I wasn’t too worried about looking good seeing as how I was gonna get styled on the set of the shoot.

After eating some toast and eggs that I prepared myself with a small cup of tea, I let Clifford out in the backyard for the day so he won’t wreak havoc on my house, I checked my phone and saw another text from Mark, my other manager.


Hey Lou! I know Matt has probably already texted you, but I’m here to remind you that you should probably be heading out towards downtown. I know it’s earlier than what Matt and I had projected, but the dancer from NYC arrived earlier last night. I thought we could get this meeting out of the way so that she can explore London a little bit today. Shooting won’t begin until tomorrow. Thanks Lou.

I shook my head in frustration.


Hey Mark! Yeah that’s fine. Maybe I’ll do a little shopping. Could do with getting out of my house a little bit right now. I’ll be there shortly. Tell Matt to let me know what time. I need to arrive on set tomorrow and I’ll set my alarms accordingly.

Climbing into my Mercedes, Class A, and turned the keys in the engine. I turned on the radio connecting my phone and started to play some music to calm my nerves. I knew all the other dancers and had worked with them previously through One Direction. The only one that I didn’t know or worked with before was this Britany girl that Matt claimed was worth flying her out here. Apparently Matt knew a choreographer over with the American Ballet Theater who knew someone that would help all the other dancers learn this dance. I don’t really understand it, but then again I wasn’t a part of that world. I was a part of the music industry.


When I rolled up to the building where the meeting was being held I saw the last thing that I wanted to: Paps. I groaned to myself. Great now they know I’m here shopping like I planned is going to be a nightmare. I pulled up to the entrance of the underground parking they have for when things like this happen. Some of the paps try to follow my car into the garage, but the security at the entrance wouldn’t let them through thankfully. After pulling to my reserved parking spot I whip out my phone to shoot a message to Mark and Matt about what’s going on up front.


Hey Mark, let Matt know that there’s Paps at the entrance of the building so that the new girl won’t get scared off. I know you don’t want to deal with the rumors that will be sent to the press if she gets papped.

After sending the text I get out of my car. I run my hands through my hair pulling slightly in distress, a bad habit I picked up from Harry while in the band. I reached the underground entrance and tugged at the large metal door. I enter the building and head straight to the elevators pushing floor 30 where the meeting was being held. I immediately pull out my phone and start scrolling through social media again. I like some fans posts and some drawings of myself, trying to make people’s days just makes me happy.The elevator comes to a halt and the big steel doors open on the ground floor. I sigh in frustration, because I knew I was gonna arrive late at this pace.

I look up from my phone to see who is entering. And to my surprise it’s a girl now that on it’s own isn’t surprising, but this girl was gorgeous. I had seen my fair share of pretty women, but she just had something different about her and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I shake my head a little once I realized I was just staring at her, and turn my gaze back on my phone

“Do you have a staring probably or something?”

“Excuse me?” I asked a little taken back that she actually talked to me. Most people know who I am in this building and don’t even talk to me. Let alone confront me like that.

" You heard what I said.” the girl just kinda shakes her head. ” You know what let’s just forget it. The people outside kinda put me in a sour mood. I’m Brittany.” She stuck her hand out for me to shake.

Why did that name sound so familiar.I just really couldn’t rack my brain for her name. I took her hand in mine and shook her hand lightly. ” Yeah paps are a pain in the arse. I know from experience. Hopefully they weren’t too bad.What floor you headed to love?”

" Same as you 30. I have a big meeting today and I’m sadly running late.”

I chuckle lightly and just nod going back to my phone to pass the short ride up to the 30th floor. Once out I nod to her, sort of bidding her goodbye. While headed towards the room where I was supposed to meet the new girl. I just wanted this meeting to be done and over with. When I open the door to the conference room the same girl from the elevator is still behind me.

That’s when it hits me. Brittnay is the dancer from NYC.


Hey Guys. I know that Managers don’t typically move around dates for music videos after they’ve been set. But for the purpose of this story can we just pretend.

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