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1. The Black Lake

"That was when I realised, I couldn't live without him."

Argh, that was an underwhelming ending. What is she talking about can't live without him? You met him like seven chapters ago!

Ivy thought as she finished another love novel, she didn't know why she read them they all ended the same.

Girl meets boy, the girl says she's not interested the boy persists, she falls in love in two weeks and suddenly she can't "live without him".

It was all bullshit; you can't fall in love just like that. To be clear Ivy couldn't exactly be the judge of that considering she has never been in love or close to it.

"What are you reading?" Erica said while sitting on the couch next to her in the Slytherin common room, soon to be joined by Draco, Pansy, and Theo.

"Just a terrible book, I don't recommend it."

"Bold of you to assume I would read a book for pleasure." Draco piped up while putting his arm around Erica and kissing her forehead.

Draco and Erica, have been in a relationship since their third year and they are the classic toxic couple that weirdly belongs together.

Pansy is one of Ivy's closest friends and she is a sweetheart most of the time, but she never really did have any interest in boys not because she didn't care but because she's gay. The whole school knows and she is kind of a player around Hogwarts.

Blaise is the best person Ivy knows. He is such a loyal friend and understands her but nobody knows a lot about his personal life.

Theo is pretty much an open book he's easy to read, definitely has some anger issues but overall he's fun to hang out with.

Suddenly, Ivy's book was snatched right out of her hands by Blaise.

"The Lovers Letters. Gross," he said sitting in the armchair across from where Ivy, Erica and Draco were sat.

"Do you really believe in all this bullshit and sappy love stuff?" He asked with a judgemental smirk.

"Not really, I just read it to...feel something."

"So, it's like porn?" Draco asked.

"What the hell? No why would you think that?" Ivy replied clearly offended.

"You said 'to feel something' is that code for makes you horny?" He mocked her.

"No, you perv!"

"She doesn't mean it in that way Draco. What Ivy means is that she is lonely." Erica added on.

"Yes, Erica thank you. But did you have to make me sound so desperate?" She asked.

"You just need to meet your person. The one who makes you happy all the time, the one that you can't stand the thought of not being close to." Erica expressed.

"You're telling me Draco...makes you feel like that?" Theo questioned her as he pointed at him.

"What is that so hard to believe?" Draco answered slightly offended.

Erica turned her head so she was looking at Draco and placed her hand on his cheek.

"He makes me happy." She said just as Draco leaned slightly down and pressed his lips to hers.

"And on that note, I have had enough of you all tonight so I'm going to bed," Pansy said.

"Wait for me!" Ivy said practically jumping off the couch as she was very uncomfortable sitting next to the couple.

"Erica, are you coming?" She asked.

However, when she looked in her direction she was already on Draco's lap swallowing his tongue.

"Looks like she's staying in our dorm tonight yayy," Blaise said sarcastically.

The next morning, Ivy was woken up to the sound of Pansy snoring, she turned to her side to see the time 7:00. She had enough time to get ready for her day.

Ivy got out of bed and gave Pansy a light shove to let her know to wake up, which was returned by her holding her middle finger out.

"I'll be back in thirty minutes and if you are not at least out of bed you cannot blame me for you being late."

Ivy walked into their bathroom and went straight to the mirror. She admired her reflection for a few seconds before brushing her teeth and getting herself ready.

She emerged from the bathroom in her uniform looking very smart unlike Pansy who was still sound asleep with a little drool puddle on her pillow,

"Pansy, wake up you have an hour before classes start." She said trying to pull the cover off Pansy's lifeless body.

"No! Leave me alone I want to sleep." She shouted while throwing a pillow at Ivy. It bounced off her head and landed on the floor.

Ivy picked up the pillow and proceeded to hit her with it multiple times.


Without Ivy noticing, Pansy had grabbed her wand and cast the levitating charm.

"Wingardium Leviosa!"

The pillow had slipped out of Ivy's hands and was now stuck in the air.

