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My Daisy//Fred Weasley

c h a p t e r 1

May 1983

Ministry Of Magic, Muggle Departement

5:43 pm

In this small office two men of the name Arthur Weasley and Flynn Carter were working on the new muggle product they just received earlier this day. Both of them were so facinated by everything muggle related that none of the two men realised how late it was until Flynn asked his collegue, who is also his best friend, what hour is was.

"Arthur do you happen to know what hour it is?" Flynn asked still working on his product.

"5:43" Arthur answered simply to concentrated to even think alaborate his answer. At this answer Flynn got filled with panic knowing he had to leave the office at 5pm.

" I got to go." Flynn said and started packing all of his stuff.

" What why? We still got so many things to look at." Arthur said finaly looking at his friend. The second he made eye contact with Flynn he automaticly saw the panic in his eyes and just said "Daisy?" Flynn just nodded. "Ok go i'll send you an owl later." And with that Flynn left his office.

Flynn wanted to get to his car as fast as possible so he tried making his way trought the crowd of people who were also trying to leave but at a slower pace. He got a cused word thrown his way as he pushed past people. He almost made his way to the chemeny but luck didnt seem to be with him today as he bump into no other than Lucius Malfoy.

"Looks like you're in a rush here Carter?" Lucius said keeping Flynn from walking away from him.

"Well you see Malfoy. I am and I would really appreciate if you could let me go I have a daughter to go pickup from school." Flynn said really wanting to be out of his workplace as soon as he can.

"Oh, can't your wife go pick her up?" Lucius said with a evil smile knowing this would make Flynn mad. Flynn decide to not show how he felt about what Lucius just said and left.

He finally got to his car and he started to make his way to his daughter school. Beside him being a wizard he sent his daughter to a muggle school. His wife was a muggle and since they didn't know if Daisy was a witch Flynn's wife wanted Daisy to go to a muggle school. He didn't argue with his wife at that moment since he was so facinated by muggle things and he definitly wanted to let his daugther have the experience of going to a muggle school. He finally got to Daisy's school only to see his daughter sitting on a bench with a sad look on her face with her teacher. The theacher got up as soon a she saw Daisy's dad approching them.

"M. Carter." was all she said.

"So sorry for being this late lot of things happended at work." Flynn said not wanting to adimit he just got so facinated by a muggle objects. Of course none of Daisy's friends or teacher knew her father was a wizard and Flynn needed to keep that a secret.

"Daisy darling. How about you go in your dad's car i have to talk with him." The teacher said. Daisy only nodded and got in the car. Daisy always been a quiet girl so none of the two aldults were suprise about her not saying a word. " Do you know how scarded she was." Flynn just looked at the teaher with confused eyes. "Catherine passing away affect her too you know. She taught the same thing that happended to Catherine happened to you. You know she's only five. She still Doesn't understand why her mom won't be coming back." After she was done talking Flynn just looked at his daughter who was sittig in the car already asleep.

"I know. I just don't know how I am supposed to help a five years old. Catherine was always the best with knowing what to do when Daisy was sad."

"Just be there for her now and you'll learn how Daisy is when she's sad. You know she's not much of a crier so try making sure she tells you about her emotions even if she's five and doesn't know how she actually feel."

"I'll try my best. Now i think I should go home she looks really tired and so am I." Flynn said and left.

Flynn met Catherine in a little shop near his old house just after he graduated from hogwarts and the moment the two locked eyes with each other they both felt like they needed to be with one another. Everything the two lived was amazing. To Flynn's surprise Catherine did not freak out when he told her he was a wizard, she tought it was really cool and she just didn't care because he was still the same boy she met. They got married after few years of dating and not ong after Catherine got pregnant of their future daughter, Daisy. Daisys were Catherine favorite flower and she always wanted to name her first daughter like that. The three of them lived their perfect little life in their muggle neighboor hood until one day. That day was when Catherine has been diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer has devloped to much during the time she got it and the time she got diagnosed that no one could do anything. It is not long after her daughter fifth birthday thats she passed. Flynn was devasted. His first true love had passed. Despite being sad by Catherine's death he knew he still had his daughter with him and he promise himself to take care for her the same way Catherine would have. And so that's what he's been trying to do ever since.

The next day

Flynn woke up in the morning to the sounds of something knocking at his window. He opened his eyes and saw none other than Arthur owl. Its was a letter from Arthur telling him he didn't get the chance to to finish everything last night after he left the office and that he was inviting him and Daisy to the Weasley household tomorrow. At first Flynn wasn't sure. Not that he didn't want to go but the weasley are purebloods and Daisy is only a half blood who doesn't know anything about witchcraft and also doesn't know that her father is a wizard. She doesn't even know that she's probably a witch. He finally decided that he would say yes but he made sure to mention that Daisy doesn't know anything about magic and he would really appreciate if the Weasley could restrain themselves from talking about it and using it in front of Daisy. He tought a second time about the offer before giving the letter to Arthur owl. He tought it could be a good idea for Daisy to make new friends and if she ever receive a letter from Hogwarts saying she's a witch tyan she would already have friends to go with. Flynn knew the little Weasley twins, they were the same age as Daisy, besides the twins and his daughter being completely different he was sure that they could become great friends. The rest of the day Daisy and her dad just played games with each other and watched movies.

