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Daisy was the first one to wake up on the girl's side. She felt like it really hadn't been long since her head had even touched her pillow and she was right. She took a glance at Hermione's watch and saw that Arthur wouldn't wake up the rest of the group for at least another hour. So Daisy try to go back to sleep. For some reason she had this weird feeling that her father was there last night. Growing up her and her father were really close so a bond form itself between the two and ever since Daisy could feel if he was there or not. It was the same with the twins.

Her father wasn't supposed to be here, at the quidditch world cup, so why would she feel like he was close?

Daisy tried to go back to sleep as hard as possible but just couldn't. She didn't had much sleep the night before going to the world cup do she thought she would have some this morning but her body seemed to be against that idea. After turning around in a bed for a few minutes she finally decided to get up. She went to the kitchen expecting to be alone due to the early hour but was met by Arthur looking at something that Daisy saw in her mother's stuff one time so she knew it was probably a muggle object.

"Good morning." Daisy said taking a cup of the tea Arthur had made earlier.

"Good morning Daisy. What got you up so early." He asked as the girl sat down in front if him.

"couldn't sleep" Daisy replied and a comfortable silent fell between her and Arthur while they both sipped their tea. Arthur was the first one to break the silent after few minutes.

"Do your father still look at your mother's things?" he asked inspecting the object he had in front of him.

"no." Daisy responded sadly. "He almost got rid of everything when Victoria moved in."

"Everything?" Arthur look at the girl in front of him with shock. "He loved Catherine how could he want to do this?"

"I don't think he wanted but you know Victoria is one of those pure blood witch that think if your other than a pureblood you like don't deserve to be in the magical world."

"How is she with you at home." Arthur asked. He never thought much about how Daisy's stepmother was acting with her but now that he knew what kind of witch she was with the blood status he was getting worried for Daisy. She was an half blood.

"I don't know how to say. She sometimes just act like I dont exist wich I really like but sometimes she just notice everything I di and complain to my dad so he can like be disappointed or I dont know." Daisy ramble. Her life at home ever since her stepmother had moved in was something she avoid and talking about it right now she tried to make everything she wanted to complain about Victoria fit in one short sentence.

"Did you talk about it with Flynn?"

"I tried but you know when my dad's in love hes in love." Daisy said and rolled her eyes. "But it's okay, we're starting school soon and I feel like this year is going to be fun."

"oh yeah trust me you're going to love this year." Arthur said with a smile. Silence fell again until Arthur breaks it again. "I'll get the boys up can you please do the same with Ginny and Hermione?"

"Yeah sure." She said and got up to wake up the two other girls. It didn't take long for the two to get up. They were already half awake. The three girls got dressed and packed all their stuff and went back in the kitchen to eat breakfast.

"Come on mate. Get up." They heard coming from the boys room and they saw George coming out looking exasperated. "He wont get up." He said to Arthur and sat down at the table.

"Who?" Daisy asked.

"Fred!" George said irritated since he was so tired and everything everyone did would piss him off.

"I'll go." Daisy said and went to the boys room. When she got in all she saw was Fred laying on his stomach in a starfish position. His legs tangling over the floor due to his height. Daisy got closer and she could've swear she saw him drooling. She shook him slightly. "Freddie wake up." She said in a calm voice. Fred just groan and turn his head leaving Daisy looking at the back of his head. Daisy tries thinking of a good idea on how to get him to get up. Water was way to predictable. "I'm going to cut your hair if you don't get up" She whispered in his hear and somehow he got up automatically and looked at Daisy with wide eyes.

"Don't you dare." He said and Daisy just laughed.

"Come on get up. If you go back to sleep I'll be back with a pair of scissors." Daisy didn't have time to be out of the room that Fred got up and put the first shirt he found on the floor. Daisy had already seen Fred shirtless before but since last time she did he got more muscles and to be honest Daisy was checking him out without being to obvious. "You could've wait for me to get out you know." She said with a slight blush.

"It's not the first time you see me shirtless love." He said and gave her a quick kiss on the top of her head before leaving the room.

Even if Daisy knew she was as red a a tomato she joined the rest of the group in the kitchen. Hermione and Gibby were both looking at her with questioning eyes. Daisy acted like nothing happened and sat down next to George to eat her breakfast. George knew something had happened in the room cause not only Daisy was almost as red as a tomato Fred had a slight smile. The one you would have after you've done something that satisfied you or made you happy. The group barely had time to finish their breakfast that Arthur hurried them outside the tent. In one movement of his wand he had packed the tent and they all made their way to where all the portkeys were. There was a lot of wizards and witches waiting for a portkey but the group managed to get to one right after Arthur was done talking with a man. The one assigning the portkey to the wizards or witches wanting one. They all landed not really far away from the burrow, they only had a few minutes to walk. Fred along with the rest of the boys were walking in the front while Ginny, Hermione and Daisy were walking in the back.

"What happened when you woke up Fres." Ginny said breaking the silence between the girls.

"What are you talking about." Daisy said in denial. Daisy knew what she was talking about just didn't want to admit it.

