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Mha head cannons

Chapter 2: The sleepover party 🤪

I was invited to the group chat already? Well I decieded not to question it any more as I did some quick touch ups to my room. My room was by far the biggest with a lot of space.
"Hey Tokyo?" Tsu said
"Yes Tsu?" I responded although I had a gut feeling that I already knew what she was going to say.
"Since theres a lot of room can we have a sleepover with like half of the class?" I was very hesitant at first but I agreed since i thought that this could be a chance to get to know the class better.
"Okay fine but only allowing about 13 people okay?" I said slightky regretting it
"Okay sweet I'll message the group chat about it and you can chose who you wanna invite.

"Well, we'll leave you to it them Tokyo. Meet us at 5:30 in the lounge to plan out everything okay?" Mina then said
"Okay got it. Bye!" I said waving in the distance as the girls made it out. As soon as they were gone I locked the door and pounced on my bed. I had finally gotten some peace and quiet. I went to my phone and scrolled through Tik Tok and social media to pass the time and before I knew it, it was 5:12 so I had to pick a cute outfit and head to the lounge. I picked out a flowerly dress that was white and pink with a hint of yellow to resemble the sun. Even though the sleepover was in 3 hours I still put on makeup just because I wanted to and because I was sure that they probably did the same thing too.

As I walked down the lounge I bumped into Denki.
"I-im so sorry Denki! Here you go." I made way for Denki
"Don't worry about it Tokyo! Where you heading off to?" He responded
"Oh im going to the lounge to meet up with the girls to talk about the sleepover tonight" I said feeling more comftorable around him
"Oh I'm going down to get a mid day snack. Want me to get you anything? I know where all the sweets and chocolates are" he said lifting his eyebrows up and down in a romantic way. I laughed at his goofyness.
"Haha sure thing then Denki" I said. I am definetly going to add him to my sleepover list. I took out my I-phone 12 to check the time to find out that I only had 6 minutes left.

"Oh shoot. I'll talk to you soon" I said as I started to run however my heels were very high so I almost slipped before Denki managed to catch up to me and caught me in the nik of time.
"Be careful next time. Don't worry you got time walk with me" he said as he smiled which made me smile.
"So, you're having a sleepover?" Denki said sounding insteaded.
"Yeah but I'm only inviting 13 people since my room cam only fit that many" I repponded confidently.
"Woah really? Mine could probably only fit like 3 people." He said astonished
"Yeah I think my parents made some sort of deal with the principle that I get the biggest room." We talked like this for a while until we finally got to the lounge.

"Hey girly! Oh hey Denki too?" Jirou and Mina said in suprise.
"Yeah on my way here he came out to go to the lounge together so we ended up walking together" I said in a fumble because i was somewhat embarrassed and you could tell because my face was almost as bright as Mina's.
"Okay well sit next to me then and we'll plan it out" Momo said.
"Okay well lets start with the people you've choosen." Hakugure said although I couldn't see her so I was suprised when she began to speak.
"Well I haven't choosen anyone yet exept you guys of course" I said looking down.
"Okay then thats 6 knocked off, you have 7 more people to add" Momo said as she wrote their names on a big sheet of paper.
( It looked something like this )

Tokyo's sleepover party plans

People that are invited
- Mina
- Momo
- Tsu
- Hakugure
- Umaraka
- Jirou

"Okay finished writing your names down, any other people?"
As I was about to say Denki's name he walked in so I asked if he was free tonight for the sleepover and he agreed.
"This is going to be epic! Can I recommend some peeps that I think should come?"
Denki said sitting very close to me.
"u-um sure who do you have in mind?" I said obviously put off by how close he was.
"So you should deffo put Sero because hes just lowkey cool and I think he'll spice up the sleepover you know what I'm saying?" Kaminari said. The girls agreed so I said said yes and had Momo add Denki and Sero to the list.
"5 to go!" Umaraka said cheerfully.
"I think Ayoama should come because we got each other super quick earlyer when he introduced himself" I said as everyone nodded.
"So I defenetly think Todoroki and Deku have something going on between them two so I think to test it out you should invite them plus they're both pretty friendly Ribbit." Tsu said.
"I think thats all of them down."

By the time we were done it was 6:30 so we all said see you soon and headed off to pack. I also had Mina and Hakugure on a mission to text all the people on the list to see if they were allowed. After a while Mina texted me saying that they all agreed and that they'll be there by 8pm.

I was getting more nervous as the minutes went down so I decided to make a tik tok to waste some time. Within the next 7 minutes I had gotten 3 million views on the video and 1.3 likes just for me doing a dance? Oh well I didn't complain as I smiled I looked at the time and noticed that it was 7:54 which ment everyone had 6 minutes to arrive. Then I heard the first knock. Who could It be?
That was it for chapter 2! I'm writing chapter 3 straight after I upload this. Btw its 5am so they might be sloppy but anyways whats your opinons on TodoDeku? I think that they would be a wholesome relashionship. (wordcount: 1094) Have a good read! ~ Rita Senpai :)

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