At the Weasley's

Arthur's owl had just with a letter. It was Molly who took the letter from her husband's owl.

"Arthur! You got a letter from Flynn!" Mrs. Weasley yelled and her husband came running down the stairs. He took the letter from her and started reading it.

"Flynn and I haven't got time to finish our work yesterday so I invited him to come tomorrow." Arthur said to his wife still reading the letter. " And he said yes. He will be here with his daughter. Daisy."

"Oh well that's nice. None of us beside you have met her. She's Ron's age right?"

" No same age as Fred and George. But I dont know if the three are actually going to be friends."

"Why not?" Molly asked with a confuse look.

"Daisy is the complete opposite and Fred and George. She's really quiet and shy. It took her some times before warm up to me." Arthur said. "Oh and also Flynn asked if we could just not talk about magic or use magic around her. She doesn't know anything about it."

"She's not a witch?"

"Flynn doesn't know yet. Her mother was a muggle remember?"

"oh yeah your right. But it's fine i'll tell the kids."

"Tell us what?" Bill said coming in the kitchen with Charlie and their little twin brothers who followed them everywhere for some reason.

"You guys know my good friend Flynn right?" the four boys nodded. " well he'll be here tomorrow with his daughter and Flynn doesn't know if she a witch yet so it would be very appraciated if you guys could just not bring anything that have to do with magic and you Bill not bring anything about Hogwarts."

"Okay. what's her name by the way?" Bill asked.

"Daisy. Oh and she's 5 juste like you two." Arthur answered Bill but looked at Fred and George for his last sentence. The twins just looked at each other with a boring look. The only girls they knew were Ginny and their mom and they both thought Ginny was boring since she didn't like playing with them.

At the Carter's the next day.

"You got everything darling?" Flynn asked his daughter. They were about to go to the Weasley's and since it was Daisy's first time he was pretty stress that she just wouldn't talk to them at all. He knew she was a really shy girl and didn't like being around a lot if people and the Burrow is quite the opposite of what Daisy likes.

"Oh No! Homework!" she said and ran upstairs to her room to take her homework. Daisy got used to do them alone since her father didn't understand most of what she was learning. He did help her by time but it was pretty hard for him when she'd ask him a question about math.

"Why are you bringing your homework honey? You know the Weasleys have a big backyard and you could go play with Fred and George." Flynn said when he saw his daughter coming downstairs with her math book and pencil case.

" No." was all Daisy said before going in her dad's car waiting for him. Flynn sigh and joined her in the car. He didn't how and why Daisy ended up being that shy because both him and Catherine were really outgoing and liked being around a lot of people and yet their daughter was the complete opposite.

The drive to the Weasley was rather silent. Flynn was used to it, it was not something uncommun for Daisy to just sit in the car and look out the window. The closer they were getting to the Burrow the more FLynn was stressed. He really wanted Daisy to try and make friends with the little twins. He knew they were troublemakers but he also tought that maybe they could make Daisy a little bit less shy. The Carters arrive rather fast to the Burrow. They were great by Arthur.

" hey there!" he said while Daisy and Flynn got out of the car. The second Daisy's feet touched the ground she ran to her father so she could hold his hand. "Hey Daisy!" Arthur sai to the little girl with a smile. "Everyone is inside how about we go see them and after we can get to work?" said Arthur and all started walking to the house. FLynn was a little bit scarded that all the Weasley kids would be there when they enter because he knew Daisy would try to run away from here if she saw that many people. But it was only Molly.

"Hey FLynn" she said and than looked at the little girl who was already looking at her with her bright blue eyes. "You must be Daisy." Molly said kneeling down so she could be face to face with the small kid. "I'm Molly"

"Hi Molly." Daisy said with her little voice. No need to say that Flynn and Arthur were shocked that Daisy had actually said something to someone she didn't know.

"I made cookies just before you got here. They're fresh out of the oven. Would you like some?" Molly said to the little girl who looked up at her father like she was aksing if she could have some. He nodded.

"okay" Daisy said givving Molly a big smile and followed her to the kitchen table where the cookies were.

"You two can go work on your things i'll take care of Daisy." Molly said to her husband and his bestfriend. Flynn looked one last time at his daughter who lokked at him with a smile and left. After few minutes a a redhead came running down the stairs in panick. "Percy what's going on."

"What's going on! Fred and George is what's going on mum." Percy praticlly yelled.

"We didn't do anything Perce." two voices said and two identical boys came into the kitchen.

"Yeah putting something in my toothpast so my teeth go black is defenitly nothing!" After percy was done a small giggle escaped Daisy's mouth wich made the three brothers to turn and looked at her. Percy was way to mad to realised someone was there when he first got in the kitchen and the twins just didn't bother to look away from their brother who had black teeth due to their prank. When Daisy realised all eyes were on her, her widen and she looked at Molly with a look that was asking for help.

"Boys meet Daisy. FLynn's daughter." Molly said and the twins sat on both side of Daisy.

"I'm Fred."

"And I'm George."

and that's how the three of them met and been the bestest of friends ever

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