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The quidditch match was finally over and the group, mostly Fred and George, were celebrating the fact that the Ireland had just won the cup. Ron was pretty mad since he was for the Bulgarian but he still managed to enjoy the rest of the night. Both Harry and himself, Ron, went to bed as well as Ginny and Hermione leaving the twins and Daisy alone in the small kitchen. Daisy had just finished removing the paint on George's face and he quickly went to the bathroom to get ready for the night. Fred and Daisy were now alone with him sitting right in front of her as she took of the green and white paint that was on his face.

Daisy was almost donne when Fred realized he still hadn't gave her the flower. All of the sudden he stood up surprising Daisy.

"What are you doing I'm not done." Daisy said trying get a grip on his wrist but failed to do so. He went into the room where him and the other boys where staying and came back with the flower.

"I got you this earlier." Fred said giving the flower to Daisy.

"You got me a daisy." Daisy said and looked at her best friend with a big smile and eyes full of sparkles. She tried her best to hide the blush that was threatening to show and she successfully did. After a year of having to hid her feelings for Fred she was becoming more and more good at hiding it.

"yeah. When I saw them i thought of you and i know you like them so i got you one." Fred said scratching the back of his neck.

"Thank you Freddie." Daisy said and gave a kiss on Fred's cheek wich she regretted right after due the fact that Fred still had paint on his face and it had transferred on Daisy's lips. "I should have wait until I was done." She laughed and both her and Fred sat down so she could finish cleaning his face.

The two ended up just talking about what would this year would bring them instead of having Daisy finishing cleaning Fred's face. Both were already super tired so Fred just told her they could take care of it in the morning and they moved to the small couch to continue their conversation. Daisy had a small feeling that something great and happy was going to happen this year but also felt like something bad or sad was going to happen. After talking fo a while Daisy ended up falling asleep on Fred's shoulder and him falling asleep his head on top of hers.

It wasn't long after Daisy had fallen asleep that she woke up by the sound of scream outside. At first she just thought people were still celebrating the Ireland victory but soon enough she saw Mr. Wealsey running inside the tent waking everyone up.

"Wake Fred up." He said seeing that Daisy was awake and he went to wake up Ginny and Hermione. Still confused at what was going on Daisy woke up Fred.

"Freddie wake up." She said in a small voice earning an 'mhm' from Fred.

Daisy kept trying to get him to wake up but everything she tried was unsuccessful until George came in the room with a glass of water and splashed it on Fred who automatically got up. He send a glare at his twins but didn't have time to say anything to him that Mr. Weasley came into view saying they should all get to the forest as fast as possible as him and three of the older Wealsey siblings went and help with what was going on.

"C'mon" said Fred grabbing Ginny's hand started make his way to the forest with George. "Daisy come on!" He screamed impatiently and Daisy followed.

The small girl tried her best to stay with the three siblings but with everyone running in different directions and pushing each other to make it to their location. Keeping up with the twins was already difficult in a daily life but now with the stress Daisy felt as if they were getting away from her with every step she took. What she didn't know was it was actually the situation she was in right now. It didn't take long that the three redhead were out of sight. Panick started to fill Daisy as she walked. She didn't know wich way was the forest since if was night and everywhere she looked it was dark. Tears started had filled her eyes when she bumped pretty hard into someone. She thought the stranger would have had left due to the event but instead it kneeled down to help her up.

"Daisy?" she heard the stranger say and looked up to be met with Cedric Diggory. The boy from earlier. "Are you okay?" he asked helping her up. She just shook her head no to overwhelmed with the situation to talk. "I was heading to the forest is it where you should go to?" Daisy nodded at him still crying and they both started to walked towards to forest.

Cedric and Daisy had finally made it safely to the forest while on the other side Fred was panicking.

"How could she just disappear like that." Fred had just realized that Daisy wasn't with them anymore when they made it safely to the forest. "what if something happened to her?" he said while pacing.

"Mate calm down alright? Look I'm sure Daisy is okay. She's smart she will know what to do. For all we know she could be in the forest right now. Safe." George said trying his best to make his brother calm down. For now it didn't seem to be working but Fred did started pacing at a slower pace.

