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The next morning wasn't a sunny one as most of the student would have wished but the storm had stop. The ceiling of the the Great hall was gloomy as Daisy ate with the rest of the gryffindor.

"So is Daisy going to help us with the aging potion." Lee asked looking as Daisy with puppy eyes.

"Don't tell you want to enter to Lee." Daisy said.

"Of course I want to!" He replied like it was obvious.

"You guys do know this kind of potion probably won't work right. Dumbledore said it himself that he would take care of making sure no underage students enters." Alice says sitting down next to Daisy. The boys rolled their eyes and that's when Professor Mcgonagall came to the table to hand them their timetable.

"Wait how did you know we had DADA today Ali." Daisy asked looking at her schedule.

"Just a guess. I really wanted to start the first day and see what kind of teacher Moody is." she replied.

"Don't you want to meet him, Day?" Lee asked including himself into the conversation.

"Not really. He scares me." Daisy said looking at the teachers table and looking at their DADA teacher.

"Awwww Daisy is scared~" Fred teased.

"Shut up." Daisy said looking at her plate.


After breakfast the group of sixth years all made their way to their first class of the day, wich happened to be transfiguration. Right after they had defense against dark art with Moody and you could feel the excitement steaming out of the twins and Lee. The class passed pretty fast and they all started to pack their things as fast as they could beside Daisy who took her time and stayed in the classroom until everyone was gone.

"Need anything dear?"Mcgonagall asked the girl still standing behind her desk.

"Is Professor Moody as scary as he looks?" Daisy asked and Mcgonagall let a small laugh. Since they always had new professors for their DADA class Daisy always tried to talk to Mcgonagall before going to the class.

"Do not worry dear. Professor Moody isn't mean." She said putting a hand on Daisy's shoulder. "Now you should go your friends are waiting just outside." Daisy sent her a smile and left. Normally everyone would wait for Daisy but now only Fres was there.

"Where's everyone." Daisy asked as both of them made their way to their next class.

"They already went to the class." Fred said. What Daisy didn't know was that it was a lie. When the class was finally over they all waited but Fred asked them if he could be alone with Daisy on his way to class and they all left with no question ask with a smirk on all of their faces. "What did Mcgonagall say about Moody?"

"Just that he's not mean. That really doesn't help if I'm being honest. Professor Lupin should've stayed." Fred didn't reply after he just put his arm around her shoulder and held her close to his side as they continue walking. It didn't take long that they were in front of the classroom just like everyone.

After few minutes the door finally opened and Fred didn't wait a second to take Daisy's hand and lead her to the front desk. Daisy looked at him with confused eyes. Normally Fred would want to sit in the back with George and Lee so they could prepare their next prank but none of them did. George and Lee sat just behind them. Moody got out of his office and every student present in the classroom took their defences against dark art book.

"You can put those away." Moody said Daisy looked up and met his weird eyes. "Those books. You won't need them." no aked question as they put their books back into their bags.

Moody started to talk about why he was here this year and that he would only stay for this year and this year only. He also said that Professor Lupin had told him what they had learn the year before. It didn't take long for him to start the class with a pretty rough subject for a first impression. Curses. He than continued with a small speech about curses.

"So.. do any of you know wich curses are lost heavily punished by wizarding law?" few hands rose in the air including Fred to Daisy's surprise. He never answered question willingly. Moody pointed at Fred but his eyes seemed like they couldn't decide if they should be looking at Fred or George because both of them had their hand in the air. When Fred started to talk his eyes finally settled on him.

"My dad told me about the Imperius curses."

"Your father would know that one. Gave the Ministry a lot of trouble at one time, the Imperius curse."

Moody took a spider that was casually waiting in one of the jar on his desk, he put it on the desk where Faisy and Fres were sitting and made it bigger for the sake of the class. Fred leaned forward to be sure to not miss a thing and Daisy tried to move her chair back as far from the table as she could. As he pointed his wand at the spider he muttered 'imperio' and the spider started to move and jump everywhere Moody's wand would sent it, making the spider do all sort of things like backflip and jumping on students faces. The room was filled with laughter at the spider continues to do all sort of things but they died as soon as Moody brought it back to him taking it in his hand. He started talking again but Daisy didn't listen. Yes Moody wasn't mean but what they were learning on their first class wasn't suppose to be teache for another few months.

