My Daisy//Fred Weasley

c h a p t e r 3

17 August 1994

Daisy woke up this morning more happy than she had been for basiclly her whole summer. Today Daisy would finally go to the Weasley and escape her house. She would have loved to stay with her father for the rest of her vaction before going to Hogwarts and probably not see him until christmas break but Flynn met a wowen a year ago and as much as he loved his new partner Daisy did not like her one bit. Daisy was used to have her father all for herself but when Victoria, the stepmother, came in her father completly changed. Victoria came from a long line of pureblood wizards and witches. Let just say she wasn't the most happy when she found out Daisy was only a half-blood. Beside having a stepmother who basiclly didn't respect her because of her blood Daisy still acted like the shy and kind girl her father always knew. Daisy did not understand how her father could be so blind and not see how Victoria was with her but after a moment she gave up in trying to make him see and just kept everything for herself. But Daisy would not have to deal the both of them for the rest of the summer wich made her really happy. Tomorrow she would be going to the quiddich world cup with her two bestfriends and then pass the rest of her summer break at the Weasley.

"Dad we need to go." Daisy said coming in the living room after they ate lunch. They were supposed to leave an hour before but they didn't. To be honest Daisy just couldn't wait to leave.

"Go? Go where?" her father said and Victoria looked at Daisy up and down because she had cut them in the middle of a conversation.

"To the Weasley's. Tomorrow is the quiddich world cup remember? And I'm going with them. Fred and George invited me." Daisy said kind of annoyed that her father forgot. "My stuff are already at the Burrow."

"Okay let's go." FLynn said and they went to the car. The ride was really silent. Daisy couln't remember when was last time she actually had a realy conversation with her dad. The whole ride Daisy just looked out the window with an expressionless face until she saw the Burrow coming into view. she automaticly started smiling. The Burrow was like her second home with Hogwarts. As soon as the car stoped she said bye to her dad and left towards the Burrow. And her father just left. He and Arthur had a fight a year ago and still weren't talking. Her father also changed job and was now working as an auror. Daisy enter the Burrow just to see Percy running down the stairs with the twins yelling for him to come back. When Percy caught sight of DaisyHer ran to her and hugge her.

"Thank go you're here. Those two are insane." He said and the twins came in the kitchen where Percy and Daisy were.

"There you are." George said but Fred stopped him when he saw Daisy. "Oh hey Daisy. Ummm can we talk to Percy for a moment?" George said trying to act innocent.

"No!" Percy yelled and Daisy giggle.

"hey Daisy." Fred said and hugged his bestfriend while George and Percy were fighting.

"hey Freddie." Daisy said still hugging Fred. They only pulled back when they heard a cough.

"Alright you lovebirds i want to hug my bestfriend to." George said wich made Daisy blush due to what he just called her and Fred. Daisy had started to see Fred a whole other way last year when she passed christmas with the weasley instead of her house. She started having a little crush on him but was still trying to convince herself it was just some little feelings that were going to be away soon. no one knew about that not even George. George hugged Daisy and she asked.

"Where's your mum?"

"Really you just hugged us and now you want to see our mum?" George said trying to look affect by her question. Since the first time she met the Weasley Molly been like the mother she never had to her. Daisy just sent him a boring look. "She's in the living room."

"thank you." Daisy said and went to the living room where Molly and Arthur were with Ron, Harry and Hermione. Arthur was talking with Harry and Hermione about muggle stuff and he still looked so pationate even after all those years wich made Daisy a little bit sad she still remember the smile on her dad's face when he found new muggle things in her moms stuff.

"Hey Molly." Daisy said and Molly looked at her with a smile.

"Hey darling. How are you?"

"Could be better but I'm just happy to be here for the rest of summer break. " Daisy said and sat next to Molly. While the two twin brother were still talking in the kitchen.

"Did you have to call us lovebirds?" Fred whisper yelled at his brother.

"Oh come on it's nothing." George shrugged.