"Fine! I'm going downstairs for breakfast."

Frustrated, Ivy stormed out of their dorm and slammed the door shut. Pansy placed her wand on her nightstand and snuggled back into her pillows and covers very content with the outcome of their fight.

Not long after, Ivy arrived at the Great Hall and sat down at the Slytherin table in her usual spot along with Theo, Blaise, Draco, and Erica.

"How did everyone sleep?" Ivy asked grabbing a piece of toast.

"I didn't," Blaise answered annoyed.

"The common room couch was highly uncomfortable," Theo said glaring at Draco and Erica.

"Why did you sleep on the couch?" Ivy asked knowing the answer.

"These two were loud as fuck and took forever." Blaise began pointing at Draco and Erica.

"I told you before we started that you might as well sleep on the couch." Draco said smugly.

"I would prefer to sleep in my bed thank you very much."

Breakfast continued as normal but with a slightly annoyed tone in the atmosphere. Finally, Pansy had arrived with a few minutes to spare to eat her breakfast.

She looked like she hadn't slept in days but she pulled it off in a strange way. Sleepily, Pansy reached over for the Pumpkin Juice and downed it like it was her last drink on earth.

"Alright, Parkinson it's not alcohol." Erica giggled.

Pansy looked at her friends confused.

"What? I'm thirsty." She said innocently.

The group laughed and continued to eat. About half an hour into breakfast Marcus Flint, the Slytherin Quidditch captain, came over to tell Blaise, Draco, and Ivy that they will be having practice tomorrow after dinner from seven till nine.

Ivy was fiercely competitive when it came to well anything, it stemmed from her family wanting to be the best so naturally, she had an aggressive approach.

She had always loved playing however her mother did not. She always told Ivy it wasn't ladylike. Like that would stop her.

In Ivy's second year she tried out for a chaser and instantly got the position. Ever since she has been feared which had its benefits.

Soon it was time for the students to head to their first lesson. Ivy had potions which to most would seem terrible but because she was a Slytherin Snape went easy on her and her friends.

They all arrived in the dungeons for their lesson. When walking into the room Ivy was overwhelmed with the familiar smell of ingredients. Potions happened to be one of her favourite subjects mainly because she was rather gifted.

The students sat down in their seats chatting while waiting for Snape to arrive. Suddenly, the door burst open and in came Professor Snape carrying his usual dark and terrifying demeanour.

"Up." He demanded when be reached the front of the classroom.

The students looked around at each other confused.

"Sorry, Sir did you say up?" Hermione asked bravely.

Ivy had always liked Hermione she seemed sweet, she always stuck up for Ron or Harry when Draco was being a prick and she admired that.

"Are you deaf? 5 points from Gryffindor. Stand up."

Everyone stood up from their seats and waited for their next instruction.

"This year you will have an assigned partner and you will sit next to them for the rest of the year. There will be no exceptions, you have been paired with someone who is either mediocre at potions or awful I'll let you figure out who is who."

Snape began to read who will be paired with who and it looked like most Slytherins were being paired with Gryfindoors. Pansy was next to Hermione, which made her very happy, Draco was next to Ron, Blaise was sat with some Hufflepuff girl, and Theo was next to Harry who had suddenly become very talented at potions.

"Miss Red you will be paired with Mr Weasley."

Ivy sat in her seat relieved it was only Ron who she was paired with before she remembered he was sat next to Draco.

"Well if it isn't Miss Red, how've you been trouble?"

Fred Weasley.

Of course, he just so happened to be her partner. Fred and Ivy were very close from a young age but soon drifted apart when he was sorted into Gryffindor and she was sorted into Slytherin.

Before Ivy and Fred started Hogwarts they lived very close to each other, but when her family found out that the Weasleys were "blood traitors" and that Ivy had been sneaking to The Burrow to play Quidditch they instantly moved to a manor just a few miles from the Malfoys.

