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Edward Cullen broke the rules. He must pay the price for his 'horrific' crime. Edward has to spend several decades in Hell without being fed, and you can't forget the constant torture sessions. One unexpected night, Alice Cullen, Edward's sister, shows up. Why is she here? What is she doing here? Follow the adventurous journey of Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullen's while the bounce from Hell, Heaven and back down to Earth.

Horror / Romance
Rosalei N. Bock
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In The Darkest Pits Of Hell

Disclaimer: Some paragraphs belong to Lonewritersclub's book 'From Hell To Heaven.'

----------------------BEGINING OF PART 1---------------

"Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast,
it is not proud, it is not rude,
it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered; it keeps
no record of wrongs. Love does
not delight in evil, but rejoices
with the truth. It always protects,
always trusts, always hopes and
always perseveres. Love never
~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Edward had never thought he’d be back in this wretched place. But here he was. Hanging from the ceiling and dangling like a broken toy. That’s basically what he was. A broken fucking toy. Only played with when wanted too, thrown around like a rag doll. He was Lucifer’s little puppet, tied up with strings and forced to do the Devil’s bidding.

And not to mention the constant beatings he gets every single day. Lucifer would take a wooden stake and plunge it through his wrists, effectively immobilizing him. Then he would grab one of his ‘torture tools’ — as Edward liked to call them — and start beating him with it. The tools ranged from good old wooden stakes, to flaming hot branding iron.

Fun, right?

Edward shifted from where he hung from ceiling, wincing as he did.

“Fuck you, Lucifer,” he hissed through clenched teeth. His muscles burned and his head ached.

“That’s not nice.” a voice said from the doorway.

Edward flinch violently, cringing away from voice with his head bowed. “Master.” he whispered.

A cruel chuckle. “Edward.”

Edward swallowed, squeezing his eyes shut and pressing his mouth together to keep from begging.

“You know what time it is, right, Eddie?”

Don’t call me that, his mind screamed. Don’t you dare to call me that. Only my brothers call call me that. Not you.

“Yes,” he says instead.

“Hmm,” Lucifer walks over to him, his black eyes narrowed into slits. He grabs Edward’s chin roughly in his hands, pulling their faces close together until only inches separated them. “You have something to say to me.”

Edward shakes his head calmly, but on the inside, he’s panicking. “No, sir, I do not.” The hands that holds his face starts to burn.

Lucifer smiles. “Don’t lie to me, boy,” he growls, tightening his grip on Edward’s jaw.

Edward whimpers. The fingers squeezed tighter until he hears a crack.

He lets out a startled cry, his face burning and his eyes watering.

“Oops,” said Lucifer. “I think I broke it. Great, you can’t talk now.”

Edward doesn’t respond, just letting his head hand limply. He cries out when his face is lifted up to meet Lucifer’s. He feels as if his whole face is shattered.

He watches as Lucifer bites down on his own wrist, drawing blood. He places his hand above Edward’s mouth. “Drink.” he orders.

Edward closed his eyes and tilts his head up to press his lips to his wrist. Blood trails down his throat and settles in his stomach. He feels sick, nauseated and the urge to vomit stronger than ever. Edward feels the blood healing his wounds, and his almost hurts almost as much as his broken jaw. But the pain in jaw disappears after a second or two.

“Okay, Eddie, tell me what you were going to say or I’ll force you to say it.”

Edward trembled, his breath coming out in shallow gasps. “D-don’t c-c-call me t-that.”

Lucifer raises a dark eyebrow. “Pardon?”

“Don’t call m-me that. P-please,” Edward whispered. “Only my b-brothers can call me t-that.”

“Oh? And by the way, stop stuttering.”

Edward lets out a gasp that sounds an awful like a sob. “I’m —” he pauses to make sure he doesn’t stutter. “— sorry.”

“You should be.”

He bows his head, his body quivering with fear. He blinks away tears. “I —”

A hand slaps over his mouth. “Shhh,” Lucifer breathes in his ear. “No more talking.”

Edward shivers.

And then the hand is arching his head upwards by the hair, extracting a sharp cry from his throat.

A burning finger trails down face, making Edward cringe away.

And then there is white hot pain in his side, and Edward screams in agony. The pain flares and spreads to his entire body. It’s like someone set him on fire.

Edward sobs. “Stop,” he cries, “stop!”

“Oh, Eddie. Ask nicely.”


The fire slowly resides. Edward feels all his tense muscles unclench. They don’t relax, but they’re looser because of the absence of burning. The pain isn’t gone, but it’s not as strong as before. His body sags with exhaustion. His eyes droop and he barely sees as Lucifer walks forward to unlock the chains around his wrists.

Edward collapses to the ground with a thud and a groan.

“Good night, Edward. See you tomorrow!” Lucifer waves as he skips out the door.

