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Mha head cannons


This is basically what I think goes on in Mha (some head cannons too) and its kinda like an " x reader " but instead of Y/N your name is Tokyo Haruka. Have a good read and if you have any ideas or if you just wanna talk let me know in the comments! ~ Rita Senpai :)j

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1: meet the kids

I had finally made it. I had made it to UA. It was spring time so as I walked to the entrance gate the Sakura blossom trees were lightly brushing upon my hand and It tickled a little to be honest. I admired how clean and neat everything was set. There wasn't one thing that had even a spec of dirt on it. As I walked closer to the building I could see 3 small figures. The closer I got, the more I could see that they were principle Nezu,The number one hero All Might and my teacher,Mr Aizawa. As I walked closer to them I got more and more nervous. I didn't know where I was going after I had passed these three teachers and I was very shy. I didn't really know the meaning of friends since either I had none or when I did have friends they were just fake or toxic. All Might was the first to greet me.

"Hello young Tokyo! I'm hoping you had a safe flight to Japan?" Were the first things he said. I didn't know what to say so I just greeted myself.
"My name is Tokyo Haruka" I said these words whilst bowing to make myself look more polite.
"No need to be so formal! Come on I'll show you the way to your class and your dorm." Mr Nezu sqeakly said.
I was amazed about how small he was for a princple but I kept that to myslef incase that would come off as critisizing him.

After about 15 minutes of the tour around the school Mr Aizawa brought me to the class.
"Just wait outside until I tell you to come in,okay?"
I thought of him as someone that disliked his job or was an all around plain person. His outfit was very bland. All I could see was a dull black suit with a white scarf around his neck. Surely it wasn't that cold so why did he have a scarf? More importantly, why was he wearing it inside? I shook those negitive thoughts away from my head and pressed my ear against the door to hear what the teaaher was talking about.

"As you all know, we have a new student joining us. Don't frighten her and greet her well. I'm going to let her in now." I was super anxious but I plasted a fake smile and pretended to be confident.
"Come in Tokyo" Sensei said to me in a deep emotionless voice. I walked in and instantly I saw many dazeled faces and many annoyed ones too but I chose to ignore those looks.
"Hello my name is Tokyo Haruka, Im 18, and I hope we can all get along well." I said.

"Okay now that Tokyos introduction is done you will all have to stand up and introduce yourself and quirk. We'll go by alaphabetical order.
(I'm too lazy to look up there last names so Im going to do them off of their first names)
"Ayoama goes first then Ida can do the rest because I want to take a nap" Sir said again with no emotion. And then a yellow sleeping bag appeared out of no where and he zipped himself up and went to bed.
"Bonjour je m'appelle Ayoama et j'adore le fromage" (Translation: Hello my name is Ayoama and I love cheese) I knew what it ment since I had done some work with my father in france for 3 years before so I reponded with;
"Ah bon? C'est super"

He was very shocked that I also knew french
"Now this is ✨amazing✨. My quirk is naval lazer and basicly I can shoot a shiny lazer beam from my stomache but whenever I do, sadly it hurts my stomache." I felt bad for him since he could never really use his quirk if he wanted to since it hurt his stomache.
"Anyway I hope you have a great time at UA."

(Time skip cuz im not bothered lol)
It was finally the end of the day so I made my way to my dorm. Then somebody stopped me in my tracks.
"Hey girl! Im guessing you didn't really have time to un-pack so why don't the girls help you out a bit" Even though we just met I could tell that me and Mina were going to get along just fine.
"Sure follow me then girls." I said shyly as we made our way to the dorms.
"wait why are we going to the boys side of the dorms?" Hakugure asked in confusion
"Yeah the girls dorms should be in the other direction" Umaraka agreed.
"Oh well Mr Aizawa must of assigned me to the boys side" I wasn't really intimidated by the boys at all so it didn't faze me.
"Oh well then I wonder which dorm you're going to be next to?" Momo questioned.
We finally made it to my dorm (It was at the very last dorm in a lengthy hallway) and everyone started to look around for any decoration to put on.
"Oh my decoration box is in the corner ovet there" I pointed to a very large box. You see my family was a very weathly one infact in France my Father and Mother upheld the richest parents for 5 years staright with over 34 billion euros. So of course my parents gave me some.money to spend and some for finacial bills since they had to stay in Frace. They both worked as a designer for many expensive brands before they launched there own company.
"No way! I knew your name sounded familliar to me! Your Dio and Nicolette's daughter!" Jirou said in an instant of realisation.

"Yeah I didn't know you guys would know my parents" I said whilst my face was bright red. After an hour my dorm was fixed up and before I knew it I was added into a Class - 1A group chat.

End of chapter one. If you guys have any ideas or any ships you want me to add tell me and I'll try to add them (word count: 1028)
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