mermaid story


The story of two mermaids, one is unique looking and one is normal looking. Includes Jewelry and romance and is set in the ocean.

Fantasy / Romance
Chloe Brodkin
Age Rating:

Mermaid story

Once there was a mermaid named Angela. She had green hair and green skin. She looked like an alien and a mermaid. She lived on an abandoned ship. It was filled with jewelry. Her favorite was rings. She afraid to socialize with the other mermaids because she had green skin. She swam far away from her ship and found another mermaid named Ronnie who had blonde hair and blue eyes. Ronnie's number one wish was to be human. Ronnie stole a potion from some hidden part of moss and turned her and Angela human. This potion was only temporary but she and Ronnie fell in love and Angela gave her a ring. Ronnie mixed the ring with the potion and together they became human forever.

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