"Nothing! What if she thinks I like her?"

"I thought you did like her?"

"You know I do but I don't want her to know!"

"You're weird. Come on let's go see everyone before they start asking question as to why were here."

"I really hate you sometimes." Fred said and bumped his twins shoulder as they came into the living room.

The rest of the night went well. Daisy helped Molly preparing and they all ate outside since there weren't enough place to eat inside with how many they were. The twins were talking about excited they were about going to the quidditch world cup tomorrow. Daisy loved seeing them talk about quidditch they always looked so happy. And she loved looking ar Fred's eyes when the he would here the word. His eyes would always have this little sparkle wich made his eyes look so beautiful to Daisy's eyes. On the other side of the table, Arthur was still talking about muggle things with Harry. It made Daisy really happy to still have someone who liked muggle things that much in her life. Also Charlie and Bill were at the burrow and would be coming to the quidditch game tomorrow to. Daisy was really close with all the Wealsey kids and they all saw her as either a little sister or big sister. The only one who didn't was Fred who saw her as more than just his best friend but tried his best to not show it. But as for right now everyone was gathered in the living room and Daisy was at her fifth game of wizard chess with Ron still trying to win but failed again.

"This is not fair I'm sure your cheating." Daisy said crossing her arms over her chest.

"I'm not cheating I'm just better than you." Ron laughed.

"I'm done playing right now but I'm telling at the end of the year I will be able to beat you." Daisy said getting up and made her way towards the twins. "Are you guys still doing things for Weasley Wizard Wheeze?"

"Not to loud." George whisper yelled and pulled her arm so she would sit next to them. "Mum still thinks we should go and work for the ministry just like Percy."

"Does she really think you guys are even going to be at school long enough to do your N.E.W.T.S?"

"ok that kinda hurt. You think we're going to drop out?" Said Fres putting a hand over his heart and Daisy giggle. At the sound of Daisy's small laughed Fred cheeks turned a little shade of red but luckily for him George saw it and he sent him a wink.

"Well I dont think you guys are drop out but it wouldn't surprise me." Daisy said and looked at her two best friend with a small laughed.

"We can't say she's wrong." George said to his brother and the three of them laughed.

"Hey you lot. Time for bed." Molly said after a few minutes. Daisy stood up so fast that her hand slapped the back of Fred's head who just let out a little 'ouch'.

"Oh Godric I'm so sorry are you okay!?" Daisy said with wide eyes.

"Don't worry it's okay love." Fred said and stood up. Daisy nodded and went up the stairs to Ginny's room, where her and Hermione were staying, so fast because she knew a huge blush was coming on her cheeks by the nickname Fred gave her.

"Daisy? Are you okay? You're all red." Ginny said when she came into the room.

"Oh... ummm yeah I'm doing super good what could be going wrong. I mean I'm fine." Daisy rambled blushing even more.

"Fred called her love." Hermione said to Ginny and her mouth turned into a 'o' shaped now understanding what was going on.

"I'm going to bed now we need to get up early tomorrow." Daisy said and got under her sheets.

The second her head hit the pillow she fell into a deep sleep. Daisy tought it only been few minutes that she'd been asleep when she hear people talking. At first it just sounded like Hermione and Ginny talking so she probably just wasn't as much in a deep sleep as she tought but when felt a slight shock on her shoulders and a sweet voice telling her to wake up.

"Darling. Wake up you need to get ready. Arthur want to leave soon." Molly said but Daisy just pulled the cover over her head trying to hid all the sounds. After a moment she didn't hear anything in the room. It was total silence so she tought she could finally go back to sleep but this tought was shortly cut off when she felt something big and heavy jumping on her bed including her. Her eyes shot open as she go crushed under whatever jumped.

"Come on Daisyyyyy. Wake uuuppp." Someone said and she automatically recognized the voice to be George's.

"George get off of me you're heavy." Daisy mumbled into her pillow.