Naturally, Ivy and Fred being on rival Quidditch teams they didn't make much effort to spend time together off the field. For the first time in years, Ivy looked at Fred and studied his features.

His messy, ginger hair that was somehow perfect, the hundreds of freckles that were dashed across his face, his kind eyes that made anyone feel warm and comfortable, and his hands god his hands.

Fred took the seat next to Ivy and folded his arms on the desk.

"I know I'm handsome but you're kind of staring." He said while putting his hand under Ivy's chin and closing her mouth.

This small connection made Ivy's breath hitch and sent goosebumps all over her arms.

"Don't flatter yourself I wasn't." She said embarrassed at what that small action did to her.

Everyone took out their potions book and waited for what their task would be for today's lesson.

"You will be making Draught Of Peace this potion will relieve anxiety and agitation, page fourteen. Begin."

At once Ivy opened her book and skimmed over the instructions.

This should be fairly easy. She thought.

"Fred go get a medium size cauldron, and powerder moonstone. I'll go get the unicorn horn and porcupine quills." Ivy instructed.

"Yes madam." Fred joked while saluting her.

The lesson was coming to its end and Fred and Ivy were almost done with their potion, all they had to do was stir it clockwise for five minutes.

Fred had set a timer while Ivy stirred the contents inside the potion.

"So Red what have you been up to?" Fred asked while leaning back on his chair.

"What have I been up to? Since when do you care? Last I remember you aiming a bluger at me." Ivy answered.

"I mean what did you expect we were playing Quidditch and I think the whole point of me being a beater is to hit the opposing team?" He said sarcastically.

Ivy just rolled her eyes and continued to focus on their potion, which was coming along nicely.

"Do you remember when we were younger and I would help you sneak through the bushes in your back garden so we could play Quidditch all day?" Fred asked.

"Of course I remember I learnt how to play from your family," Ivy replied blushing slightly at the memory.

"You were so competitive, if you ever lost you would be grumpy for the rest of the day. And that one time when you hexed George because he wouldn't stop teasing you." He laughed.

"Can you blame me? He should have seen it coming." She said back.

After the laughter had died down the two just stared into each other's eyes in complete silence unaware of how strange they might look to everyone else, however they didn't care because at that moment there was an unspoken peace and want to stay like this forever.

Suddenly the alarm Fred had set on the timer for the potion started ringing waking them both out of their trance. Awkwardly, they chuckled at what had just happened and adjusted themselves.

They spent the rest of the lesson remembering fond memories from their childhood. The feeling Ivy felt when Fred would remind her of something stupid she did as a kid was a warm and good feeling that she wanted to hold onto as much as possible.

When the lesson came to its end Ivy bottled their potion whilst Fred cleaned up. Soon the classroom was back the way it was an hour ago. Everyone began to leave but before the first student could walk out the door Snape slammed it shut.

The whole classroom fell dead silent, and all their attention was aimed at the front of the classroom waiting for Snape to speak.

"You will need to prepare an essay on how well or how poorly" Snape stopped to look at Seamus who was covered in black smoke.

"You did today, they are due for your next lesson. Out." He ordered. Already tired and annoyed students wandered out of the classroom and into the hallway.

"That was the worst lesson of my life," Draco mumbled.

"I thought it was great," Pansy said enthusiastically.

"Clearly, you thought it was, you were sat next to Granger, not Weaslebee," Draco complained.

"Shut up Malfoy," Ivy said pinching his arm.

"Ow! Since when are you a Weasley fan." Draco asked shocked.

"Well looks like I'm not the only one who is enjoying their new potions partner." Pansy insinuated.

"What Fred?" Theo asked with a disgusted tone.

"Shut it. It's not in that way, we were childhood friends at one point." She said.

Ivy wished that she and Fred never grew apart because he was such a role model to her when they were young and she had to admit she might have had a slight school-girl crush on him at one point.