Daisy on the other side was walking in the dark forest with Cedric. The only light they had was the small one on Cedric's wand. Daisy was looking everywhere to see if she could spot any redhead as they approached an area where a lot of witch and wizard were gathered.

"Do you see them anywhere?" Cedric asked Daisy looking for them to. The boy could see how uncomfortable the girl was to be away from them. Daisy just shook her head no and continue to look.

"Ginny!!" The girl yelled not long after Cedric had talked. The girl Daisy had called after turned around and Daisy was relieved that it really was Ginny. She ran to her and hugged her.

"Where have you been?! The boys, mostly Fred, were worried sick." Ginny said making Daisy laughed at her comment about Fred.

"I dont know I was following you three and just like that you were gone. Luckily I bumped into Cedric or I would probably be crying in a ball somewhere else." Daisy said and both the girls laughed. "Where are the twins?"

"Somewhere looking for you." the second Ginny was done with her answer the girls heard George called for Ginny.

"We can't find-" George started but was cut Fred.

"Daisy!!" He yelled and ran towards the girl picking her up and hugging her a tight as he could. "Oh Godric I was so worried." he said putting Daisy on the ground but still hugging her. "Are you hurt?" Fred pulled back looking at her worry in his eyes.

"No don't worry." She send him a reassuring smile and he pulled her back into a hug wich Daisy could return. She wrapped her arms around his chest and they stayed like that for few minutes. It felt like they were just the two of them and neither George, Ginny or Cedric were right beside them.

"Are they dating?" Cedric whisper to Ginny.

"Nope." Ginny replied popping the 'p'.

"Freddie I think they're looking at us." Daisy said in Fred's chest feeling that eyes were on her. Fred looked behind him to see that Daosy was right and the three teenagers were looking at them. Fred pulled back and they both looked at three who were looking at them.

"Finally mate." George said and gave a quick hug to Daisy. "Don't ever leave like that again. Fred was a pain in the ass." He said earning a slapped behind the head from his brother.

"Are Ron, Hermione and Harry with you guys?" Daisy asked looking around if she could spot another redhead.

"No we actually thought they would be with you but you only came back with Diggory." Fred replied.

"Aren't you worried about them too. I mean Ron is you're brother." Daisy said shocked. She was the only one worried about the three.

"They always get themselves into situation Day. And they always come back totally fine. Dont worry about them." George said putting a hand on her shoulder trying to reassure her.

Cedric had left Daisy and the three Weasley to try and find his father since he didn't feel like he should be there anymore. And with Fred who kept glaring at him every time he would look at Daisy didn't help feeling welcomed.

Ginny and Daisy had sat against a tree while the twins looked around to see if any other member were near. After a few minutes they heard someone calling the twins.

"Fred! George!" They all turned around to be met with Charlie and Bill.

"Are you all okay?" Charlie asked helping Ginny up while Bill helped Daisy.

"Yeah" Ginny replied. "Is dad okay?"

"Yeah don't worry. We can go back to the camp the others will meet us there." Billet dais and they started walking towards the camp they were at earlier.

They all entered the tent to be met with Percy who had a bloddy nose. Daisy having been close to him basically her whole life ran to him and looked at him with worry.

"what happened?" she asked in a small voice.

"Nothingto worry about. You should go to sleep." Percy tried. He looked to his side to see Fred who was glaring at him and he automatically knew he was jealous that Daisy been worried about him.

Practically all the Weasley knew Fred had a thing for Daisy. And for some reason tonight he showed it much more than he usually did. With the events that had happen tonight it was understandable, all Fred wanted was to have Daisy safe and since he lost her earlier he was keeping a close eyes on her to be sure she stayed by his side.

It was only when Bill sat down with one of the bedsheets on his arm that Daisy realized he was bleeding. But not just a little bit. She then felt bad because he was the one who helped her get up when he and Charlie found them and she didn't realized that his arm was in so bad condition. She was about to make her way to him when she felt someone grabbed her hand. Daisy turned around to be met with Fred.

