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c h a p t e r 2

6 years later

"Dad? What's Hogwarts." Daisy said coming in the living room with a letter in her hand.

"You got your letter!!" her father stood up from the couch and took the letter from her inspecting it to be sure it was real. after he was done and sure it was real he gave it back to is daughter. "Open it." he said with a huge smile, Daisy looked at him with a confuse look but opened the letter and read it.

"I'm a witch!" Daisy looked at her father with wide eyes and her mouth slighlty open by surprise.

"You're a witch!"

"oh. My. Lord. This is so cool dad. I'm a witch! I have to tell Fred and George!" Just as she said that both Fred and Geroge appeerded in their chemeny followed by Arthur.

"Did she get a letter?" Arthur asked Flynn who nodded with a big smile.

"What just happend?" Daisy said looking at the three Weasley with wide eyes. "How did they get here? like how did they just apparate in the fireplace."

"There's still a lot you need to learn about magic." Her dad said.

On the first of Speptember 1989 The two Cater made their way to Kings Cross station where the Weasley were already waiting for them. As they finally reach the big family Molly explained to Daisy that she had to run into the wall so she could access to the platform 9¾. Daisy looked at her father with a panicked look when her turn came.

"I can't do it." she said starting to back away but bump into something or more like someone. She turned to see it was Fred.

"How we go in together?" he said to his best friend with a reassuring smile. She accept and they both ran at the same time and all of the sudden both of them where at platform 9¾. Daisy started to feel a little panicked when she saw how many people where there but her father and the rest of the Weasley caught up with the two.

"This is going to be amazing!" George practically yelled and highf five his twin.

"Definitely." Fred said but Daisy just wasn't there and panicked started to fill her even more now realizing that she was going to be away from her father for basically the whole year and she ever felt sad or anything he wouldn't be there and there was also chances that she wouldn't be put in the same house as the twins. It was known that the Weasley were always in Gryffindor but Daisy didn't feel like she belonged there so that stressed her even more what if she can't be with the twins all the time. Would she have to try and make new friends? All of those thoughts were cut off when her father shook her shoulder lightly.

"Hey don't over think this to much darling. I'll send you an owl every week even twice a week if want to and you can owl me whenever you want or need." he said trying his best to reassure her.

"But what if I'm not in the same house as Freddie and Georgie." Daisy's eyes were starting to water as she tought about it more.

"hey, hey, don't cry. I'm sure you three are going to be together you just need to believe it okay." he said and gave her a big hug. "You need to go now. The train will be leaving soon. Send me a letter tonight to tell me which house you in okay?"

"Okay." Daisy said with her shy voice and her and the twins enter the train. The twins kept talking about how excited they were to finally be at Hogwarts and about how they couldn't wait to pull pranks on Percy.

The train ride went by way to fast for Daisy's liking. During the ride Percy sat next to her and answer every question she had about Hogwarts. Percy always liked Daisy because she was calm and was basically the only one who didn't like when the twins were pranking him. He also explained her how the sorting was going to be. That's when panic started to filled her even more. Sit. In front of the whole school. She couldn't do it. But before she got the chance to over think it to much the train had stopped and they were at Hogwarts. The first year had to cross the river to the castle like a tradition. She sat in a boat with the twins and another boy named Lee. Lee tried making conversation with the girl but she way to panicked. Thoughts were racing in her head. She saw his many people were at the platform there's probably as much student in there. They finally got to the entrance of the school. They walk a few stairs and a really tall wowen was waiting for all the student at the top of those stairs. The tall wowen presented herself as professor Mcgonagall. She told the children about the house and about the sorting ceremony. Than her and the kids enter the great hall. All eyes were on the first year. Daisy took a glance around her to meet eyes with Percy who gave her a thumbs up and mouthed that everything was going to be okay.

Few students had been sorted and since Daisy's last name started with a C she passed before the twins.

"Carter, Daisy." Mcgonagall called and Daisy looked at her twi best friends. They gave her a smile and she went shyly to the stool where she sat and Mcgonagall put the hat on her head.

"Gryffindor!" The hat yelled the second its touched her head. Daisy was surprised to day the least but she made her way to the gryffindor as fast as possible so no one would get the chance to look at her any longer. She sat next to Percy who congratulated her. Since the twins last name started with a W they were in the last to be sorted. But when Daisy heard Fred's name being called she looked at him. He didn't seemed shy at all about having all eyes on him. But not long after he sat the hat yelled gryffindor and it did the same for George. Daisy was so relieved. She was in the same house as the twins. She couldn't be more happy.

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