"Hey I'm not heavy!" Another voice said and it was Fred. Daisy eyes widened at the tought of Fred just laying on top of her.

"Just get off so I can get up." she mumbled still in her pillow and soon enough the weight on her was gone and she sat up rubbing her eyes so she could see better. Once her vision got more clear she saw both the twins still standing in front of her bed looking at her. "You guys look like creeps right now."

"Oh come on just get up and get downstairs mum made breakfast and you barely have time to eat it now. You're the last one to wake up" George said and left the room and Fred followed right after saying a small 'goodmorning' to Daisy.

Daisy got dressed and went downstairs to see everyone eating but Harry and Ron still weren't there.

"Hey I'm not even the last on to wake up." Daisy said to George as she sat in front of him nest to Fred. George just laughed at her reaction and continued eating.

"Good morning darling." Mrs. Wealsey said and gave Daisy her breakfast.


The rest of the breakfast was pretty silent due the fact that everyone was so tired. only a few minutes after Daisy had woke up Harry and Ron had joined them. They didn't get to eat much before Arthur said they needed to leave. Molly gave the two boys something they could eat during the walk and they left towards the forest.

"Come on kids faster Amos is waiting." Arthur said and Daisy and the twins caught up with him.

"umm Arthur? W-who is Amos?" Daisy asked getting worried she'll have to meet someone new. Over the years she'd learn that she didn't need to be shy around the Wealsey family but meeting new people still wasn't something she liked to do.

"He's a friend of mine who works at the ministry." Arthur said still looking in front if him so he didn't see Daisy getting more uncomfortable at every step she took.

"Hey it's going to be okay. I'm here." Fred said putting a hand on her shoulder and Daisy looked up a him. "Remember what I told you when we were younger?" Daisy just looked at him with confused look in her eyes. "I'll always be here to protect you." said Fred with a wink wich made Daisy look at the ground so he wouldn't see anything. They kept walking until they heard someone calling for Arthur.

"Over here Arthur!" Someone shouted and the group saw two tall figure, who looked to be two men, approched them.

"Amos!" Arthur said walking over to the men who had shouted. The rest of the group followed closely behind. Daisy was trying her best to stay behind Fred and George seeing as they were two men instead of just one. "This is Amos Diggory, everyone. Works for the Departement for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. And I think you know his son, Cedric?"

"Hi" said Cedric looking at the group in front of him, his eyes stopping on Daisy who when she saw that he was looking at her scooted closer to Fred practically holding his hand. Everyone said 'Hi' back beside Fred and George who just nodded and of course Daisy who just looked at the ground. When Arthur and Amos started talking again Fred looked down at Daisy who still looked uncomfortable under Cedric's gaze.

"You alright?" Fred asked.

"Is he still looking?" Daisy said looking up at Fred.

"Who? Diggory?" Fred asked and Daisy nodded. Fred looked at Cedric who was still looking. "Yes.He is." Fred said and took Daisy's small hand in his. "But he can't do anything while I'm here." Daisy blushed slightly at his comment. The two looked back at Arthur and Amos when they heard Amos ask.

"Are all these yours, Arthur?"

" Oh, no, only the redheads." Arthur said pointing at the Weasley children. "This is Daisy, Fred and George's friend. And this is Hermione and Harry, Ron's friend." at the mention of Harry's name Amos stared at Harry in shock and amazement. He started talking to Harry wich Daisy didn't listen. She always liked Harry but she also tought that he brought to much attention on himself so she tried her best to avoid hanging out with him at school. But hanging out with the twins didn't really make a difference since everyone knew them and they really liked the attention compared to their best friend.

"Amos. I think it's time to go." Arthur said looking at his watch.