"You know what I'm talking about. Why were you so flustered when you came back?"

"Its n-nothing." Daisy said with a blush creeping it's way to her cheeks as she remembered the event of this morning.

"If you say so." Ginny chuckled and Daisy just rolled her eyes at her. While the girls were talking in the back George was questioning his twin brother on the same thing.

"Bro what happened in the room for Daisy to come back so flustered?"

"I swear I saw her checking me out." Fred said with a smirk.

"What do you mean. You were drooling all over you pillow how could she check you out?"

"No after. When I got up. You know I sleep shirtless. And I got up before she was out and mate trust me I swear I saw her looking at me up and down."

"Okay so that's what got her all red? She already seen you shirtless before."

"I think it's what I did after. I called her love but that's not unusual but I did kissed the top of her head." Fred smiled remembering the looked on Daisy's face after he did. She was already blushing really hard at that time but that small gesture got her even more red.

They all arrived at the burrow after few minutes of walking and Molly was already waiting for all of them. She automatically went to the twins and told them how worried she was about them and how she regretted screaming at them right before they left. It would've been the last thing she'd told them if something had happened. They all entered the burrow and Molly started to make tea for everyone. It hasn't been 30 minutes that they were all back that Arthur already had to leave and go to the ministry. He had been mention in a article about the event of last night and even if he didn't have to go to work for the next few days he still went and Percy followed him.


The next weeks passed pretty fast. Harry and Hermione also stayed at the burrow for the rest of the summer and Bill and Charlie too. The burrow was full to say the least. Daisy still hadn't got a letter from her father. After what happened at the quidditch world cup she would have expected him to send her a letter or something asking her if she was fine but nothing came. Daisy wasn't one to get mad easily but seeing as her father didn't seem to care if his daughter was alive or not was really starting to get her nerve. And adding with the stress of starting school didn't help. Daisy was always stress about going back to school even if she loved it there there was still this little part of her who didn't like it because of being away from what she likes wich is calm. It was pretty hard to get a moment of calmness at Hogwarts and definitely harder in the gryffindor common room.

At this moment Daisy was sitting in Ron's room with the twins. Since Bill and Charlie were staying at the Burrow the two had to sleep in Ron's room because their older brother were sleeping in theirs.

"Daisy!" Molly yelled from downstairs. "You got a letter from your father." at the mention of yer father Daisy automatically stranded up and ran downstairs where Molly was waiting with a letter in hand. Daisy took the letter and started reading. At first she had a big smile on her face. her father finally decided to send her something but as she read the letter her smiled faded more and more.

"What's wrong?" Fred asked as he and George joined her downstairs. Daisy finished reading the letter and that's when she couldn't hold everything inside anymore.

"He doesn't fucking care!" Daisy almost screamed as throw the letter on the table. Everyone was now listening. Daisy wasn't known to curse a lot so something was definitely up.

"What do you mean." Fred said calmly gently putting a hand on her shoulder.

"First he doesn't even send something after what happen a the world cup and now when I finally get something it's bloddy Victoria who wrote it just to mention they'll be at the Sheild estate if j ever wanted to write them. As if I would want to write to her." Daisy said sitting down at the table putting her face in her hand trying to contain the tears. She wasn't sad just really mad. "Fucking bitch." Daisy mumbled under her breath so no one could hear her but it was loud enough for Fred to hear.

"Did you just call her a bitch." Fred whispered so only Daisy could hear him. Daisy turned her head and looked at her friend who had a small smirk and it automatically made her let out a small chuckle.

"I think I did." She whispered back. Now both Daisy and Fred were looking at each other with small smile at their lips. George was the only one who noticed and he knew if no one interrupted them they would continue their staring contest for a while.

"But hey. You shouldn't worry about it to much. You got us to distract you from that evil witch of stepmother you have." George said sitting down on the other side of Daisy. His voice made her look away from Fred and look at him. She laughed a little a the hiw he called Victoria.

"Did I hear Daisy curse?" Bill said coming down the stairs.

"She did." Fred said and Daisy slapped his arm "ouch"

"See that's why I dont curse. People always react." Daisy laughed.


Ron, Harry and Hermione along side of Fred, George and Daisy were all to go back to school soon. Molly had went to buy all their things while they were at the quidditch world cup. Fred and George were sitting on the floor and Daisy on the couch. She was reading while the boys complained they had noting to do. Fred had his head against Daisy's legs looking up at her everytime he would he had nothing to do to see if she would react but she was used to it and had learn how to just cut off the sound so she just stayed concentrated. She only looked up from her book when she heard Molly's voice.

"Oh! Fred. George. I finally got your dress robes." She said giving them both a plastic bag. The one where you would normally get fancy clothes in.

"dress robes? Why?" George asked opening the bag to see what was in it.

"You'll see soon don't worry. Dont forget to bring them to school. Oh and Daisy I would have got you one to but your father said not to when he sent all your stuff. He said he would send it to you in time." Daisy just nodded. She was still mad at her father so whatever he did she just didn't care anymore. "Now you three go make sure you got everything you need so we dont run late tomorrow morning again."

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