My Daisy//Fred Weasley


Daisy been best friends with the twins since they were five. They had the friendship everyone dreamed to have. It was only friendship for the three of them until Fred started to see Daisy a whole new way. And so did Daisy. But could something actually happen between those two. Daisy only having the twins as her friends because of her shy personality couldn't risk their friendship over some little feelings. But on the other side Fred knew whatever would happen he couldn't imagine his life without her by his side. • • • "You're staying with me right?" he said with worry in his eyes. "Until the end." she said with a smile that automatically reassured him. • • • Heyyy. I'm so sorry I'm really bad at writing descriptions but I really hope this makes you want to read it. I've been wanting to write a fanfic with Fred for a while but since I'm not that much of a book reader I haven't finished all the Harry Potter and I didn't want to be based of the movies since they're not the same and everything. I'm going to try my best to be based if the books but if I feel lazy I'll probably base myself of some part of the movies or I'll just put action that made sens for me in the situation. started: Nov. 12 2020 completed:

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My Daisy

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