The disappointment she felt when her parents told her to stop visiting the Weasleys was an unbearable one especially for a child of that age. Ivy never liked how her family treated others especially people who were not "pure-blood" or who associated themselves with muggle-borns.

It made her so angry. How should blood status determine the amount of respect you show a person? Ivy's family only cared about success, wealth, respect, and blood. It pissed her off so much she could scream.

Unexpectedly, Ivy had the urge to be bold, she turned away from her friends and started walking towards where Fred was stood next to George and Lee. With her head running with the memories of him and the anger she felt towards her family for separating them it pushed her to do it.

"Oi Ivy! Where are you going!" Blaise shouted after her.

Ivy blocked him out, she was too caught up in the moment she headed straight for Fred without stopping

"Hey, Fred." She said slowly as her senses came back to her and she realised what she was doing.

"I...erm...I was just wondering if you would like to..." she paused nervous for his reaction.

"What's up Red?" He asked keeping deep eye contact with her.

"...do the essay together." She finally spat out.

Fuck! That wasn't what I wanted to ask you. She thought. I wanted to ask you about a date or something.

Taken aback and looking a little disappointed, he stood still with a blank stare on his face but still with a smirk plastered across it.

Lee, finding the situation hilarious, walked ahead with George to give them some privacy.

"Yeah, sure I'll meet you later." He said trying to play it off and somehow making it work.

Without hurrying, Fred turned to catch up to his brother and friend. When Ivy remembered.

"Wait meet me where!"

Fred turned so he was walking backwards.

"The Black Lake after last lesson" He bellowed back turning around but not before Ivy saw him grin with delight.

For the rest of the day, Ivy could barely contain her excitement to hang out with Fred. Sure it was only to do homework, but she didn't care.

In her last lesson, Transfiguration, not a moment went by that she didn't glance at her watch impatiently waiting for it to end.

Pansy noticed her behaviour and decided to ask her about it.

"What's got you so unsettled? I've never seen you this happy to leave a lesson."

"It's nothing I just really want to get a start on Snape's essay," Ivy whispered back.

"No, that's not it. Tell me I won't tell the others if you don't want me to." Pansy persisted.

Ivy wondered if she should tell her. After all, she didn't know how her friends would react. Would they be like her parents and disapprove or not care?

"I'm serious, I just want to get it over and done with. I'll be at-" Ivy stopped herself.

If she told Pansy she would be at The Black Lake and Pansy went there then she would see her with Fred. So she lied.

"In the library, if you need me." She smiled.

Pansy said she dropped it but Ivy knew she would be interrogated later. Hopefully, Pansy wouldn't include the rest of their friends but she knew the likelihood of that was not in her favour.

After what felt like hours Ivy's last lesson ended and she was finally free to go and get ready to meet Fred.

Practically running Ivy left the classroom and headed straight for the Slytherin common room. She burst into her dorm and began to get herself ready. Luckily, none of her friends came in so she was free to panic in peace.

Ivy may come across as confident and put together however she was insanely insecure just like anyone else. The only valuable thing her parents taught her was that to gain confidence you fake it. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well.

Finally, when Ivy was happy with how she looked she gathered her books and supplies, took one final look in her mirror and left her room for The Black Lake.

Walking through the corridors her excitement began to turn into nerves and she couldn't kick the feeling. She thought about just turning back but she didn't and kept walking out the lake.

When Ivy saw him she stopped dead in her tracks. What was she doing? If her parents knew she was hanging out with a Weasley they would kill her. All the more reason to do it. Right?

She fought through her worries and walked down to where Fred was. He was sat on a deep red, knitted blanket, looking out at the lake.


He looked up and met Ivy's eyes, a smile formed on his face.


Thank you so much for reading I hope you liked it. Let me know if you thought this chapter was too long.

The next chapter will be spicier. I'm also going to do a bit of it in Fred's pov, it will make sense when you read it.

Remember to eat today and drink some water. LOVE YA!!! MWAH!!!
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