"Anyone else know one?" he said in a louder voice wich made Daisy look up at the teacher in front of her who was directly looking at her. Few hand rose up again but he kept his gaze on the girl. "Miss...?" he said still his gaze on Daisy so she knew he was talking to her.

"Carter." Daisy said in a small voice.

"Miss Carter. Do you know another curse." He said loudly and now the whole class was looking at her. "And I would appreciate if you could speak up didn't hear you well."

"Umm.." Daisy started still in a small voice bit cleared her throat so she could talk louder. "The cruciatus curse." She said and looked at Fred for validation and he gave her a big smile.

"The Cruciatus curse" Moody repeated and than put the spider back on Fred's and Daisy's desk.

Moody pointed his wand at the spider and muttered 'crucio'. The spider started to make a high pitched noise of pain and rolling herself all over the desk with how bad the pain she was feeling felt. Daisy was about to pit her hand on her ears, not being able to take that small screams of the spider anymore, but someone yelled for Moody to stop and when she turned around she saw a couple of students with their hands over their ears. Moody noticed it an automatically stopped and continued with the last curse. This time it was just a random student who always sat in the back of the class that answered.

"The killing curse." was what Moody said after the student.

He took the same spider that had to endure both of the first curses and without a blink of an eye a flash of green light shot out of Moody's wand and the spider layed dead on the desk. Everyone had amazement in their eyes at what just a simple curse to pronounce and probably even produce could do. Some others had fear knowing that this had been used on people by none other than who-must-not-be-named.

The class went on after the demonstration of Moody. He talked about the curses on deeper end and explain where all of them came from. When the class was finally over Daisy and Fred hurried out of the class along with George and Lee.

"I feel like DADA isn't going to be boring this year." Lee said.

"And I feel like I'm going to hate DADA this year." Daisy's mumble and rolled her eyes.

"Why is that love?" Fred asked snaking his arm around her shoulder.

"Professor Moody was using those curses like it was nothing. And he's just doesn't seem to know what he's doing and he looks scary with his weird eyes." Daisy's slightly chuckle at how she talked about her Professor's eyes and so did Fred pulling her closer to his side.

The small group went back to their common room to put their class' material away and went to the great hall for lunch. The golden trio was already sitting both Harry and Ron eating their food without any esitation while on the other hand Hermione still seemed reaculant about eating. She than proceeded to talk about house elf's right again. She hadn't stopped since she found out about house elfs working in Hogwarts.

"Have you ever been in the kitchen Hermione?" George asked cutting Hermione in the middle of her sentence. she shook her head no.

"Well we have and trust me the house elfs are happy." Fred said and Hermione just scoffed. Of course she wouldn't believe the twins with their reputation.

"He's right they're happy Hermione. They live it here." Daisy said defending the twins point. Hermione looked at the three and than back at her food and started eating Ron sending the three a grateful look. He obviously was tired of hearing her complain about elfs.

The rest of their day was spent going to classes and having Fred, George and Lee bugging Daisy with the aging potion. After a long day they all went back to their common room and started the homework they had been given. Even if it was the first day of school the teacher didn't waist any time. Daisy was doing her transfiguration homework with Angie and Alicia when Fred hugged her from behind and put his chin on top of her head.

"What can I help you with M. Weasley." Daisy said her eyes still on her work.

"Well you could help me with making an ageing potion?" He said and tried to catch a glimpse of the girl's eyes without success.

"You're not going to stop asking until I say yes are you.?"

"Well George said we could try doing it ourselves but Lee doesn't really trust us you see."

"Alright fine. I'll do it. But you are getting the ingredients I'm not putting myself in trouble for you three."

"Wait? Really!!! Oh thank you Daisy you are the best! I love you so much." Fred gave her a long kiss on the cheek and left to tell the news to George and Lee.

"Are you really going to help them?" Angie asked.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but yes. But I still know this won't work. I mean Dumbledore knows Fred and George and he's not dumb enough to think no one would try doing this."

1881 words.

I know this chapter is shorter than the last one but I just really wanted to post chapter 7 since it had been a while.

it took me time to actually finish this chapter because I started to go back to school (not just online) so I had less time to write and do other things.

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