----Edward leaned his head onto the stones, sighing. He hugged his knees to his chest and closes his eyes.
----It's always so dark. But he can see though it. It's thick and hard to breathe. Edward had to breathe for some reason even though his heart doesn't beat. He's dead, after all. He still breathes. He breathes the smoky air. Some flakes of flaming ash and glowing coal fly in the air, just like being in a mine. It's basically a mine. Or like being inside of a volcano, when it's not filled with magma. Deep, deep under…
----People are always screaming, yelling, cursing, or crying. Rage, anger, insanity, desperation, depression, and sadness fill every pore. Very noisy, but sometimes it gets terribly silent. No sound at all. He can't stand still at those times. He collapses. He can't stay stable without any sound. But right now, it was quite noisy. Edward's father was busy. It gives him headaches. Not that there isn't always one, something pounding the walls of his mind with a hammer.
----There's no sky. It's just blackness above his head. A few meters up, you can't see anything. It's just strange blackness above him. It does feel imprisoning and claustrophobia creeps up on him all the time, but at those times he tries to focus on the ground.
----The ground is reddish and rocky, and has some marks from clawing. Just like the walls that hover above Edward like being next to a red, rock cliff. The marks make him think that maybe somebody had tried to get deeper, to claw their way lower than Hell. To escape from it. That would be difficult. The ground is hard, harder than stone. You can't get through it. You lose nails if you try to claw it. It even hurts his feet when he walks on it. Especially when he falls.
----He feels empty. His core has nothing inside it, but anguish. His exterior is made of pain that flickers through the emptiness and strings his broken, dead heart over and over again.
----Oh, Bella. . . Her name pains him when he thinks of it. Why did this have to happen? Why did you fall in love with a monster like me?
----Edward let out a scream of rage, his hands pulling at his bronze locks, twisting his hands into fists. His closed his eyes tightly shut, trying to sleep. The fatigue was overwhelming. His body ached for rest, for sleep. He could cry, his bones could break, but he could not sleep. Oh, how he wished he could sleep. If he could, he would dream of a world with no evil. Only goodness. And Bella, of course.
----Life seemed to slowly drain from him, like a candle blowing out. Nonetheless, Edward did not fear death. He welcomed it with open arms.
----Humans have it so easy, He thought, smiling bitterly himself. Dagger to the heart, or a little poison. So many different options. He could almost imagine Bella scolding him for thinking of such a thing. He almost laughed. Almost.
----Edward. Bella spoke to him at times like this. Her sweet, gentle voice soothing his pain. The tears burned in his eyes, threatening to overflow. Do not cry. You have to have hope. He almost spoke aloud, begging her not to come here, in a attempt to save him. He could tell by the fierceness of her voice, she would try to find him. He believed Bella did not deserve to suffer they way he was, she was too good. Too pure. Bella had cured Edward of all evil and darkness. Bella took everything he stained with his existence and made it beautiful and brilliant. She was the angel God had sent down to fix him. Bella had succeeded. For a while.
----Even since he had been away from Bella, he could feel his soul darken. His eyes were no longer the striking, emerald green they had been before, they were know pitch black. As black as the sky above him, the Devil had said.
----He sighed and rolled over, his back against the rocky ground, his legs stretched out in front of him. He crossed his legs and folded his hands over his stomach and looked up. He knew there was nothing to see, but he liked to pretend. He recalled the nights he and Bella had laid in the grass in their meadow on a picnic blanket, gazing up at the stars. His hand in hers, wrapped up in each other's arms, content and happy. The sweet, passionate kisses they shared, and the soft caresses. And with every touch, a electric current ran through his body, along with lust and desire rolling down his spine.
----Edward wondered if Bella could see him from up there in the clouds, watching every beating and hearing every cry of misery.
----Edward stayed like this for a while, lying down and staring into nothingness.
----Edward, my dear, tell me where you are. Edward frowned. Bella had never asked a question before.
----"Hell," Edward whispered into the blackness. "I'm in Hell, where I belong."
----Don't say that! Bella's voice commanded. Don't ever think you deserved any of this! Edward smiled dryly.
----"That's were you're wrong, my love," Edward murmured quietly. "I deserve every punishment I receive."
----Edward believed this. He also believed he was insane. He talks to nothing, therefore, his point is proven. But, at the same time this kept him from losing himself in the endless, black abyss that threatened to swallow him whole. He felt every part of him slowly slip away, fading into ash. That is what happens to every person who ends up in Hell. Their body fades away until its nothing but ash and dust. It's a slow and very, very painful process. It starts out as numbness, then progresses into agony. That agony eats at you, making you fade into nothing.
----My poor Edward. What has He done to you? Bella's voice was now filled with sorrow and grief, unlike the fierceness it had once contained. I will find you. I always do. I will bring you back home. Back to me.
----Edward sat up, wincing slightly at the discomfort and looked around, smiling sadly. He leaned back against the cool, black cobblestones and sighed. "No one can save me now. I am in the darkest pits of Hell."

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