"Don't worry about them. They're going to be fine. I mean they work at the ministry they're used to things like that." Fred said with a light chuckle at the end of his sentence. "Let's just go sit on the couch. me and George have some new stuff going on with Weasley Wizard Wheeze and I want to tell you." Daisy nodded and followed him to the couch.

She sat down with her legs crossed and Fred just layed down with his head on Daisy's lap. Daisy's hand automatically went to Fred's hair and started playing with it. It wasn't something unusual for her to play with his hair so no one made a big deal about. Daisy always thought that Fred only let her played with his hair because she liked it but he actually loved it when she did and that was something he would never admit to her.

"I still think you should cut your hair." Daisy said remembering what she had told the twins at the end of their fifth year. Both the twins had pretty long hair just like Bill and even though she liked it she always wondered what they would look like with short hair.

"I'm not cutting my hair. Mum also want me and George to cut it so we're not doing it." he replied. He and George always liked to do the opposite of what their mum wanted even if they didn't like it. They always loved the reaction they were getting.

"You guys are so stubborn. Now tell me what George and you are up to with all your prank stuff." Daisy said still playing with Fred's hair. Fred started talking about a bunch of new stuff that they had thought about and also told her what happened the day before she got to the burrow when he and George went to get Harry with their father and younger brother. The twins had brought Ton-Tongue Toffee, wich were candy that made the tongue of someone who ate the candy grow huge. During their talk George and Ginny had joined them and George started talking all their product with as much passion as Fred. After a few minutes of the twins talking about what they love the most the conversation died down. That was until Daisy started talking in a low voice. "Do you guys think the people who attacked tonight were you-know-who followers?" Fred felt Daisy tense up at the name she had just let out of her mouth. Even though she hadn't said the real name she always felt quite uncomfortable with the subject.

"I don't know." George was the first one to say something.

Fred was about to say something to but they heard voices coming from outside who sounded like the Weasley father and the golden trio. Charlie was the one to look out the tent. He talked a bit with whoever was outside and then he moved out of the way to let Mr. Weasley enter the tent. None of them looked hurt wich relieved everyone that was already inside. The twins were also really relieved to see their little brother unhurt even if they wouldn't admit it.

They all started talking about had happened but Daisy zoned out the second Bill mentioned that someone had conjured the dark mark. She felt Fred sit up next to her as he question his father but she couldn't hear him. Just the tought of the dark lord being near scared her. This subject always been something she didn't like and thus night to be all about it due to the mark being g conjured. Fred knew Daisy wasn't listening to the conversation due to her eyes being empty and focusing on the small table that was in front of them. He took her hand in his and that's all it took for Faisy to come back to reality. She turned her head and met Fred's eyes who was looking at her with a reassuring smile. He gave her hand a small squeeze and she was finally able to hear the conversation but regretted instantly because they were talking about Death Eaters.

"Death Eaters?" Harry questioned "What are Death Eaters." Daisy squeezed Fred's hand as Bill explained to Harry what or who the Death Eaters were.

The conversation continued for another few minutes until Arthur told the group they should get some rest because in a few hours they would go back to the burrow since Molly would be worried sick if they didn't come back as soon as possible. Fred and Daisy got up a the same time still holding each others hand. Daisy was starting to let go of Fred's hand to make her way to where and the other girls were sleeping but Fred tighten his grip around her hand wich made Daisy look at him with a questioning look.

"Arr you going to be okay. If you want we can just stay here and you know we could stay tog-" Fred started rambling but Daisy cur him off before he could continue.

"Don't worry Freddie. I'll be fine and so will you. I'm not even going to be alone. I'll see you in the morning. Good night." She said and got up on her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay goodnight." Fred said and gave her a quick hug before she left for the girls room. Fred stayed standing alone in the living room for few minutes with a blush. Daisy had never been that affectionate with him and it didn't help him with the crush he already had for her.

"Fred come one she just kissed your cheek."George said cutting Fred thought and he followed his brother to the full of boys that were already snoring.

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