They all started to walk toward where the portkey was. It was the only way to could get to the campsite that was near the stadium for the quidditch world cup. After few minutes of walking the group, including the two Diggory, reached an old looking boot. Portkey were known to blend in the background so the muggle wouldn't suspect anything. They all gathered around the boot and put one hand on it. Daisy was on Fred's left side and on his right was George. Daisy looked to see who had just placed itself next to her and she regretted automatically. It was Cedric. For some reason she knew the guy was nice but just didn't quite feel comfortable at this moment. He gave her a smile but she didn't give one back she just turned and looked at Fred who looked like he was throwing daggers at Cedric. Daisy didn't bother looking back so see Cerdic's reaction but just looked at the boot. And just like that they went flying into the air. It's hasn't been long since they took off that Daisy heard Cedric tell her to let go off the boot as he did so. She followed right after and so did Fred and George. Next thing she knew, Daisy slammed into the ground and let out a, way to loud for her liking, 'ouch'. She looked up from the ground to see Arthur, Amos and Cedric all landing gacefully and heard Fred and George say someting along the lines of 'show off' as they got up. Daisy laughed at their comment and got up just to be met by a hard chest that almost made her fall back on the ground but whoever was in front of her caught Daisy right on time. Daisy looked up to see Fred smiling down at her.

"You alright?" Fred asked.

"Yeah. You?"

"Yeah." They were both smiling at each other forgetting that they weren't alone and all eyes were now on them.

"Hey you two done snogging each other?" Daisy heard George say in the back and she automatically turned to see that everyone was looking at them. Daisy's eyes widened and she took a step back from Fred whose hand fell on the side to his body due the fact they used to be placed on Daisy's waist.

"We weren't snogging each other." Fred mumbled sadly and the group started to walk towards the camp just like nothing happened.


The group finally got to their tent after Arthur finally understanding how muggle money worked with the help of Hermione. Daisy was now sitting on a chair in the small kitchen with George in front of her. She had just painted Fred's whole face and George wanted his face painted but not as much as his brother. Fred always been a little more extra than George. Right when Daisy was done with George's face Fred proposed that they go see the little shop that were around the camp. Daisy declined the offer wanting to just relax before the game. The lack of sleep she had had yesterday was starting to show. So Fred and George left just the two of them.

"I'm gonna tell her." Fred said as him and George walked toward some souvenir shop.

"Daisy? Tell her what?"

"That I like her. Obviously."

"Yeah really obvious." George said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. "But when? Today?"

"I dont think I'll have the guts to do it today. But I feel like this year is the right time."Fred said and they stopped in front a little shop. The two looked around for awhile when a another shop who looked like it was selling flowers caught Fred's eyes. He made it way and the second his eyes saw the small white flowers he taught of the only girl that was on his mind. He bought one small flower and made his way back to his brother. "Did you find anything?"

"Yep." George said showing what he had in his hands. "Did you get that for Daisy?" George asked pointing at the flower and Fred nodded. "A daisy for Daisy. How cute." George laughed.

"Oh shut up. She's gonna like it." Fred rolled his eyes and the two boys started walking towards their tent. They barely had the chance to make five steps when they heard their name being screamed.

"Fred! George!" the twins around seeing a blond head running towards them finally coming to an halt when she was in front of them out of breath. "There you are. Your father been looking everywhere for you. We need to go if we want to be at our seat in time." She looked at the two tall boys in front of them and saw they were both holding the things they bought in their hands. "Come on. I think you two need to leave that in the tent so we better hurry." and with that she started walking in the direction she came from with the twins following closely behind.

Fred and George left what they bought in their bed and made their way back to Daisy who was outside with the rest of the Weasley and the two other friends. Fred knew Daisy was someone who always wanted to be on time wherever she was going so he didn't bother keeping her for any longer just to give a her the flower so it'll have to wait until the end of the match.

The match was really fun to Daisy's surprise. She didn't really like quidditch but always managed to enjoy it when she was in the presence of one of the Wealsey who all loved quidditch a little bit to much in her opinion. Bu beside that the match also went really well. Ireland had won wich made both Fres and George more than happy and kept venting about it to Ron the whole night.

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